Yunus Emre Season 1 Episode 8 English subtitles

JOURNEY OF LOVE Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! Elhamdulillâhi Rabbil âlemin! Elhamdulillâhi Rabbil âlemin! Er Rahmani Rahim! Er Rahmani Rahim! Azmi Agha! Get your arrow and your bow ready. There is news from my brother-in-law in Gokcesaray. They have spotted five deer on Akcal Mountain. Each one better fed than the other! Don't you have anything else to worry about? We will have a feast in honor of the Pulpit-maker. What is that? He, supposedly, shot 60 deer in a winter! Peace be upon you. Herbalist Husnu will come along. You wanted him to pay his debt. Now you can go, hunt together. That is a whole different story. He is in debt but he is not as lazy as you are. He wanted to come along before I called him to. Peace be upon you, Aghas. -And on you. -And upon you, Sheikh. Sheikh, we are going hunting, would you like to come along? Be careful not to become the prey, Bayram Agha. I can knock out Ebrehe's elephant if I hit him, my Sheikh. Peace be upon you. And upon you, Sheikh. No need. No need. Welcome, Sheikh. How are you, Bayram Agha? Wishing for your well-being. We are not missing anything other than that, Sheikh. You honor us with your presence. It is rather hot, Sheikh. What would you like to have? Just to catch my breath, son. Bayram Agha, overhaul the digging tools. There is work to be done in the garden. Your wish is my command, Sheikh. Do not forget. "Work does not get done by talking idly," they say. Remain in good health, all. Son... ...your master tells us that you've been away from work for years. He says, if it were not for him, there would not even be a garden left. I want my share of the land... ...not his gardens, Sheikh! You have been wandering for 30 years! It just occurred to you that you own land here? Do you know how many people are fed off that land? Or did you think I was also a vagabond wandering around in... ...Constantinople or Baghdad? Sheikh, my respect for you is deep but... ...I want what's mine! It is not your master that owns the land. Who is, then? From whom shall I ask it? Back in the day it was your fathers. Before him, it was your grandfathers. And before him, his grandfathers. That he got off of a Greek. Which was left to him from his grandfather. When the situation is so... ...what land or whose property are you talking about, son? Since it was their land... ...why did they give it you? Why not take it along with them? We are talking about the true owners of the land. Let's say you got the land. For how long will it stay in your hands? For 20 years? Let's say 40 years. Then it will pass to its new owner, and then to another one. After that to its new owner. So? Is it really your property? Therefore it is neither your master Felt-maker's nor yours to claim. So, what happens now? You can only guard the land for the owner... the yard work and... ...earn your living. You say it well,Sheikh Efendih but... master has been guarding it for 20 years. I have not eaten a single fruit of this land. For how many years have you been cropping, Azmi? For 20 years, Sheikh. From this day on, for another 20 years... ...Gokmen Agha should guard the land. What do you say? I accept, Sheikh Efendi. Sheikh... ...this vagabond... We are the ones that came to our Sheikh to decide, Azmi Agha. Look at this...'ve put me here, in this point. So I got to think highly of myself. -Not at all, Sheikh. -Not at all. Come, Yunus, come! Is the work I assigned tiring for you? But I am not particularly prone to doing this kind of work. Manual labor requires the heart to be in it. One whose heart is dedicated can do any work possible. If the heart is dedicated, that will be enough. Sheikh... ...I probably should not ask for this but... ...if solving the inheritance issue between Felt-maker Azmi... ...and his brother were handed to me, I am sure... ...I would have a chance of serving you better. Of course, these are things you are familiar with. -That is right. -I would not dare. Who was your sharia law teacher in Karatay School? Master Shemseddin Mardini. You have said that you had a good grasp of it. I do. Azmi Agha... came for the Sheikh to decide and now... don't accept the decision. How will this be? Have we done wrong by coming to our Sheikh, Bayram Agha? We can't take it back, the word is spoken, the decision is made, why whine? You say so... ...but you'd go after it immediately if a splinter was stolen from your shop! You haven't lost a whole property like me. That's not the case. Has your brother Gokmen stolen your land? Bayram Agha is right, Felt-maker. Don't doubt the Sheikh's judgment. Your heart will go black, God forbid. I don’t doubt anything, Husnu Agha! But I have told the Sheikh ten times. My brother Gokmen is a vagabond! So, has he not believed it? He has but still he granted him the land! So that he could benefit from the crops a little bit. Anyway, Aghas, I don't see this