Yunus Emre Season 1 Episode 11 English subtitles

THE JOURNEY OF LOVE Is Bayram Agha well enough to forge? His apprentices have, Sheikh. Doctor Mikel told me. Good. What matters is to complete the mission. Then, I must assign you a new duty. Here, take this. This shall be your new mission. You take care of Karabas. Until you get used to it you are responsible from it. Good day, Aghas. -Good day, Sheikh. -Good day, Sheikh. Azmi Agha, can I have a word with you? What's happening, Sheikh? What is it? Go check the house the see if something's needed. Sure, Sir. Azmi Agha, I wouldn't dare to teach manners to men... ...who are masters like yourself. I would be ashamed. What's that, Sheikh? Have I done wrong in my trading? Is an Ahi's duty just being right about trading, Agha? Is this what we teach at the Ahi gatherings? If you can't hold your hand or your tongue what good is your right trading? Who cares? It is not a Sheikh you gossip after, but a villager... ...still no. You should hold your tongue. One duty of Ahis is this. It happens to be that... duty is to make sure it is applied. And take precautions when needed. Where is it? Where is Karabash? I don't know, Sheikh. Don't know what you know, know what you don't know. It must be gone, Sheikh. If you leave it alone it will take off, of course. It doesn't understand words or any education. Once it's full, of course, it takes off. Take this. Go and find it at once. How are the Ahis doing, friend Mesud? Thank you, Sheikh. They are the same as everyone is. Don't the caravans come and go? Bandits have raided a couple from Alaiye. Not only us, even the ones from Aydinoguls are saying the same thing. In Niksar, Danishmentli was charged with heavy tax. By Statesman Muinuddin Pervane. He works but for whom? Those who hear will think it's a business issue. The issue is of unity, order and peace, my friend, Mesud. You are describing the state, Sheikh. The villains should set up the ambush. Guard of the property is not in the palace in Konya. It's the ones who crop the soil, and forge the iron. Tell me about the Ahis. I almost forgot. Felt-maker Azmi Agha has been a fool and is in the wrong. If you have heard it, don't give him hard time. We have given him the necessary warning. Maybe it's not Felt-maker who is the fool... ...but us, friend Mesud. I don't dare, Sheikh. We are all witnesses of what took place. But... ...since the rules are written on the walls... ...not only for the lodge... ...for anyone we don't dare gossip about. Even this is in our rules. -What is this? -Snake poison. Don't be scared. It's not a snake, just the poison. Where does your father obtain this? He squeezes them out of the snakes. Poison is the most effective medicine. It is both poison and medicine. How does uncle Mikel squeeze the poison out of the snake? Does he catch them and kill them for their poison? He doesn't kill them. They call it "Ahi Evran". Have you heard the name? He also is a doctor. Of course, I have. He is a friend to all Ahis. He came to the Ahi gatherings. My father met him in Kayseri. He taught him. When winter sets... ...and snakes sleep deep in hibernation... ...he took their poison and left the snakes behind. Does uncle Mikel know Ahi Evran? Welcome, Master Yunus. He had a chain in his hand. He is looking for the dog. Thank you. May God grant you more. Sheikh's order is ready. -Is it complete? -It is, master. Three yards. But Sheikh, for our lodge... This is a whole different thing. So, we should get going. Get our load, Kasim. Do you have something to tell me, Master Asim? I don't, Sheikh. If you do, let me know. Mesud Agha... ...told me the Ahis would punish me. But it is not true I gossip... ...after you, Sheikh. Talk all you want behind my back, Master Azmi. The word belongs to the owner but... ...I don't want you to torture to anyone because of me. As I don't want anyone tortured... ...because of me. The Cadi is looking for a dog with a chain in his hand. Karabash is just a stray dog. Master Yunus doesn't know of his behavior... ...or his words. If he did would he be looking for a dog in the market place? You must be looking for the dog. I couldn't find it anywhere. It can't decide between waiting on the lodge's door... ...and wandering around. In addition it is proudhearted. It can't handle being scolded, or receiving bad food. If you are to hit it... ...or torture its desires, it will cause you trouble. There isn't anywhere left in Nalllhan market I haven't searched for. But it is not anywhere. It is a stray dog. What would it do in the market? It doesn't like crowds. Doesn't like being amongst people. Look in the market. Look at every corner, every street, every shop. Wherever someone give it food that's where it will wander to. Search the fields. Search the fountains, the lands. -Would it not come to the market? -It wouldn't. It wanders around in the mountains, idly. Now, let's go, we are going to the lodge. People, everyone should hear this! Cadi of Divrigi, son of Mubariz, Cadi Master Ilyas... ...has been inducted to be Nalllhan's new Cadi! -Isn't that Master Cadi? -Cadi? The Cadi who quit, Master Yunus. -No way. -Yes, it is him. Can't be. Get this dog away from me. The mad who couldn't hold him himself... a dog on top. I saw it in my dream, last night you were passing the test... ...and becoming Cadi in a big village. They says dreams work the opposite way. And then you will marry a beauty, and