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(BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) *Jwimin You look really nice today. Hey, you know (Jin's clothes are the hot topic.) I went shopping just for today. But this isn't your usual style. (What made Jin buy this outfit?) I went shopping three days ago. (So amused) It's a totally different style! I asked the clerk if j-hope had bought this. I asked about you. (He bought it because j-hope didn't.) - He said no, so I bought it. - You went to a shop (He finds it funny too.) and asked if j-hope bought those clothes? I haven't gone shopping in a while. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Jimin sneaks over.) I packed a lot of clothes. I packed way too much. (He becomes one with the suitcase.) It has to be under 20kg. (He becomes one with the suitcase.) - 20kg? - It's 24kg... (Spin Spin) This is under 20kg. Jung Kook, try lifting this. How many kilos is it? (Everyone's busy weighing their bags) - What about Taehyung's bag? - It won't go over. (He lifts V's luggage.) It's not over the limit. - You can pack more. - Clothes aren't that heavy. I wonder if it's under 24kg. Let me try lifting it, Taehyung. (Jin comes over to weigh V's luggage.) It won't go over. (The human scale is confident.) - It won't go over. - It's around 18kg. (The human scale is confident.) - How much ramyeon did you pack? - Let me lift you. (Is he weighing Jin too?) - How much ramyeon do you have? - Ramyeon? You've gained weight. (Jin didn't gain any weight!) - No, I didn't. - You didn't? (Jin didn't gain any weight!) I have 18 total, including ramyeon and jjajangmyeon. (V packed ramyeon for everyone.) - If we have 18 total... - Taehyung sure is (V-tingale of the trip) our Nightingale this time. (V-tinggale of the trip) He's so prepared. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Hungry Jung Kook is making ramyeon.) I'm hungry. (The diet starts tomorrow!) I'll go on a diet after this. Are you having ramyeon without us? (They caught me!) - Seriously? - We're about to leave. - Is he really? - You made at least six, right? (They enter the kitchen expectantly.) Ramyeon, when we're leaving soon? That's fantastic. (Did he really?) You didn't make just one, did you? Seriously, we are out of ramyeon! (Showing them the cabinet) - There's no more. - I can't believe you. (Jin looks into it.) He's making ramyeon with your name on it. (Jin looks into it.) See? Look. It's just spicy chicken ramyeon. (It won't be enough for seven members...) We can only take one bite each! It's true. I've got nothing to say. There's no ramyeon. Jung Kook says he'll share after one bite. (RM is excited about the ramyeon.) No chopsticks? Okay, got it. (They're all after the ramyeon.) The smell must be spreading. With ramyeon... (Jin had a whiff of the smell.) I came out because of the smell. (Jin had a whiff of the smell.) Hang on. I'll get the kimchi. (They're waiting with a bowl and chopsticks.) I'm waiting for you to take a bite. (They're waiting with a bowl and chopsticks.) I'll just have a bite and go. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) What about now? - Jung Kook! - Yes? (They summon Jung Kook.) - It tastes so good. - Thank you! (The others were catching up.) You did a great job! (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) I got my wisdom tooth pulled out, so this might be a difficult trip. (SUGA is worried because it hurts.) I'm a bit worried. (SUGA is worried because it hurts.) I didn't know it'd be so painful. It hurts so much. (A Bon Voyage full of concern) I'm quite worried about this trip. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) We made reservations at an outdoor spa. (Positive responses) That sounds fantastic. (Listening intently to the producer) There, you have to make your own fire to heat the water. (Will Jin make the fire?) That'll be Jin's job. (Will Jin make the fire?) Hey. Do it as the oldest member. What if the water turns into stew? (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) Does anyone want to go fishing on a boat? (SUGA the fishing lover) (Pupils shaking) Why aren't you raising your hand? (Jin watches for SUGA's reaction.) I don't want to go on a boat. (Jin watches for SUGA's reaction.) I want to avoid water. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) SUGA, you really look like you're going on a trip today. (SUGA is dressed like a traveler.) This hat is for traveling too. (You all look like you're going on a trip.) It's like what the parents go on. (Glancing around) A package tour. (SUGA the tourist) SUGA looks like he's going on a package tour. Who wants to get some coffee? Package! Can I just say one thing? - What? - Package and Becky G! (He's quickly embarrassed.) Sorry. I think I'm tired. