she thought her stream was off WORST TWITCH GIRLS

[Music] hey there dad one two three here getting a little busy let me catch my breath [Music] there was something I wanted to show to you today in this video here I'm over here a little bit never quite reach real well so you know I'm trying I'm very bad here I'm trying my F with BAM I can't quite endeavor maybe just in this position of a right angle man a workout to sit down on right angle you had another one of me on the father need to make a rocket fire what nothing horribly it went horribly wrong in phone capture live on television in front of my eight-year-old boy Orient's Jesus Christ oh no is this gonna go on one of those twitch fail videos we that what you welcome everybody to an episode of something that is very near and dear to my heart okay for real though yes a hundred percent okay we've all seen twitch fail videos okay the twitch fail videos they're everywhere the nature of streaming live on twitch means that anything that happens will be live and captured forever okay and it's she thought she turned her camera off when wouldn't usually it's just like a girl walking off camera talking [ __ ] or something but they make it seem like it's something you think you want all the little boys will click okay it's really cut up I'll be honest with you and that's the purpose of this video is for me to whip out my soapbox and use my vocabulary okay guys my game vocabulary and I'm just gonna give Mele what for all right I don't like all these bad people corrupt in our generation of children's I write kids it's terrible it's terrible and it brings it here to my yeah all these women flopping around their titties okay what do I would defer I mean don't stop I enjoy it but the kids think of the children for real though it is a huge problem on Twitch kinda I think maybe the whole girl girl streamer thing but it's also like to fail the fail aspect of it the twitch fail thing with the click bait in the that was my intro there you see that thing where I did where I was like bending over and I was showing you guys my my rotund bottom you know it's what people do to make money these horrible sinners have found an area of gray on the great kid-friendly twitch platform and they've been poisoning the minds of our youth into it but first let's watch a bunch of videos of it happening in laughs my reaction will be priceless this is gonna be good trouble or if you want me to squat for subs that's another thing that's kind of weird I mean I'm not I'm not saying I don't sub to someone to see them squat but I'm also saying it's not good okay guys basically what I'm saying is I'm hypocrite doesn't leave a like if you're also a hypocrite everyone's a hypocrite twitch girl streamer oh look at that dance hot fails rage band rant problem money see for work oh my god which girl hot fails October they even have it's it's so common it's four months they have so many videos its monthly guys this is horrible this is horrible the children are being let's see the comments of this video I can tell you nobody was watching their gameplay performance I think you may be correct retro gamer it's like post Malone thought detected it's everyone's just talking [ __ ] beyond thought what the first chick tried so hard to get oh my god spank debt retro gamer dude retro gamer I thought you were on my side retro gamer see look they're working out this is what I was talking about guys this is what I was talking about push-ups for 10 push-ups look at that sub goals I needed 10 what a week I could do 11 right now alright for 5 subs you give me 5 subs I'll do 11 except I'll do it naked I'll do it right now I take my clothes off real quick 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 yeah I just did 11 [ __ ] [Music] I'm better than her in every single way she's this allowed honestly I feel like it should be allowed but is it should it be allowed though on on Twitch because I feel you know I don't know twitch I like games a lot I like watching people play games if I'm gonna let you lead an something a little bit different website like oh my god what the this is horrible so you look at all these these thumbnails I feel like none of these thumbnails are real but the reason I even make this video guys this is just a piece it I mean this is probably one of the worst videos I've ever gonna make and now I shouldn't say that actually they're gonna get progressively worse after this one I heard people talking about this on a podcast and like I heard some dudes talking about that and I was like you know what might be a good idea for a video twitch fail video so let's let's just let's look up just twitch fails okay just good ones let's see min I don't even care if it's min or let's see the top 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 15 16 let's just say all of them let's just say every single one of them is just girls I'm gonna use this platform I have to point out this sexism okay of these people internet fails is objectifying within women for the game okay all right dude but wait you could also say that the girls are doing it they're objectified they're giving women a bed but I don't know let's just see some titties ultimate which fails compilation 2018 how is that a twitch fail come what is this it's not a girl it's ten minutes long one two three four mid rolls bro I'm gonna I should I report this I feel like this isn't even legal the thumbnail is a girl sitting in a bathtub who even is that let's see if that's even