conversation going anywhere good. I don't understand such things. Whatever our Sheikh says, that's the only thing I understand. Same thing goes for me, Bayram Agha. If our Sheikh made a faulty decision and justice wasn't served... Even the Cadi resigned. Thanks to him, the Pulpit-maker was saved... that we roast deer in his honor. You talk as if you've already shot the deer. I am not feeling so well today. I wanted to say a couple things but... mind seems empty now. Not a worry, Sheikh. Please. Am I a Sheikh? What does that make you? Your follower, if you will, my Sheikh. What is a "Follower"? Among us we have some, educated in the highest of Arabic schools. Let me just tell it as well as I can. "Follower" means the one... ...submitting his will to God, sacrificing himself... ...knowing only one Creator and the one who Created himself. Then everyone is a follower. Ali Taygu... ...cut off the prophet so the creator would come out, then. Far be it from me, Sheikh. Then a follower is the one who submits. But the submission must come from the heart. Is not our religion, Islam, about submitting? What is the meaning of "Rab"? Trainer. Then the follower must submit wholeheartedly. There. Is it easy to be Ali? Why do you think most religious orders date back to him? Because he is... ...our master's true follower... ...for whom everything was created. That we call "Submission" is the duty... ...with which our master is lives. And that is what "Training" is. Unlike it is written in the history books, his heroism... ...was not about the battles he fought in the fields... ...but his true heroism was about... ...the battles he had with his ego in the face of God. I had something on my mind. I was going to tell you after the prayer but... ...I could not sleep. I would like to... ...give you a new assignment, Yunus. I have thought it through and... ...decided that you are the only one who can do this in the lodge. From now on, you shall always chant "I do not know." Whoever asks you anything... ...just say you do not know! No matter who asks you your idea about anything... ...just say you don't know. Keep on saying that. It is necessary for a follower to have a word of praise... ...from now on the "I do not know" praise is necessary for you. Good morning, then. Good morning. Will you not wish me a good morning, as well? I do not know. Seems you have not slept much. I do not know. I wanted to see if you had woken for the prayer. Let me wash up then. God! You asked for this, Yunus. What was it that you wanted? Is this why you came to the lodge? Did you resign from being the Cadi to become a sweeper? You have no right to rebel. You asked for this. Nobody forced you. You came here on your own. -God! -Bismillah. -God! -Bismillah. -God! -Bismillah. Done. Shall we drink sherbet, master? We will drink the best of it from our Sheikh. Let's go. Gather the shop. You should open it up after the morning prayer. Before the sun sets, we will go hunting with Husnu Agha. Are you not coming to the lodge, Aghas? I will drop by the house and change first... ...and then I am coming. Alright. -Peace be upon you, Aghas. -And upon you. Aren't you coming to the lodge for the gathering? -We are, master. -Good, then, let us not be late. Good evening to you, Aghas. What happened, Azmi Agha? Are you not coming to the lodge for the gathering? My wife told me to get home early and that she had something to tell me. I should get home at once. It is not usual for sister Fatma to miss the Sheikh's gathering but... ...pass her our regards. I surely will. I should go, Sheikh. Come on... ...let us go to the lodge, then. It is good that you are sweeping... ...before it gets crowded. There are missions in this lodge, Yunus. We provide the food we cook in the kitchen. We harvest our own fruits and vegetables. We all labor in those fields, together. Will you accept if you were to be given another assignment? I do not know. Following the prayer, go and get the gardening tools. Go to the market and leave them with Bayram, the Blacksmith. Caution him well... overhaul and fix them. Tell him... finish his job... ...before ever setting foot out of his shop. Now, do not let me keep you from your assignment. Tell him not to neglect his job. Tell him not to leave his job midway and go elsewhere. Come back to your senses, Cadi Yunus! Will you be walking... a dervish with those tools on your back... front of all those people whose fates you used to decide? I do not know. Let go of that broom in your hand. Go back to your Cadi chambers while there is still time. {\an8}THE JOURNEY OF LOVE I do not know. I do not know! I... I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. Come on, Selman. Come on. Are you familiar with hunting, Master Mardin? I am, sir. I hit every target, thank God. Good, then, next time I shall take you instead of my brother-in-law. Thank you, Agha. Peace be upon you. And upon you. Don't you disappear on