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Sniffle sniffle) I shouldn't have brought all these equipment. You brought equipment? - You're going to work? - Unbelievable. You're so passionate. (They acknowledge SUGA.) - Equipment... - You're a true musician. (Is that necessary?) But you just have the recording left. You might need to do more than recording. (j-hope worries about SUGA's shoulders.) I brought them just for the recording. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) Hello. I woke up and came straight here, so I had to put on a mask. (j-hope is lured by the airport robot.) (What's this?) They have something like that? (Sweet Jimin keeps looking back to check on j-hope.) - It's scary. - What? (Technology is advancing quickly.) It's kind of scary. That's how it'll be. It'll become more common later. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Jin at duty-free?) Isn't that Jin over there? It is! Where are you, Jin? (An alpaca is there instead of Jin.) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) - Is Jin coming by himself, then? - Yes. (They're worried about Jin traveling alone.) - How lonely. - How lonely. Did the others go already? - Did the others go already? - I see. I see. (Playful V imitates j-hope!) (Glance) It's so... (Huh?) How's this stylish suitcase? Isn't it nice? (You can't leave out a suitcase on a trip!) This is what a proper traveler looks like. (j-hope wins everyone here~) You should have this if you're traveling. This is vital for a traveler. (j-hope plays around and V plays along.) (He's so excited to go on a trip.) This is comfortable. (How cute.) Believe it or not, he's 26 years old. (V seems to be in a good mood.) (j-hope calls dibs on the red suitcase.) I call dibs on this suitcase. (Their feet are light at the thought of the trip.) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Jin also enters the airport.) (The song that many people played around with growing up) you, me, you, me, you are a gorilla Ugly ones, handsome ones (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) I've arrived in Auckland. This is the international terminal. Now, I have to go to the domestic terminal, and take another two-hour flight to go meet the rest of the group. Earlier, I saw... (He still looks handsome after a long flight.) I saw on the flight, and as you saw in the video I shot earlier... As I showed you before, the sights here are beautiful. (Chatter chatter) I've said this many times before, but I don't really like traveling. But I think this is a nice place to come and relax. (I hate bugs!) As long as there aren't any spiders this big. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (j-hope takes care of Jimin, who's not feeling well.) (Hold my fingers! Squeeze) (Sharing his energy with him) I'm passing on my energy to you. (j-hope is so sweet!) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) These are our BTS earphones. (Dazed) (BTS custom earphones) I guess I've never shown our ARMY before. (Show me too!) What earphones? We've never shown our fans our custom earphones. - Really? - Yes. (Aren't they pretty?) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (At the airport lounge) - Jung Kook! Jung Kook. - Yes? (What?) Mr. Jung Kook! Jung Kook. - Breakfast. - Breakfast? - I'm getting breakfast. - Breakfast. I'm going to get breakfast. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (SUGA is extremely energetic hehe) (Shake shake) (Suddenly he calms down again.) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (V is sound asleep at the lounge) (while j-hope and RM are having a blast.) (Their dance makes everyone happy.) (This was filmed in a private area without other customers.) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) The tofu tastes like milk. What? Do you want to try it? (The tofu tastes like milk?) (Try it.) What is it? I think it's tofu... But it tastes like milk. (Nom nom nom nom) - Milk? - Yes. (Unconcerned) - Is it tofu? - Right? I think it is, but... Isn't it cheese? Is it? (It's a mystery.) I don't know. