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You're now watching iKON in Manila! [iKON-ON 'CONTINUE TOUR' IN MANILA] [FOUR YEARS SINCE DEBUT, iKON VISITS MANILA FOR THE 1ST TIME] Where are we? We're in Manila, Philippines. The content for today is... "In My Carrier!" We'll see what the members always take with them on the tour. [RANDOM START ♥] So I turned on SONG's camera. First, let's invade (?) JUNE's room. I didn't inform him about this. I wonder how he'll respond. Who is it? [OPEN THE DOOR] Yeah! Oh, as expected! With the door open, I can smell ramen. "In My Carrier." Show us your suitcase. Were you unpacking or... [SPEECHLESS] What's this? A mess! What's this here? This sock doesn't have a pair. What's this hanger doing here? Do you know what beats all laziness? You wear belts on pants. He just leaves them in his pants. He just stuffs them in. [THROWN IN] What do you always have on tours? Books. [WHAT?] Books? [DID YOU SAY BOOK? / JUNE'S A BOOKWORM] [WHO'S SECOND ON 'IN MY CARRIER'?] [iKON'S LEADER B.I'S (A.K.A GODBIN)'S ROOM] - B.I! - Yeah? [LIKE A BULLDOZER] SONG's camera's theme is, "In My Carrier." Shows us your suitcase. I don't have anything. [EMPTY] He really doesn't have anything! Tell us about your hat. This is organic linen. I bought it at Lee Jungseob's old residence. Wow! [A UNIQUE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES] This is really unique. This is from 1960... Ah! It's vintage! It's hard to find. I always have this with me, even when I'm not on tours. It's like a part of my body. This goes wherever I go. [A SPECIAL CAMEO (?) ON SONG'S CAMERA] [BOBBY] Who is it? Room service. [THE DOOR OPENS] [RUNNING FROM THE SCENE] [HERE'S SONG INSTEAD OF ROOM SERVICE] Hello, BOBBY! [BAFFLED] [CHANGING THE SUBJECT TO ENTER] Wow, that's so funny! How amazing. [RIGHT THEN, THE CAMERA TURNS OFF...] [IT WAS RECORDING RIGHT BEFORE] [4 SECONDS TILL BLACKOUT...] [WHILE TURNING THE MONITOR...] [TOUCHED REC BUTTON (=DEAD CAMERA)] [THE FAINT LIGHT OF REC....] [NOT BEING RECORDED] [THE CAMERA'S OUT] [IT'S SO AMAZING] [HOW HE PRESSED THAT BUTTON...] [SHOOTING, NOT KNOWING HIS FATE...] [THAT'S HOW SONG DISAPPEARED WITH HIS FOOTAGE...] [WALKING TO SOMEONE ELSE WITH A NON-RECORDING CAMERA] [THERE'S ONLY THE SUB-CAMERA SHOT] [IF HE KEEPS DOING THIS, EVEN EDITING CAN'T SAVE THE SHOTS!] [HUH? THE CAMERA TURNED BACK ON] [HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?] [HE MADE THE SAME MISTAKE OF PRESSING THE REC BUTTON] [IS THIS FOR REAL...?] [CONGRATS, 'IN MY CARRIER' IS STILL ON] Like a fashionista, he has three, four shoes! That's a record. BOBBY has three. He carries a lot of hats. Beanies. [PACKED WITH ALL KINDS OF HATS...] Red! He has one on! - Why so many hats? - This is a special one. My cousin custom-made it for me. This here is me. How can this be DK? Huh? The digeuk letters for DK. - How can you be sure? - Scribble-like. [JEALOUSY TAKING OVER] It can stand for tremble or shaking. I'm more curious about DK's wallet. [FOUND YOU (?) / BIG REACTION] Yeah! [iKONIC OFFICIAL CARD] iKONIC! DK is full of love. [NEXT IS iKON'S ELDEST JAY] [NOT ANSWERING] [IS NO ONE THERE?] [SONG DOESN'T KNOW WHAT GIVING UP IS] [IS HE SLEEPING?] [JAY'S ALREADY OFF TO DREAMLAND... (SORRY, I WAS TOO TIRED...)] Here is CHAN! Let's open that up. [FULLY PACKED] [SUPPLEMENTS FOR A 21 YEAR OLD?] What are all these? Do you take about a 100 nutrients? This helps digestion. For headaches. For stuffy noses. So much medicine! You spray this on your pillow. It helps your sinus problem that way. [SNIFF, SNIFF] - Not on yourself! - No? [SAVE IT FOR YOUR PILLOW] A fan gave me this. [LOW FREQUENCY ELECTRIC MASSAGER] The hot item these days! It's quite strong it hurts! On the highest level. Your shoulders and hands go like this. I hate electricity (?) stuff! You know, right? [NOT STICKING TO WHAT HE SAYS] - Little less... - It doesn't hurt! Let me. What do you think? I'll try to stay still. [MORE EXCITED THAN SCARED] See? You enjoy it like that. CHAN is going to... Oh man. He might find something weird. Look at what I carry around. What's this? - You can't open that. - Why not? Go ahead, it's nothing. That's a scrub gel. - For your feet? - No. [MY SKIN IS SPECIAL] For your face. A facial scrub? Here's a nail clipper. Isn't it just normal? Look at this over here! [FINALLY, SONG'S COOL ITEM!] It's our goods in Japan. It's not yet finished. It'll be designed prettier. [THEN SHOW IT TO US THEN!] [THE ENDING FAIRY] On "In My Carrier," we looked at what iKON carries on tours. I hope iKONICS can sleep better after. We have our Manila concert tomorrow so we'll go to bed early. Good night! [iKON-ON] [2018.11 THREE HOURS BEFORE MANILA CONCERT] Welcome to Manila! iKON, we love you! Get ready, show time! iKON, we love you! You guys, iKON is in Manila! Manila! We're back stage, but what a cheer! Today, we had so much prepared. Fans got so much ready for our first visit. The rainbow performance and other so many events. It was really fun and 8,000 people having fun together was a big thrill. Manila is sweeter than vanilla. Wow. [MANILA iKONICS GAVE GREAT MEMORIES] - This has been iKON! - Thank you, Manila! [iKON-ON] [iKON-ON TO BE CONTINUED]