us, Husnu Agha. Agha, I am the one who insisted on us going hunting, remember? It's a newly developed ambition. I've asked to hunt together for years. You wouldn't want to. What happened? What do think happened? Once a man goes hunting with you, he gets addicted to it. Once the sun goes down, we will ride the horses. We should get to Kirtepe in a timely manner. Stay the night and sleep there. The weather is fine. We will take off after them before the morning prayer. -God willing. -God willing. Is Yunus not back? He is not, Sheikh. Where have you been, my girl Karabash? Come here. You took off wandering. You found it easy to loaf around, did you not? You go and travel all around, my dear girl, Karabash. You should keep in mind that... ...we know how to put a leash on you... ...and drag you here if need be. All right? Leave with to Bayram, the Blacksmith. Caution him well to overhaul and fix them. Tell him to finish his job... ...before ever setting foot out of his shop. If you are waiting blacksmith, he has gone hunting. I do not know. I do not know. La ilahe illallah, la ilahe illallah, la ilahe illallah. La ilahe illallah, la ilahe illallah, la ilahe illallah. Do I have your permission? The blacksmith shop is closed. He has gone hunting. Closed? Alas. Where are the gardening tools? I do not know. What do we tell our Sheikh? How do we explain this? I do not know. Mother... ...Ashura's never been as crowded as last year. This year will be even more crowded. It is obvious. Tomorrow is Ashura day and father Sheikh is... ...sending the dervishes off to the apple orchard to weed. Who would this be? May I have your permission? I would like to see the Sheikh. Master Yunus. He wants to see father Sheikh, mother. Let him in, let the dervish in. -Let us make the table. -I do not know. Father Sheikh awaits you. God. God. God. God. God. God. Why does the stamp fall onto the 12th bead? I do not know. Have a seat. Sit. Because of the 12 imams. Do not be surprised if you see it on the fifth, as well. That represents our Prophet's household... ...which consisted of five people. One day, I shall tell you about this prayer bead. It holds a thousand secrets! My Sheikh... ...the blacksmith shop is closed. I brought back the gardening tools. He must have gone after his love for hunting. Go and fetch Bayram the Blacksmith! He is on Akcal mountain. Do not lose time. Go without a moment's delay. Go and get him! Such importance do these tools have. Yunus Efendi. What did our Sheikh order? I do not know. I need a horse. Is your journey long? I do not know. The sun is setting, friend. Did the Sheikh tell you to go after him at this hour? I do not know. Water is in the wool saddle. Which way is he going? He did not say. Bayram the blacksmith has gone hunting and he is going after him... ...but I ask him what our Sheikh ordered and he tells me he does not know. Like words of praise he keeps on saying "I do not know," that Master Yunus. You are done cleaning. Now you are to go fetch some gardening tools. They are of importance, of course. Night is coming. Those tools are worth more than you getting yourself in trouble. He jumped on a horse eagerly and went after them, wondering, Sheikh. Who? Yunus Efendi. What was he wondering about? He was not able to comprehend why he was sent... the mountain at nighttime for gardening tools. What do you say, Molla? Such importance the gardening tools have, do you not think? I would not dare. If I were he, I would react against this. Tomorrow, Ashura will be cooked and served. What is the hurry with the gardening tools? I do not mean to question you, Sheikh. Bayram Agha! Here is good, Bayram Agha. Good, good. We should feed the horses, they are hungry. We should eat first, then I'll feed them, Agha. I will light a fire, too. You should sleep. Let me pray first. Have you washed up? I have. While you pray, I will look around. What will you look for? You, too, should pray, then we'll sleep. We'll be on our way before the day dawns. You sleep, Agha, even imagining these deer takes my sleep away. You deserve this. Even if you lose your mind... ...and go crazy, you deserve this. In whose hands does your fate lie, Master Yunus? Is this what will get you to salvation and what you left being a Cadi for? Why do you not sleep, Husnu Agha? Do we shoot deer everyday, Agha? I can not sleep for excitement. You go to sleep, Agha. God Almighty. God Almighty. Bayram Agha! Bayram Agha! Bayram Agha! Who is this in the mountains? I don't know, Agha. Who is this? Who is asking? Who are you? Yunus Efendi, what are you doing here? I do not know. Let us go. The Sheikh summons you. Did you come all the way here for this, Yunus Efendi? I do not know. Since you came all the way here, passing the wild life... ...let us rest the night and see what the day brings. The Sheikh told me to... ...take you and get back immediately. You go, Yunus Efendi. We will apologize to the Sheikh. We