the godfather best scene

don't I come out though I'll give you anything you ask they've known each other many years but this is the first time he ever came to the council I can't remember the last time you fight a mini house for a cup of coffee even though my wife was God my only child but let's be frank yet another one of my friendship they were afraid to be like that I didn't want to get into 12 oh he found paradise of America betrayed living please protect the general courts of law but now you come to me to say just last respect you have for friendship you don't even think to call me Godfather you said you'd come into my house my daughter asked you what justice that was not just maybe the Sullivan she suffers I'm gonna repeat well I said once what have I ever done to make you take my service was there he had come to me in friendship and the scum that wound you're done with your suffering this bright day and then by chance an honest man like yourself should make him be my friend look someday I'm gonna bei might never come out call upon you to a service come back they accept this justice as a gift that's