octopot for beginers filling the octo sleeve by Octogrower




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[Music] hello Kyary warriors this is the doctor grower and we are bringing you another awesome video and this is going to be a beginning video on how to fill up an octopod the first thing we do is take our net pot and we're gonna open up the bag as you can see this called an octa sleeve or a gross sleeve I just call them bags mm-hmm you can see it's just kind of hollow in the middle there and with a hole in the bottom you take the net pot you're going to insert it into the bag you're gonna pull the bottom of the net pot down through the hole and the key here is you want to make it as centered as possible what I like to do is after I Center the net pot I'll kind of pull the bag up from - to ends and try to Center that and then I'll go ahead and set it back into the octo pot and see how it sits making sure the net pot is straight in the center and the bag kind of sits up and down then I'll take my scooper this is just a big eye scooper I got from a restaurant supply store it's like five bucks they're super cheap on you get them on Amazon you can actually get money eBay and I'll start filling up the the octopod with two scoops I'll go ahead and push the media down making sure it gets into the center bottom cup and I'll pack it a few times then I'll go ahead and grab a few more we'll go with three scoops like I said these big scoopers really cut down the time to fill these octopods now after I put the three scoops in I'll go ahead and pack it with a kind of a quarter turn of each of the bag I want to get the sides I want to get that media pack down on the sides real tight that way there's no gaps no creases in the lower part of the bag now this is important to do it helps keep when you're done if the bags even and keeps the you'll see he starts it kind of shapes like a tube and it keeps it kind of upright so I'll finish going round packing the each sides of the bag and then I'll go ahead and continue filling it with media the media we're using is promix HP that's sixty percent our forty percent perlite and sixty percent peat moss okay continuing packing the bag more media and we're getting kind of close to the top there get all that media I spilled will go put it right back in the bag and then we'll go ahead and just finish packing around the EDS and the sides evening out the media and as you can see this is becoming kind of a sleeve or a tube and you can see how the octo bag or the octo sleeve is is upright it's not going at an angle and that looks pretty good right there I kind of fold the edges over that helps when you're carrying the bags and about an inch and a half two inches and that makes it makes it back a little bit stronger so I go all the way around just basically give it a nice collar all the way around and now there you go and that's it that's that's all there is to packing a an octa pot or a knock dose sleeve it's simple and then we just pour our water in there looks like at the top that's a nice even pack if you go all the way around it looks like a nice cylinder so that's it I want to thank you guys for finding our Channel please hit subscribe and like and we will get you guys off to the next video and we've got a lot of videos coming up on octopods [Music]