a message to George Floyd from the president

my administration is fully committed that poor George and his family justice will be sick that of George deployed my administration is fully committed that poor George and his family justice will be served he will not have died in vain but we cannot allow the righteous cries and peaceful protestors to be drown out by an angry mob the biggest victims of the rioting are peace-loving citizens in our poorest communities and is their president I will fight to keep you safe I will fight to protect you I am your president to an order and an ally of all peaceful protesters but in recent days a number of state and local governments have failed to take necessary action to safeguard their residents I will fight to protect you because we're giving it back to you the people Fester's but in recent days our nation has been gripped by professional violent mobs Arsenal's riders [Music] lizards is FIFA and others a number of state and local governments have failed to take necessary action most arsonists looters criminals writers keifa you know NSA has all metadata so they exactly they know exactly where the funds come from and who is part of these things they know when you last clicked on a porn site or whatever everything anything they they know when you sneeze if you have your phone need or you need a mic on you team of years up it's all taken down the young was left dying on the street or the woman enough state who you are viciously attacked by dangerous thugs small business owners have seen their dreams I don't destroy but New York's finest have been hit in the face with bricks brave nurses yeah and we see that they've lived with pre-positioned pallets of bricks for them to throw how convenient you think NSA kind of knew where everybody might be and kind of put on down a line you gotta remember NSA collects all metadata and that's just one metadata collection thing going on yeah buddy don't think it's right l ain't collecting metadata - bruh cuz it's always one in the same ain't no national this are national that the world is a business period and it's all one big business and franchises thereof [Music] overrun here in the nation's capital going to the World War Two memorial eyes one of our most historic churches with set ablaze professor in California an african-american enforcement hero which shot and killed these are not acts of peaceful these are acts of domestic terror yes locking people down for no good reason and taking away their businesses and scaring them so much that they abandon their lands and their businesses in their infrastructure is terrorism yeah you sure are one hell of a terrorist not do you really think he's so stupid that he doesn't know that there are several fascist agencies collecting metadata that know every single little thing that ever happened y'all really think he's that stupid okay then maybe you should put me in office cuz I'm not that stupid I don't want the goddamn job I won't let him to do with the corporation's now you know you won't put me in USA you head of the nation go first thing I'm gonna do is call a Robert Horton mm-hmm I asked first person I'm calling yep see if I can get a meeting with the the real Postmaster General commander-in-chief of the USA Russell jageun healing not justice not owned by the way then I'm gonna hand him a lot of the book handbook and immediately put syndicator in charge federal resources to stop the rioting and looting and to protect the rights of law including your second Amendment rights for the following measures are going into effect immediately they're not second Amendment rights they are natural rights to protect myself the second a minute just happens to be a piece of paper that talks about how you might go about protecting those rights see they love their fancy words we will end it now today I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the sugar in sufficient numbers that we dominate the mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been well in the city of sacred few actions that are necessary to defend the life and property precedence that I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them I am also taking swift and decisive action to protect our great capital wash what happened to the city last night personnel even let me try to what up and I well let's see if I will go back to we're supposed to get will soon see now I won't wait does it go back to the beginning or oh here we go here we go let's see if we go back to where it would yeah DeeDee oh no the light starts so you get the picture you find that so Minnesota and no doubt has an abundant prolific history horn honking whoo so Minnesota no doubt has an abundance no no down three London tells Olympic history of Freemasonry it is no doubt a hotbed hub of sorts of Freemasonry here in the United States as you see here this old document manual going all the way back to 1867 history Freemasonry goes way back in Minnesota okay and so that's why it's very significant and interesting that Minnesota is known as the Twin Cities twin right the Twin Cities so we're gonna tie the twin symbolism here of course because the twin pillars in Freemasonry are Jachin and Boaz all right this is the most significant symbolism of Freemasonry the toy ok pillars right the Twin Towers the Twin Towers a Masonic ritualistic symbol they no doubt represented the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz it was a Masonic ritualistic event right that can invoice the twin no now we have stephen jackson the NBA player former NBA player a public figure in this event in this story and he claims to be a very close friend so I've been a very close friend of George Wright toward Floyd so close in fact that he calls George his twin twin of George Lloyd outspoken individual in this whole story and so we keep it going here twin anymore connections to Freemasonry with Jackson indeed his father was a freemason publicly post this on his social media so Pop's looking Pop's looking good here in his freemason attire right it's when he flirts here on the bottom his pops alright he has another post here my father's Mason brothers 33 gave me something to cherish my dad's gear will be following your footsteps pops salute to all his Mason brothers on the top there it says you know East 33rd Street that's where the initial you know quote-unquote protesting / rioting took place there in Minneapolis in response to George Floyd East 33rd Street right right the little trash can there at the scene of the crime at the the need of the neck seen around the world there you see this trashcan here in the footage well now it's become part of this little memorial there and the way they set it up they now has and now has three sixes visible is there's a couple of there's sixes all around the trashcan though isn't isn't that interesting amazing another image here with Steven Jackson with George Floyd I keep posting so y'all can see my brother is in his element throwing up the symbolism symbols but this is all pretty obvious Freemason symbolism the connections here and makes complete sense to where this has taken place in the twin seas under two people ran a black lives matter demonstration on Sunday in downtown Bryan including Wendy Mason Floyd one of George Floyd's sons