forget about us. Are you seeing me fit to what lays in your heart, Ilyas? May you always serve justice. Wishing for a big village... not for my ego, Ilyas... ...for justice and for fighting I want these. Yunus? I wanted to see if it was back and give it food. I hope it wasn't being terribly missed? I found it on the fields. On the other side of the market. I don't know why father Sheikh told you to look for it in the market. Have a blissful evening. You, too, Master Yunus. Have I told you the legend of what happened to Beyazidi Bestami... ...when he was visiting Hajj? He was on the road. The stars were his guide. He passed over deserts and reached Mecca. He circumambulated the Kaaba. Finished his duty and as he was leaving the Kaaba's courtyard... ...he saw The Devil at door of the Kaaba! He was resting against the door... his arm, up until his elbows, horse leashes. He, of course, recognized the Devil, right there and then. His Holiness knows the Devil when he sees him. That's a different subject. This is not its place. Bestami Hazrat recognized him at once, as well. He was surprised. He thought to himself... ...what the Devil was doing at the door of the Kaaba. He asked "What are you doing here?" The Devil showed the horse leashes up until his elbow. "Mine are circumambulating... I'm waiting for them to finish. And then... ...I will put those leashes on them and go" he said. And then Beyazidi Bestami Hazrat... ...looked at the Devil and asked... ..."Am I amongst those you wait for?" The Devil, then, looked at him... ...and laughed with a mocking manner. Then he leaned forward and said... ..."I could ride you without a leash" he said. So... ...this is the reality... ...Master Chagri... ...what do you say about this matter? I don't dare, Sheikh. Anyway... Briefly... ...some time later... ...Beyazidi Bestami... ...left Mecca to go back to his city. He hit the road again. Passed deserts and endless fields. Passing deserts... ...he reached a creek. Just as His Holiness rolled up his sleeves... pass the creek... ...he saw that on the side of the creek... ...there was an old, white-bearded... ...blind man, under a tree. He went near him... ask him how he was. The old man said: "My eyes don't see, son... ...I'm on my way back from Mecca but... ...I am unable to cross the water." His Holiness Beyazidi Bestami felt sad... ...for this poor, white-bearded man. Immediately he picked the man up... ...and went into the creek. The water roughened up. As they were crossing the creek... ...they came just to the middle... ...the old man leaned to speak to His Holiness Bestami. And said "Have I not told you that I could ride you without a leash" Where is the Devil? If you search from his, he is here and he is there. Don't be arrogant thinking he would be away from you. He would ride you without a leash. Even if you are Beyazidi Bestami Hazrat... The matter is knowing that both "here"... ...and "there" are within the man. "I didn't fit into the skies. I only fit into a follower's heart." Here, what does this mean? Therefore whatever you look for... ...don't look for it "here" or "there". Look for it within yourself. THE JOURNEY OF LOVE Bring me a cup of water, Kasim. You should go back to being the cadi. Every road has its own passengers. You, go back to being the cadi. I've completed every mission you have given me. I resigned from being the cadi... ...came to the lodge and cleaned even the washrooms. Strolled the streets of Nallihan with gardening tools on my back.. ...where I used to walk as the Cadi. I went searching for a dog, like a mad man, in front of everyone. I never complained about these. I have but I didn't mind them... ...and still completed every mission you assigned to me. I found neither what I was looking for nor the treatment I wished for. My son... ...I never told you to resign from being the Cadi. I am not a doomsday Sheikh. I am not looking for followers. I don't recruit anyone. Those people are not on the path of God, so who am I to recruit them... ...and say that I am on the right path? What have I got? I am going, Sheikh. Those who come are welcomed... ...and those who go, Godspeed, Yunus. It is very simple. Of course you won't have the comfort of your home. You'll get used to it. Those who come are welcomed... ...and those who go, Godspeed, Yunus. Don't drown in the first ditch. Ego is a seven-headed dragon... ...of course it won't give up easy. Is it worth it? You've been through so much. You shouldn't give up on the first entanglement. Don't fall into error. Our Sheikh has a tender heart. Go, kiss his hand and repent. You have benefited so much from our Sheikh. Don't throw it all away in anger. I've seen many... ...who had decided on taking off the dervish coat like yourself. They had patience, they bore with things. Maybe you won't believe this but... ...there were some who sat on the fur and started their own lodges. They are respected within people. But you believe the first mirage. Our veterans have rebuffed the Greeks in Malatya... ...with the help of the Armenians and the Assyrians. But they say the casualties are many. Neither the incidents end nor the veterans. If you stay just even through war... ...the Armenians, the Assyrians, all 72 nations stand as your brothers. Reality doesn't pick on the united. Every single drop of blood spilt ferments this soil. It's their blood that ferments this soil. Tell me... are the people