You're watching iKON in Hong Kong! [iKON-ON] [iKON-ON 'CONTINUE TOUR' IN HONG KONG] [WELCOME BACK TO HONG KONG] [2018.11.24 HONG KONG FAN SIGNING] [MEETING HONG KONG iKONICS 1 DAY BEFORE] Where are we now? We're in Hong Kong! A Hong Kong fan signing! Let's get it started. [LET'S GO] [FANS CAME A LONG WAY TO MEET iKON] This reminds me of the old days. I've been here for awards. I frequently came to Hong Kong. There wasn't any chance to lately. [SEEING OUR FANS IN A LONG TIME] [MAKES ME FEEL GOOD] Some fans frequently come, but I forget their names at times. [I'LL REMEMBER... LOVE YOU!] We visit Hong Kong in a long time. But fans welcome us so warmly! [THANK YOU FOR YOUR WELCOME] [iKONICS ALWAYS WELCOME iKON] [LET'S TAKE IT SLOW] [AND LAST A LONG TIME] [THIS HAS BEEN iKON!] [2018.11.24 WITH HONG KONG iKONICS] [iKON-ON] [2018.11.25 THREE HOURS BEFORE CONCERT] [WE LOVE YOU, iKON ♥] [THIS IS iKON'S WAITING ROOM] JUNE! I didn't style my hair yet. Yeah, I know! [STILL HANDSOME! (BUT DK GOT STYLED)] Did you prepare anything for the concert? Did I prepare anything? Uh... I've been working out harder. So my face looks sharper than before. I prepared my awesome visual. Your visual? Yes, that's what I'm going for. How was the CONTINUE TOUR? [THINKING HARD] It was a time of discovering myself. After four years, when will that end? I have too many versions of myself. [BOOTING UP OLD-SCHOOL FEELS] [PUTTING HIM OUT EARLY] What did you prepare for our fans? Since it's the last concert! I prepared... [THINKING HARD] PUYO! [ENJOY SOME PUYO ♥] Any thoughts on ending the tour? This tour seems to have flew by. Too bad the tour has to end, but it's been about new experiences. Finishing up our tour in Hong Kong will be a great honor. We're in Hong Kong for our last concert. How does that make you feel? Make a syllable poem for 'HONG KONG.' Are you asking me?! Why do you love that so much? He always asks for them! I'm just into syllable poems. HONG! HONG-bu and Nolbu! KONG! Having KONG (bean) noodles? Having KONG (bean) noodles? [DON'T RUSH INTO IT WITHOUT A PLAN!] CHAN, show us! HONG! HONG! I can start but not finish. HONG! HONG KONG! [CUT (BAD START)] Any comments on our last concert? The tour went by so fast. Right, time flew by. We'll fire up our last stage in Hong Kong! Okay! This has been CHAN! [SEE YOU LATER] [3 MINUTES BEFORE THE CONCERT] Hong Kong! [THAT WAS TOO MUCH] [iKON IS READY TO GO] I'll see how big your cheer is! [SEE YOU FROM THE STAGE] [APPLAUSE] It's over! ♪ Congratulations ♪ [EVERYBODY, COME ON!] [HOW IS HE GOING TO FINISH THAT?] [DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU!] We finished our Hong Kong concert. It's been successful! [HONG KONG CONCERT WAS A GRAND FINALE] Thank you for always welcoming us. I'm glad we got to finish in Hong Kong. ['CONTINUE TOUR' COMES TO AN END...] [iKONICS CHEERED AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE] [THANK YOU SO MUCH!] Thank you for your love! We'll be back to perform great songs! This has been iKON! Thank you! ♪ Congratulations ♪ [WE LOVE YOU] [iKON-ON]