jughead and betty cute and best moments 4x014x11 Bughead

it's beautiful it's a beautiful story Joker really you think it's worth submitting to the contest no I think it's gonna win the contest I love you I love you too can we just what's going on you should go to stonewall prep but Chuck I hate saying that but it's the chance of a lifetime and you should take it okay so you should go before I change my mind what about don't worry about us we'll make it work we've been through way worse just go pack up your stuff I'll handle everything here okay go run it the savor it but tonight we will be mm-hmm push my button we're gonna be here hurry up cafeteria we've got vegan keto vegan raw did you crossovers with Tracy true there's my favorite do you remember yeah my dad used to give me one of these each year for my birthday [Music] stranger hey wow that was fast I took an earlier train to beat the storm jack hits sake I know I'm sorry I'm almost done with my first chapter yeah and I can't wait to read it and to help you slough right now we have some catching up to do oh yeah yeah I missed you I missed you too Yuja pom a have used chippings blackmail material to coerce them into suicide it's exactly what I was thinking then maybe some of my current classmates are part of the same Society I mean I checked Brett's side of the room but so far there's no sign of a telltale type in is it getting colder in here where we freeze and starve to death no this is the part where we get back in bed and order Chinese food mr. Chuck I mean get it on his radar that something weird is happening at this school yeah that's a good idea I will hey I was thinking maybe if the storm clears up by tomorrow morning that we can go home for the weekend sure in the meantime how how will we stay warm tonight these are really great job you really captured the essence of the Baxter brothers but you made it your own and I caught up on all my college applications wait I want a choice Veronica Jughead Jughead Veronica you blew her cover Oh so I'm gonna stop a classic B&B scam how can I make it up to you I don't think there's anything you could do I'll just have to file my story with quotes from unnamed sources which I have plenty of this is gonna be enough truthfully I'm not very hopeful excuse me are you lost shouldn't you be on the Stonewall side with all the jelly's oh I don't think Yale is gonna happen anymore plus I've already met a bulldog hey how'd it go honey well as you can see the game you didn't have to come yes I did especially after what your mom told me downstairs okay I mean I fully spiraled in a cemetery no you have a human reaction to a situation that was totally out of your control I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you when you needed me I love you I really hate when I say gift reserved pl Chuck and I'm so happy for you it's just hard for me to untangle that from how sad I am that I won't be going but it's not fair I've been thinking so I'm all about median - yeah but what if I could pay it forward helping you win I mean the quiz show know you've got that in the bag are you talking about the other picker come we're playing [Music] I'll take genius girlfriends for 200 Alex I don't know what's better the win or the law conference face we're gonna solve every mystery in Connecticut and we're gonna eat a lot of pizza for Brett's morning workouts so do not mention him right now okay and we're in this moment I just love getting you all wound up are you smiling just everything you're here I'm training my draft for Baxter brothers bug and Yale said yeah what did you could accept it into Yale and not tell me yeah I think I did Wow are you okay yeah no I'm just I'm just processing but I'm happy for you done I'm happy for you I'm proud of you really yes yes let me show you how much