of Nallihan doing? How are the Ahis? It's been a while... ...since I left the lodge. When you are free the people would love to see you. The people wonder about you. In accordance with the procedures we have shut down... ...Felt-maker Azmi's shop for a month, Sheikh. Why do you torture people because of me, friend? I don't mean to, Sheikh. But he continues to be a trouble. Leaving him unpunished... ...will be disregarding the principles of our lodge. I don't dare that. As you know... ...just because I sit on the fur doesn't mean I rule the Ahi lodge... ...I just serve it. Hopelessness is a swamp. Just because the Devil is doing his job... ...we shouldn't be left behind from doing ours. The crops will be planted with prayers... ...the iron will be forged with prayers... ...caravans will be lined up with prayers in our tongues. The have been humors between the people, Sheikh. They say that with the Mongolians pressuring Konya... ...the lodges will be dissolved. Why so? Don't the Mongolians know that the lodges carry veterans to the battle? Don't they know that... ...the lodges urge people to hold jobs, hold a place and look after themselves? They know, friend, of course, they know. And we are aware that they are in the know. With your permission, Sheikh. You have my permission, friend. I went to Remzi Agha, the merchant, Sheikh. Like you commanded I wanted to close our account with him. What did he say? In the end, he is a merchant, Sheikh. "I can't say a number. Whatever out Sheikh wants... ...I get from him, I pay to him" he said. Kasim, I didn't tell you that I don't like the prices. I told you to close our account. I've said that from now on not a single grain of wheat... this lodge would go to his granary. If it was Yunus... ...he would have done as I said... ...and get back here so. KONYA, 1268 KARATAY MADRASAH Were books prohibited where you come from, Master Yunus? It's been three months you haven't left the library. Is anywhere like the Karatay library, Master Fevzi? Are you reading "Fiqih Ekber"? For every question in the world... ...there must be an answer, master. I have noticed interesting facts. Our Master evaluated hadiths not only for them being true or rumors... ...but for their meanings as well. If he decides that meaning wise... cannot be attributed to the prophet... ...he wouldn't restrain himself from giving fatwas against them! No matter who does the gossiping. You didn't come back to Konya... spend time in the school library, now, have you? What does the head cadi say about you resuming your position? I have been waiting for three months now, Master Fevzi. It was His Holiness Tirmizi... ...who appointed me to the position. But now it's His Holiness Izzettin Urmevi who is the head cadi. I have given my request. But whenever I ask he is busy. Why do you bother with it, Sister Sultan? It is not a bother. It is used to it. Looks at my hand whenever it sees me. Still though you shouldn't unchain its leash. It would take off again even if it's just a single day that you don't feed it. It wouldn't go anywhere. The last time it ran off Master Yunus found it. That was the last time. Since then it doesn't take a step away from the lodge. With your permission, the Sheikh awaits. It seems that if I don't force you out... won't ever leave the lodge. I have told you, Kira. I neither have the will to wander around... ...nor to study. I know what's the reason for this. What? Tell me so I will know the reason, too. You ask me but you get mad when I tell you. Tell me, I won't get mad. You know it, too. Yunus leaving the lodge is the reason for all these. What do these have to do with him? Walls have ears, there will be rumors. Rumors are about things that don't exist. You would shoot someone in flames. Why so? Do you go down in flames when you love, in Turkish culture? Why would it be so? Then, what's the problem? Is it forbidden for the daughter of the Sheikh to marry a dervish? Instead of spending so much energy on my situation, you tell me... it prohibited in your religion to get married? Why are you still single? If I had someone in my heart, like yours, I wouldn't stay single! I swear, rumors will start, Kira. Haven't you heart the saying that the walls have ears? CADI CHAMBERS KONYA -Good day. -Good day. I hope you remember. From Aksaray, right? Let me guess. You were a Guard, right? You wanted to be appointed? I was the cadi of Nallihan, Master Clerk. Since three months I've been coming here to your presence. It's not only you. People come from the four corners of the land. Cadis ask for appointments, regents wait their turns. There are many people. Excuse me. Don't mention it. I requested to resume my position. I know, I know, but... ...his holiness head cadi was really busy. I have been waiting on an answer for three months now, Master Clerk. You tell me he's busy but... ...I have no means to wait any longer. Well said but I don't have the seal. If he is here I would like to see him. Wait here. The decision will be made tomorrow, Master Yunus. For my resuming my position or appointing a new one? Let's first wait for the approval of resuming the position. He wouldn't get you back on the position and leave you idle. There are others in your situation. Is HusnuAgha not here? He isn't. I am his brother. My name is Gumushtekin. What happened to Husnu Agha? He is taking care of the land and the animals. From now on I will be taking care