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This subtitles were made by amateurs. Please excuse me for possible mistranslations, and leave your comments about them. Thanks. [You woke me up, so why don't you let me penetrate you?] When did you wake up? A short while ago? I was sleeping, and someone kept touching my hair like this, and I woke up thinking, "What is this?" What time is it now? It's already this hour... I have to get up... (But) I don't want to get up... I want to sleep. Come here, shall we sleep more? Ah, it's warm. Let's sleep a little longer. Only 10 mins? Let's sleep 10 more minutes. A little longer... can I sleep a little longer? I want to sleep... Has my beard grown a lot? Not really much, right? I have just a little bit of beard. Come over here. It's prickly, right? Ah, did I talk in my sleep? What did I say? I think I've been talking in my sleep lately. Maybe it's a bit hard for me to work in the company... Since I'm stressed, I feel like I'm talking in my sleep. I'm embarrassed... Did you hear what I said in my sleep? So embarrassed... I'm with you though. I'm fine. The stress will go away. It's hard to get up... Can we just sleep a little bit more? Why? Why are you so busy? What are you going to do today? What are you planning to do today? You want to go out? Date? In the morning? A date in the morning? But it's too early even if we prepare after washing up. I want to sleep a little more. Can we sleep a little more? Then let's lie down like this. Let's lie down a little more. I like where we are now. Why~? Why do you want to show me prettier face? You're pretty enough now. Naked face? Your naked face is also pretty, why? You're pretty. You want to put on your makeup early? Ah, that's why you woke me up early. Come here. I'll give you a hug. Why are you so shy~? I love to see your naked face, your naked face is so pretty. I want to kiss you everyday like this. Your naked face is also beautiful. No, I can't feel that. What is erotic in this situation? We slept naked yesterday, so... But why are you...? What (are you wearing)? Where did you get the T-shirt? Oh, then I'm the only one who's naked. Give me the blanket. I'm gonna cover my lower body with a blanket. OK. I'm gonna cover like this. I was the only one who's naked. Where... Where are you gonna see? Where are you trying to see? No, no. Wait a second, where is my boxer briefs? Ah, there. It's too far. What? What is so sexy? Am I sexy now? No, you're more sexy to me now. You know that? The white T-shirt you're wearing now is thin enough to see inside. You know? Did you wear it on purpose? You wore it on purpose? Really? You don't wear it then. Why? Why? To provoke me? To provoke me from morning? Tell me honestly. Wait a second. Tell me honestly. You woke me up to do it, right? You woke me up to do it, right? Oh, where are you looking? Where? It's big, right? This... you woke me up to play with this, right? I see~ You can just say that like just now. Why (are you shy?) It's big... Look at this. We did it yesterday also... You want to touch it? Carefully... yes... Softly... Only the front... I feel a tickle now... Kitchee-kitchee. Just a little harder? OK. Touch it a little harder. I think it's taking all my body temperature because it's hot. Is it really hot? Really? How much? But when this hot stuff goes inside of you... you're really happy... so... Ah, that feels good. Is something out? What's out? Salty thing? The salty thing was out? I think it can't wait anymore. I think it can't wait anymore. Can't wait anymore... Can't wait anymore... The smell of soap on the nape of your neck. The soap smell... The soap smell... Do you like that I bite you slightly? Can I bite here? Slightly? I can't wait anymore.