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (j-hope is eating by himself.) (He's eating curry and naan.) (We're glad you're eating well.) I can't wait to have this. Oops. (He sets the camera down after taking a close-up of the food.) (A relaxing meal with his phone) (He tears the naan, dips it in the curry, and takes a bite!) (Smack) (He tears the naan again.) (He dips it and stuffs it in!) (He dips it and stuffs it in!) Amazing. (And Hobi happily ate and ate forever) (He makes everyone watching him eat want to eat with him.) (Now, for the last bite!) (Nom) (The end of a satisfying meal for both j-hope and the ARMY!) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) JK! (A foreign fan asks if he can take photos.) (A foreign fan asks if he can take photos.) Sorry. (Now a catchphrase of Bon Voyage) Important business. (Now a catch phrase of Bon Voyage) Sorry. Sorry, guys. - Yes. - Okay. (So sorry!) The "important business" phrase doesn't work anymore. It's run out of juice. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (A foreign fan recognizes them.) (A foreign fan recognizes them.) "BTS?" "Yes, BTS!" I'm BTS. (Now everyone who are just passing by will recognize you....) BTS! (His introduction time) I'm Jimin. (Looking around) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) Jung Kook. Shouldn't you hold the camera, Jung Kook? (The mastermind behind GCF) (Cuteness overload) (j-hope's point of view) Here's Jung Kook from the back. (Trudge Trudge) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Dazed) (What's this?) (He stares for a while and eats a grape.) (The flight attendant brings him some juice.) (He asks for a photo.) Can we take a photo together? You and me. - No. - You can't? No problem. (He respectfully turns him down.) - Sorry. - Thank you anyway. - Yes. - Thank you. Enjoy. I feel bad. I wish I could just say "important business" again. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) Didn't you bring shoes? What? I brought a couple of pairs. (It's chilly in New Zealand.) But they're a bit... His fashion goes against the season. (That's what a true fashionista does.) Wear them when it's hot. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (They all gather to watch the "Chicken Noodle Soup" music video.) (They're all so focused.) - Is it all finished? - Yes. (Gathering round) (Totally focused) - Is it up already? - No. Rough edit. (Jimin wants to see the final version.) Then I can't watch it yet. It's nice. Not everything was one take, was it? No. It cuts off here. It was on one take until now. (Jimin is curious because of their reactions.) - Does it look cool? - Yes, it's cool. - It's so cool. - It's cool. - I'm curious. - It's great. It must have been so tiring. It's just two takes. (The shoot was done in three takes.) I mean, three takes. Chicken noodle soup. That's it. (Totally mesmerized) - The dance is so cool. - On the side. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Choosing sunglasses for the trip) - Is it good? - How do I look? (Choosing sunglasses for the trip) Nice, Taehyung. Do I look okay? (They like V's glasses.) Yes, they're kind of... (j-hope cracks up at Jung Kook.) What style is that? You might have to do something about your hair first. (His hair looks like a chocolate mushroom snack.) You look like Choco Boy. Choco Boy. Choco Boy! Hey, hoist them up like this. What? - What, like this? - Let's get it. (So obedient) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) I'm so glad to see you guys! I was so lonely. Did you come alone? (Jin was lonely on the long flight.) Hey, what's that movie called? (A guy who survives on Mars?) The one where the guy survives on Mars. - You know, what's it called... - "Gravity"? No. No, the one where he goes to Mars, (They can't remember the title.) and the thing with the time. - The movie you like. - I know what you're talking about. (Practically a speed quiz) Hey, Taehyung! What's that movie where the guy survives on Mars? ("Mars"?) "Mars". No, "The Martian". - "Mission"? "Martian"? "Motion"? - "The Martian". - "The Martian". - "The Martian". (They finally figure out the title.) That's right, I felt like the Martian. (The camera apologizes with him.) Drink up, drink up... Sorry about that. (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) Guys, is anyone hungry? Who's hungry? (V brought them eggs!) Are those eggs? I brought some eggs. (Here, have some.) (j-hope is wary.) - It's not raw, is it? - It's soft-boiled. (Soft-boiled!) Soft-boiled? (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold) (Jin and SUGA are already in the car.) Bon Voyage! (The chant is so catchy) Bon Voyage! (Clap, clap) Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage! (The end!) (BTS Bon Voyage The Story Untold)