Zagat Essentials The Baltimore Crab Cake

the crabcake God created that for people who are too lazy to pick craps it's best crab cake in the whole world blue crabs one of the greatest flavors on earth it's the epitome of the area it's our version of a murder the best product just because an offer on one by 12 many whites if you make the crab cake right when it comes from the Chesapeake Bay I don't know whether it's the garbage in the Chesapeake Bay or what it is but it has its own special flavor [Music] crabs around the bay were considered de classe until the 1930s 1940s because they were like trash fish and they were served in bar rooms all along the bay near the factories and they used them instead of peanuts because they were cheaper than peanuts as it grew in stature and a little bit of class they didn't want to be seen you know picking the crab so the crab cake kind of evolved from that my grandfather started in here in 1886 my husband and I have been in the business for almost 50 years now the early 80s just for fun I thought I'd try a gourmet crab cake there were plenty of crab cakes but it wasn't made out of the Jumbo lumpy jumbo lump crab meat is you know that's the best that you can get so I made six crab cakes well it took off so you see more jumbo lump crab cakes on the menu as time went on and of course now it's my biggest seller it's what I've known for at the beginning we were never going to do crab cakes because that was Maryland and we had a different concept in mind but of course the first person that walked into the restaurant asked for crab cakes and I wanted to go to original Maryland crab cakes years and years and years ago crab cakes were not made with filler the crab cake itself is just a mayonnaise base with lump crabmeat as the actual filler and then jumbo lump as the meat I kind of look at a furious look at it it's like okay the crab cake needs to be a sandwich and to me it's the best way to eat crab is very delicate especially the blue crab here and has a wonderful taste I think if we're looking at a rule of thumb for a crab cake it's keep it simple you don't want to over see the net or add things like onions and all that are going to take away from it don't overdo it treat it gently with a lot of respect and you're going to have a good crab cake it's worth the work [Music] all four crab cakes are great because it's local crab meat it's pretty luxurious way it's the most beloved seafood in in Maryland I'm not sick of crab cakes because when people come up and say it's the best thing I ever put in my mouth gets me all wrapped up and I'm ready to go again [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]