laravel vuejs Laravel Passport Scope Based Auth Part 4

so now we have to work on login registration so what did we need to hell some forms like registration form and login form and letter B will also work on forgot phosphor so I have this registration page to register a user also left right and we can get this login page from you and also the forgot password one so when I click here I can now go to inspect element or I can just simply click on right click and go to page source you have this one so from here I will need to have this [Music] and then up I'm here and two here so I will copy this but before these ever need to have views for it so let's go to resource and set our rear project folder we have a resource folder and then and said who use we have J's and then we use and then we will have to create another view here but better will be to use to make a new folder for it and let's name it application ok and here we will create a new view file and we'll say you just start off and we need to have a template fine and also we will need the help script here ok so we will have to pass those here ok I have already copied it from here so I just pasted here ok and now let's format this document yep don't know let's see let's say which I can work yeah this is fine okay this look great now now let we need to save this and go to a router and here we will need to create a route for this so let's create route and the path for this when you gesture and the name for this in order to gesture you want also the component for this coat and then in the same folder we will have to go to views and education and then we just okay and that is fine now we have to exec this so here we will just register and see anything here no errors not a thing let's go take yeah we have everything fine here with a certain feel okay so the fine here I'm just ready Lord that I don't know why but I just reloaded and it's all yeah okay this is register but if you see here we don't need this nail bar also this side bar here so we have to remove these from here and our we you we don't want to display everything here and because we have now login and register pages so what date will not be able to display it here and this router view because it already contain this header and the sidebar so we don't need this thing here okay so what we have to do we just need to make another router here around here and it will be a spot should be home for example and the name of this can be where say dashboard looks a home and we will display another component here and let's say we will make another view here to create a new view home their service and for now we will have to use that as our first component you just need to get this and change on home that view so this is this will be your man main component when it will put some sign and okay so we also need to make some children's or of this of children and then the children today and then the routes so I want to make these to be the children of out this home and and this welcome should be delayed if I'm here and let's put it here okay this is fine and I don't want any vote for any part for this because it will be displayed on the same pot the first one but the second one will be display on slash home and then categories there's just this and you see what we are getting here so when it will be visit to this route let's copy this bastard here and if you see we hold these things here so but we are not getting the dashboard here let's check this we have met as children and now from our F dot view we have to remove all these from here let us remove this and yes we will only pass it here but we will need to have some kind of table so let's put hands like this now let's save this and also this one very load this we are getting nothing here okay so what can be the problem so it is because we will need to have a router view here also and if that view about your view this one let's save this and reload ok this look fine now but we have not getting sidebar in this thing because because we registered these inside of F that view but we needed now inside your home that video so let's cut it from here and rest it here on and let's cut this component of check from here and paste it here ok this is fine now let's reload okay we have some problem here like can I find me - ok ok because now we are inside home I am and in the same folder yeah because we are not inside views so we have to go one folder back and then get these things ok now let's reload again ok test right now now once I click on category I don't get anything else because an hour sidebar if we look here an hour component and then sidebar we have just slash category here so we will need the whole or to have slash home slash categories so if we go peg the Lord and click on category so this is finds and we are getting it but - we are not getting any category I don't know why you know maybe we don't have any so let's add new category and let's add lecture he'll say wait yeah we got the category this look great now one will be click here we are not going to the dashboard because we also need to change it here inside our categories we have this and we need to quit - home ok and same way you know welcome we need to get home fine now once we the Lord and when we click on dashboard we are going to the dashboard okay and this dashboard is now not going here and because when we click here we have a clean bag so let's fix this and set our sidebar we have to get home now let's go back reload and yes this will not work fine okay so these roles are now fine okay so now if we look here what we have done we just well okay I will explain it but before that I mean I'd really want to change this welcome to dashboard okay because it doesn't make any sense now it should be a dashboard so capital D and also you will need to change it and our views okay so rename this to - would be you fine so let's just at one time and yeah our application is just working fine so what we have done here we just created another route with a part of slash home so it will separate the other routes like the home will only be used for the rich area for the logged in users okay let me have to give her some middleware that no one should enter to death roads whenever he is he has to be loved and otherwise we have to push him to the other house like login or register okay and we just created a children and we moved our normal route to be the children of this home now so what that is fine now every visit here to the register there say yeah you see the gesture now don't have any header no sidebar nothing else so that's look fine now okay but if you don't like this to be to be white and you wanted to give some color because you see it's played here so what we can do simply move to go to the register and we will scroll down and here we can use create it hook and and here we will just say the document dot quickly selected then body dot style and let's say and we can copy the background girl on this if you go to dance for tournament and I think yards copy this and here we will test it and then say now let's reload yeah this is fine okay so now let's create a register page so here when we click we are getting our register page in the same way let's click on control you copy it from here and let's copy and and now and authentication and then we have to create a new view file lock it down to you and let's paste it here let's format the document and we will need to use the same here and now inside our register we have this girl take so we have to remove to replace this on rotoview to link to login and it sticks to the login page and the class will be this one and we remove this from here and now we have to define a route for this also so let's copy this paste it here and this can be logged in to such also login that we know now that's the dot and once you click on the login page we are getting login page this is fine now when we click on this it's going to register and it doesn't exist here so we have to also change its spots and since this we gesture and the same class one here let's copy this and it will be registered an account except that's this this and let's check out this and click on register an account yeah this fine so what the links are okay now let's create also the forgot page so once we click on this one we are getting this and we copy the same code from here to the bottom this one and okay here in servant authentication we will need to create a new file it will be a template this formal document fine and here we will also use the same way to change the body color okay this is fine and here if you see we have to change this on the register so as in the login we already turn it so let's copy this paste it here and the login page we have to t have it inside which is two so let's go from here test it here and if you see here we have the forgot password and it's linked and remove this from here but let's clear out the link and it will go to reset password and its class should be this one and text should read this one also be more test now save it this one one but we also need the same wrote the link for the reset was were here to place it okay and what if we look here we needed also here okay now we have to create a router route for this one also so let's copy this and paste it here it will be reset and three ways that we you every wrote this okay if we click on power cut wall so we are getting the reset window and if we click on register we are getting there just a window if we click login you're getting the login what this thing you see this is not correct here because it should be let's try to just stop here if you click on forgot password so let's go back to the reset page and what we've done here okay we don't need to replace this one okay it should be like this I haven't reload yeah this is fine now so everything looks great but also there is no distance no margin between these two and here we have so let's go back and remove this I'm here now that's a load oh no not this one sorry this one okay these look great now and we can to the each fetch it okay okay so these are enough for this video and we have to do further in the next tutorial