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Please give me a cute Lovely once! NUNA! I love you taeyoung couldn’t do aegyo >_ Wake-up call Hyungjun Who is the hardest member to wake up in the morning? I'm sorry 010? Ah! this is my phone number? Minhee, I love you Ask Cravity! Questions asked by HamDangGuen. Q. what's cravity members auditon song in Starship? I'm.... singing a song named The Weekend - Party Monster, and Winner - Everyday Q. Who's the member that the most had aegyo in everyday? The member that had the most aegyo among Cravity is Hyeongjun, in everyday the aegyo the most... like that ye! Questions asked by wonjin-i mallangkongtteog jeil gwiyeob Q. If you could have one special ability to have, what will you want to have? I want to have ability to teleport. Anytime I want to go somewhere quickly I could go there! Q. Who is the best member for you? Minhee! Minhee, I love you Ouh, it's burdensome Questions asked by ttochi Q. normally what comic you enjoy? I'm type that reads webtoon a lot, there's webtoon named Love Revolution that I liked the most! Everyone, make sure to read that! It's fun! Questions asked by maltijeuwa jjokkopudeul Q. what's each member Taemong? I don't know.. Does one question end so vainly? Q. In 27th april when it's Allen birthday how with the members doing? give an episode about that! We did snack-party with Allen hyung, we had reaaally fun took behind # what's the reason seongmin say sorry? watch the video until the end! Questions asked by seongmin-a nado 03iya Q. Please give one word as the strengh to the fans to cheer our day! I love you! Questions asked by gwiyeominimo Q. For NUNAFan who live in a rough world Show me Cute, lovely, aegyo! Please just once Please put NUNA and call me once If you call me NUNA, I feel like I'm closing my eyes comfortably (Minhee : Please comeback!) Q. what's your favorite sport besides football? I like all kind of sport, besides football.. now running and boxing Q. It's seems Allen keep learning Koreans. I'm curious who's the member that teach Allen well? Questions asked by gwiyeomdungi-aelleon um..... i'm (thinking) It's like I often learns Korean words from Woobin, when I had conversation with Woobin, because he's often using hard word Q. what's the most thing you remembered after debuting? now that we debuted, did debut showcase, came to the waiting room together and with staffs, agency's staff we did sudden-party, that's the most thing remained in my memory. That day, thing about seongmin also remained a lot. Questions asked by seongmin-a yeppeuda Q. Our honey-like sweet vocal Ruby Woobin-ah! This time tittle track had many high note, is there any behind in recording? Like everyone knows there’s A LOT of high notes, but for recording I had to take care of my throat diligently in my memory often drank Bellflower tea and always drank honey-water. Q. Wonjin who always being fun-prankster! Is there any member that hard to fun-prank and the reason? Serim hyung is the most hard because I’m weak so Serim hyung wins. Questions asked by gang-aji gangssi gangminhee Q. Before in the past Minhee can’t put lens by himself, now could you put lens by yourself? It’s a pity I can’t, sorry! Questions asked by tong-yeong sonyeon nanhee Q. what you do when you had free time? Cravity don’t be sick, I’ll always by your side When we had free time, we practise!!! to give more cool side! Questions asked by gimtaeyeong bojogaeeseo salgosip-eunsalam Q. Show us your one side dimple! It’s so pretty when you smile. Brag it once! Q: What’s makes seongmin feel good the most by fans word? For me, when the fans wrote the words about all the cheers gave me strengh! Q. praising and talking about serim’s killing part in jumper and asks for any episode in recording a few members, but I did it, thank you, it’s a praise Questions asked by Jeongmoya olaeboja Q: Allen is more fluence in Korean more than Jungmo, so both of you comfortable talking in english? No!!! When Jungmo talking in english a bit embrassed, so we didn’t really talk in english, honestly^^ Talking in Korean is more comfortable! Hello! Questions asked by gujeongmo bab sajulge Q. Jungmo! Give me your bank acc number! 010-, ah? This is phone number? Q: Woobin is official chef in Cravity. What do you want to cook for the members? And what’s your favorite foods? My fav foods is pizza, tteokbbokki, and sushi. Foods I want to try cook for the members is *dalkbokkeumtang* it’s seems like Seongmin will like it Questions asked by salanghae ha wonjin Q: Wonjin, because of Covid-19 you couldn’t meet the fans, when you could meet the fans what the most thing you wanted to do? I really love you I love you too! first things I wanted to do is so many! But first I wanted to hear something! Our fanchant is little hard, right? I wanted to know how our fans did it for once I wanted to hear it! I love you! Questions asked by kkyuni Q: Because Minhee and Hyeongjun was friend, what’s the most best thing about hyeongjun? Oh first.... hyeongjun is so cute Ended? Oh it’s ended wow Q. Morning-call Hyeongjun! Who’s the member the most hard to wake? Nowadays it’s me because I woke up late i'm sorry...^^ Questions asked by dolemipasollosijyo Q: I want to see Taeyoung 3-set of aegyo. I really want to see it so I'm going to die taeyoung couldn’t do aegyo >_ Q: Seongmin what’s song you wanted to sing to fans? I wanted to sing Happy Birthday to fans because it’ll happen someday so first I’ll sing it ♥what's the reason ddeongmin say sorry?♥ sneeze :)