Zoom for students in under 5 mins

hello students perhaps your instructor is using a tool called zoom to host online meetings like webinar style meetings with you in that case and I want to share with you a few different ways you can access those zoom meetings so this is going to share for students just how to access how to get into zoom meetings it's going to depend on you how your instructor has this set up so it might be the case that you have a link to a zoom room on the home page of a canvas course as I do here so here's a link that I could use to access the zoom for this class it could be in some classes that you have a link to confers oome over in the menu of canvas and when you click on that link in canvas you're going to see an option that says join as a student that's going to give you access to that canvas to that zoom room as a student and that's in that case that's the way that you would join the session so if you don't see that confer zoom and your menu here and you don't see anything in campus like on this home page with a link to your zoom room then hopefully your instructor has sent you an email with the zoom invitation and the connection information that would have a link to join the same session as well as a meeting ID for joining the audio of that session I'm going to go ahead and click on this one now and we'll see what happens it's going to connect me to the zoom URL launcher and I want to go ahead and open that so it opens up my URL zoom launcher and I have to connect my audio so I'm going to be seeing stuff on the screen but I'm also going to be hearing and needing a mic in order to contribute audio to this meeting so it's going to ask me here am I going to use a computer audio like do I have a microphone and a speaker set up on this computer or am I going to use using my phone audio to call in and if kay if that's the case then here's a phone number that you can use to just dial in so that you can listen using your phone or what from the computer screen in this case I do have a microphone setup so I'm going to click on join with computer audio and it tells me I am now using computer audio so you'll see at the bottom as I move that mouse at the bottom there's a menu mute button so that was how that would be how I ute myself if there's a lot of background noise in the coffee shop that I'm at or if my kids are running around in the background it's a smart thing to mute your microphone so you're not disturbing the other attendees in the meeting starting video allows you to start your video hello so if you've got a webcam it will allow you to share your beautiful face with the group otherwise you can keep that turned off and and that's an option as well the other things available to you down here so you can click on the participant list and you'll see who is in this meeting with you so once there are other folks in the meeting it's kind of fun to see who's there you have an option here to raise your hand yes/no so once there's a lot of students joining then these icons kind of become handy if you're if you do have a question while your instructor is speaking then the instructor can kind of scan the list and they see they get a little notification on your webcam or on your account your participant window that you've got a question so that's how you raise your hand with that the other thing is the chat window so let me lower that participant list your chat window is if you haven't been successful at connecting your audio so you don't have your audio and your instructor and classmates are not hearing you in zoom then you can always use the chat window and chat tech type your chat messages in there as well ok so that's a real basic overview of getting into zoom and of just the basic menu items that are available here what's your ready to leave the meeting you have a leave meeting option and now we will be out of zoom in a subsequent video I'll show you how you can do that from this mobile app thanks for watching