of the shop. Doctor Mikel wants a pinch of milfoil and some licorice. He also asked for dry chamomile. Also dry chamomile. Yellow chamomile. I am his daughter. Here you are. Kasim... hold the gathering tonight. Bismillah. Please don't exit and reenter during the gathering... ...there may be some, who don't want to miss... ...the reality our Sheikh tells of. Disturbing one's peace is not nice. In our previous chat... ...we have talked about situations and what makes the prayer void. Tonight we will talk about the states of the Muslim. Who is a Muslim? First of all a Muslim is the one who recites the kalima shahadah. What differs a Muslim from the others? If there was no clothing on him... would you notice a Muslim in the market? A Muslim is the one who hurts none... ...with his words and his actions. If you are talking I shall keep quiet, Master Gungor. How are you, Karabash? You are well, I hope. Were you here, father? Did you go to Master Mikel? I have, father. He says I'm downbeat, father. He says it must be the weather. Has he given you medicine? He sent me to the herbalist. We got what he wanted with Kira. He boiled them and prepared them in a bottle for me. He left this in his place and just took off. Who, father? Yunus. Wait a little. Even the head cadi sealed it. It is valid in all of Seljukian land. Thank you, Master Clerk. May God bless you. I came yesterday as well, to resume position. Wait here. This is my resignation, Subashi. But Master Cadi. Do what's required. Cadi's duty is not to think but to apply what's in the books. Excuse me for disturbing, Master Cadi. I've brought Master Yunus, Cadi of Mustafi Nallihan. Bring him in. Come here. What happens when the cadi starts having opinions? Then knowledge is put up on the shelf. Politics come into the picture. We have the man get educated by many masters... he can hold justice in the way of religion. Then we appoint him someplace so he can hold justice... the way of religion. What does the fool do? Instead of serving justice... ...he gets into politics. Politics fall under the affairs of the state. Adultery is happening everywhere, alcohol is being consumed like water. You can't find anyone who pray regularly. There is no peace, no unity left in the land. Now, who is there to blame? The Mongolians and the guards of Konya. What's it to you? Are you a Cadi or a Guard? If you are a cadi, follow the religion. What do you care of the Mongolians? How do you pursue religious laws? By serving the management. All the rest, hadiths are in the books, so are the laws. What is not written in the Qoran anyway? So, this is the way it is, Master Said? Do you want anything else from me? I pray for your well-being, master. I am leaving for Sivas tomorrow. Would you like anything? I just told you what I want, Master Said! It is enough that you do your duty as it is asked of you. With your permission, then. Welcome, Master Yunus. Nice to see you, Master. You have requested to resume your old position, three months ago. Yes, Sir. We appoint some cadis from a place to another... ...with the personal request of... ...His Holiness State Muiniddin Pervane. Due to certain reasons... ...we appoint new people to those empty positions. You used to serve in Nallihan? Yes. Master Yunus... is permissible by us for you to resume your position. Tomorrow, go and find out your new place of appointment from the clerk. May God bless you. May all you do become blissful. You say you have served in Nallihan, Master Yunus. Then maybe you would know. They call him Tapduk Emre. There's a lodge Sheikh in Nallihan, do you know? I do, Sir. Does he have an effect on the people? He does, Sir. Newly appointed Cadi Master Ilyas... ...asks our permission to raid the lodge. Since you did your duty in Nallihan, I wanted to ask you. -Tell me, Master Clerk. -Master... ...the Cadi of Nalllhan who is waiting to resume position... I remember. He came yesterday. What was his name? Yunus, Master, Yunus. What happened to him? He hasn't come to take the order to resume position. You told me he's been waiting at the door for three months, Master Mesud. I don't understand, as well, Master. He would come here everyday. Now it's solved, he is not around. All the words of God... ...just advise one thing to men. Find yourself a mirror. What does a mirror do? No matter how you treat it... will always show the truth. It wouldn't call a wrong "right"... ...nor a right "wrong". If there is a fault. Look for it within yourself. Master Yunus! Welcome. Is there something you want? I would like to see Master Cadi. Master Ilyas is at his chamber. Yunus. It's been months since we last had a chat with the Sheikh. Everyone asks of him, Agha. The other day when we were gardening the villagers asked as well. The Ahis in the market ask a lot. Everyone is talking about the Sheikh not talking to the people anymore. Don't you greet anymore, Guyende? Yunus is back. Yunus the Cadi? -Where did you see him? -In the market. -Why did you come back? -Yunus is back. Yunus the Cadi? -Where did you see him? -In the market. You recognized me but pretended not to... ...the day I saw you chasing that dog, in the market. I will tell you sometime. Now is not the time. So you left without finding out where you got appointed to? I need your help. What are you saying, Yunus? We were two children when we met in school. You are my friend. I heard that you were investigating Sheikh Tepduk.