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Taylor and Jeff


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[Music] so bright what is up you guys welcome back to our channel we are hey guys welcome on the roof today tonight I guess it's very bright we are doing a little at home date night let's get it set up first we just bought a brand new box oh yeah yeah let's get it set up how do you say that word you said it funny before acrylic acrylic you go a cream acrylic here we go off to a great start yep so we're sitting on our roof we're gonna paint a little bit and yes that's it I kind of don't want to use I know it's like haints because look how pretty you know today we're using a Mac foundation this is called acrylic palette hi all right here we go what are you gonna paint last - yes we did this last time I'll insert those photos here we did like mountain I did mountains so I want to like do something a little different you know I think I'm gonna do like some grass these are in the sky our canvases everything will be linked below on Amazon it's a great find that's it be that yeah I don't know what I want to do last time I did it the night sky yeah the good night skies are really gorgeous so I really kind of want to do like okay stay with me it's like rolling waves onto like a sandy beach so I'll do like I'll do like a nice peachy Beach and now they're like little white dots like sand yeah or they can Brown yeah so that's what I'm thinking Cheers I feel like there's pressure good thoughts good what would you say at a 10 he's chocolate I said six point tear at a time really I think it's good though it tastes like really told your rating seven she's sorry I'm just trying to get ready here I love all the Blues that go pretty those vibrant vibrant inspired so much so that I'm gonna take zero inspiration from it just making me use these oh no this is like a Delia's Clare's beginner I weighed out okay but where's the other ones exactly oh they're in the thing got exactly so we're gonna find here oh we have this we're gonna fill this with water that I've brought up with us clean our brushes and drink [Music] like I'm sure of what that really looks like [Music] if this is starting to look pretty good looks like Gatorade oh my god tell her that's good you drip on me I'm going for like you might see this in like a condo when you go to floor you know they're using the seashells or something oh my god this is so bad I'm gonna start on my way it's like a fish I really just messed up what is that yellow it's catching a sign every night at 7:00 p.m. is cheering for the health care workers well I can't show you I'm so this is not a reflection of my talent that he made last time that actually ended up being really good it's hanging on our fridge right and I just I'm not inspired I just don't have inspiration right now okay literally chopped liver there's nothing to do with you there's like I said I was going for grandma's condo in Destin which the sky is stunning lived it I like killed the sky the waves a little rough feast it looks good I would hang it up where's that the tree hey just like honestly I don't know what better I can do to this it's really good give us a dolphin a dolphin you me to add a dolphin to this you said grandma's Florida I feel like this is good bill like I don't know what else I mean I wouldn't buy this per se maybe I'll do you like maybe I'll do like a dog ever in this hard to the Caribbean are you doing see ya hey hey great job on the trumpet nice to meet you see you guys soon Wow stomach I'd stop misses a work-in-progress okay I'm a little sad my performance today was not up to par it was not appropriate by any means and that's fine I I just the thing is I got really discouraged when my first thing went wrong and the first thing that went wrong was the sky and that's what I started yes so you know there's always room for growth as they say I on the other hand I'm pretty pleased it's not what I intended to have at the end but this is her what's her name this is definitely something you would see in a grand parent's condo or like a rental above the battery or Spring Break yeah in the hallway yeah that was fun it was really fun I'm just disappointed yeah we've been trying to find like different projects and things that keep us entertained and painting has been oddly been a fun one for us yeah although we're not good it is fun you're good you're yeah whoa there anyway well anyway thanks for watching this is a little date night vid for us to hopefully inspire you to use your time also like all of this stuff on Amazon was like $30 yeah like I said it brushes yeah this paint well link it in the description yeah thanks for watching mmm please oh yeah you had to like subscribe comment share with a friend leave us a smiley face give a suggestion on what I we should paint next you love the feedback from from them all right [Music]