came all the way here. Should we just turn back? Let us sleep,Yunus Efendi. What good would come of it even if we hit the road at this hour? Yunus Efendi should get back to the lodge, Agha, there is no need. Let him sleep in his comfortable bed. Let's sleep, Yunus Efendi, we will get going before the day dawns. Husnu, take a blanket from the saddle. Lay it there. Is Sister Fatma not around, Lady Mumine? I sent the boy to summon her but she didn't show up, Lady Mother. She said she had things to do. What could it possibly be on the day of Ashura? I do not want to gossip but the other day Mesud Agha was... ...complaining about Felt-maker Azmi. Sahin told me but I did not care. What did he say? Tell us so we don't wonder anymore. Felt-maker Azmi was not in agreement with the Sheikh's decision. Must be a rumor. These things are... ...affairs of the heart, sisters. Some like it, some don't. Peace be upon you. And upon you. Do not get up. Do not get up. You are working. Please do not be disturbed. Welcome to our humble abode. -Nice to see you, Sheikh. -Nice to be here, Sheikh. What have you brought for our Ashura, sister Hatice? I brought chickpeas, Sheikh. Friends cook Ashura with 12 different nuts. Representing the 12 imams. What are you making, sister Aygul? My sister-in-law, Ayse, has sent almonds from Elmali. This Ashura used to be made before... ...Hasan's and Huseyin's tribulation. When the typhoon was over... ...and his ship was washed upon the shore, Noah, peace be upon him... ...made this with whatever he was left with at the moment. What would you like to add, Lady Akca? I have brought dry apples, Sheikh. Noah's Ark was washed upon the shore on Ashura day of the Muharrem month. The typhoon started on the Muharrem month. Also, Ibrahim, peace be upon him, was born on the month of Muharrem. Moses split the Red Sea with his hand on Muharrem. The Israelites reached salvation on Muharrem. For these reasons, Ashura used to be a day of celebration. But the day... ...the blood of our master's babies' was spilt in Kerbela... ...that day also falls on Muharrem. So since that day Muharrem has brought sadness to us. Enjoy. Do you hear their voices? They are near. We should get up, Bayram Agha. We should go. Yunus Efendi, you go ahead and go. Bayram Agha will explain the situation to the Sheikh. The Sheikh told to me to go and bring him. There is something fishy about this, Yunus Efendi. The Sheikh couldn't have sent you to fetch us in the middle of the night. I do not know. You go after them, Husnu. I will go back with Yunus Efendi. We came all the way here, do you not hear their voices? We are setting up... ...a feast for the Pulpit-maker who he decided to execute... ...and he finds us in the middle of the mountain. He only thinks of the order he received. The Sheikh will also like it... ...when we set up the food and feed the people. I will tell the Sheikh it was me who didn't let you go. I'll apologize. Is Yunus not back? Not yet, Sheikh. Welcome, welcome. Yunus does not know his way around here. Especially the mountains. I wish it was me whom you had sent. There is only one lock that a key can open, Molla. Does every key open every lock? Let's go, Bayram Agha. We will see, once Husnu gets back. Husnu! Bayram Agha, there are two, heavy ones in the valley across. They would feed the whole Nallihan! We've strayed so far from Akchal just hearing their voices. I should get back. Who's talking about voices, brother? I can see how well-fed they are! Come on, Bayram Agha, let's not miss them! You should go back to the lodge. All this effort shouldn't be in vain. I will tell the Sheikh what's needed. This entire road, all in vain. Come on! It smells so good. I wonder how good it tastes. We cook it in the name of the beautiful, my girl, that's why. Who are the beautiful? This is what happens when you don't come to the lessons. Father Sheikh just told us, Huseyin, His Holiness is the beauty. Who is he? He is the son of Mother Fatma and His Holiness Master Ali. And the grandson of our Prophet. Ashura is cooked in honor of the day he was killed in Kerbela. It is a tradition. I ate it many times but am hearing of it now. God's days are not limited... ...fate was to hear it today. This time you will eat it knowingly. Lady Mother, what's Kerbela? Ask it to your uncle Sheikhs, he will tell you. Maybe he'l tell in the gathering tonight. If I don't get home before sundown, again, my father will kill me. Master Mikel knows where his daughter is, he is sure. Don't you worry. The Sheikh told to me to go and bring him. Yunus Efendi, go ahead and go. Bayram Agha will explain to the Sheikh. There is something fishy about this, Yunus Efendi. I don't hear them anymore. Husnu, are you sure you saw the deer? They wandered between two trees. They might come near the horses. They will get scared if they see them. Let's tie them. Go and fetch Bayram the Blacksmith! Don't lose time. Go and get him.