laravel vuejs CRUD Create Read Update Delete Part 1


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okay so he - you just said so and here again okay almost 8,000 yes okay so here we need to do the electrode operation so first of all okay we have a farm and everything's ready here inside our resources and then J's and then category okay now one someone at H and M H we have to get that image and store into this thing so here we need to test out get a greater chapter and H to just right so we have to give it away my friends here mhm okay and here are this top fives Fox zero okay we got the pile and we store into this now we also want to display this file so here we need to put eight like I do here we need to have an image and here it only if s plus together we particularly MH display let's look at this thing okay we tell you to have such spacing here so if we put a condition here like we left we have okay dot n H dot name because every image contain name so that's why it's okay would be don't have that thing now now let's use a file reader so wait we do it to you all later and pointer dot it even let's move Oh God and here we need to file this and the sift now we need to fire occurrence new category a meter display that SRC equal to we chart our vessel okay [Music] let's test this okay some reason parts of fun define okay so we forgot to put forth tips here okay now let's test it again we are not getting a match here there's says unknown yeah I think we also need to reject out will take top pol and we will pass tests are typically take up an image of the images but damage is too large I think so we can give up on the pixel 150 under strike one zero zero one it is good to go so let's copy this let's give it another glass of it I don't like soap or something and copy this close the surface s they've got this is this one more thing we don't need test these variables it's good maybe we'll use it okay okay okay class was not going to be okay okay let's cut this class back here and mhm this is fine now also every check HERE daily behavior fired and we don't have text so let's which yeah particularly this is fine okay now let's come back and we have to understand so here you don't remove this make it a think about I baked all here so what I will need here on this stuff category take that top name and copy this image and let's start gotta get it updated up mhm communal type H also responds to you or not oh sorry a weight and okay here we need to make a service so let's create a new service to take this and use also this touches and you will comport and I'm ready to be a vegetable pie from 52 the service we need to make a method export export function and I can show you data like category and 1080 p25 don't get a bond imposed and we have to post it let's check out our list this doesn't taste ok and you need to post it to police ok so we already have this because if we are using store here and answer store we have all these things we just need to obtain this and also we are making a base URL here so every its let's explain it because it will get the API URL from store and the store contained this thing so we just need to use this thing like the last drugs okay so categories and this this is fine so it is service it's a fake services and okay and now they start to say typically and we will hide the pass right after here and just and so response and we all know he'll just he'll have something that's okay now expect this like this oh this is not good not in English text now if you just emerge from HTML okay so okay we are getting into data and that's something like this so we can check in our network death and we don't have anything here you know what is the firm member stikat okay because we are not also to die here just a note here we choose an image and now yes we are getting a name category name and also the image so now let's do some validations so simple we can start our date and any definitive name it should be required also we get it at NIH and it can be a little bit tight required also image and you come up here check this anybody with this like put an arrow because we have parents now so let's just get these validation errors I said I have to degree we can make after off and lift big big and we can go up here like FL start ma'am so display