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[1. This video is intended for all iKONIC 2. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is legal Watch at home, subways, work, etc.] [20191215 Xmas concert dance rehearsal_1.mp4 (JAY & DK count on each other)] [Eyes on someone] Take that off if it feels heavy. You know... That looks better than baggy clothes. [#DK's take 1] Are you okay? Let's try one more time. [#DK's take 2] [Pleased] [OK] Oww. That hurt. [#JAY's take 1] One more time. We can do it over now. These pants are a bit tight. [#JAY's take 2] [One more time] [One more time, please] Don't get hurt! Don't get hurt! Don't get hurt (at any cost)! [Whining] Your camera makes me nervous. [20191215 Xmas concert dance rehearsal_2.mp4 (Let's keep watching the good stuff)]