in the video dog girl loses contact computer restarts got what Depp oh that's Greek god I love this guy he's funny go follow him on Twitter Swinscoe this was cold ones this one's got horns okay yeah okay I get yeah yeah okay Wow oh there is oh my god she's actually she actually did it poor men so easy to manipulate us really is we're so stupid honestly you this one here let's see this one okay yeah I'm good I'm good on that is this all Internet fails just this dude just has ever see he has a monopoly on it I see well suit which girl fails here we go let's just dope army that's a good name getting scare pranks I like that name a lot here we go the best twitch girl fails 2017 oh no was that a nipple can confirm no nipple I think this music doesn't fit by the way first things first here this is not good music for this guys this is bizarre oh no that was that one girl that's that one girl who's that girl's name Zoe Zoe burglar or whatever her name is Zoe Hamburglar she looks like the lead singer of Steel Panther Michael Starr so I mean honestly she's a little bit of a thought I mean I don't want a thought shame or whatever that's called or whatever I mean she seems alright I don't know she actually seems like she's a shitty person to be completely honest with you oh my god dude see that shouldn't be allowed on Twitch should it I feel like that's the girl I was talking about - measured me allowed I'm blurring that out I can't include that no one adds on this video I don't understand what the point of watching this is like what am I doing here what is this I mean what's the point of watching my video there - I mean I think I'm talking being entertaining right this doesn't seem as entertaining he's saying girl twitch trimmer fails oh my god look at the arrow see that was me right there dude that's me that's sex God one two three let's click on that 6 min rolls helliya an 11 minute video I want to see if I can put 20 min rolls in my video okay we got girls and yoga pants walking around do girls are square yoga pants all the time I really don't know what's going on here I'm not a girl so I work 80% of the time but honestly guys what am I looking at right now oh really dude for real Thoreau just it's just a girl working out for for money I don't like this okay that shouldn't be allowed that's really weird what the hell bro can I do that can I just go stream and make some money like 50 bucks just working out she thought she turned her stream if you didn't catch that she said that she just go [Music] that was insane bro that was actually insane dude I cannot believe that just happened they call it that live oh oh oh my good lord I'm going fool Daniel Radcliffe for the rest of this episode okay guys fool Daniel Radcliffe and no she's freaking out I don't like watching people freak out oh dude that's actually so funny how long does he do this for music oh my god that one's actually funny I'm not gonna hand that one up that one's actually good now guys look that guy's like nothing good not literally nothing at all good on that on that the rest of that whole video but wait there's this she dude she thinks she turned her stream off oh my god what's she about to do oh my god this is piquing my interest was she about to do what are you doing what are you doing what's she about to do my god is this gonna be saved for marking I hope this is gonna be safe for work in stupidest [ __ ] oh no mr. beast made a video donating money to attractive twitch streamers and the words of our great pewdiepie we should respect women lesser me mean I shouldn't say that you keep going on mr. beast you seem like a good guy you seem like a good guy all right oh yeah I don't care about RuneScape's at all to [Applause] escape runescape girl oh we saw a girl okay dudes drinking Windex [Music] okay so twitch saw this and they freaked out actually like every one of the shot freaks out because you just watch them skull and it's hi bottle of Windex or a ditty I'm just playing I'm playing I'm playing come on I'm playing it was it was it was Gatorade it was deep brother he's manis twitch girl videos I think um I think I should just you know develop a more monotone style and just be really boring and start putting six mid-roll ads in my videos make them 10 minutes at 5 seconds long just get clips of other people you know and just no facecam nothing just be like this guy this girl this man left his stream on drank gate Windex he's no longer allowed her to be he's a child hmm mole he scatter it inside of a Windex puddle was actually just getting it inside it would be sporting I don't really care about any of this stuff anymore honestly I'm I'm over the twitch veil thing I'm over the twitch fails twitch fails are stupid they're pretty stupid most of the ones I saw are not even really fails okay except for that one where she's on she finished recording but she didn't actually and she left it on and she just sat there and nothing happened anyways guys thank you all for watching this episode I appreciate it if you stuck around for the entire thing even though it had no point no middle no end nothing okay no story whatsoever the climax didn't exist actually it probably climax in the very beginning actually you probably climb actually very beginning anyways thank you all for watching if you enjoyed drop a like down below and I will see you in eight episode become asteroid boy and move to twitch alright just become Daniel Radcliffe basically so my body to people in the internet mole [Music]