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Hey so ladies and gentlemen today we are here with a new gang member of the PI team we initiated him because we have to beat him in order to join the gang so he looks a little bruised up but he's here almond and today we'll be doing good through ashada nakshatra and finding all the details on sharda so and I'm pretty sure I will have I will also add Eve later on as she's not available did you some construction happening in her home but anyway so today I start with the new member almond baby la Buddha don't show us tell us about your you know experience yes thank you first of all a couple G and the full panel especially the full PI team and I can say today the wish would they was watch for this moment that maybe I have done some good Karma's for sure that I have given this beautiful opportunity so thank you for this opportunity so I made the slide on a very last moment and while I was making the slides I thought I would be the last one but it's just that man proposes and God disposes it's happening right now so let me share the few slides I have made on the rush hour on the basis of my observations okay on the basis of my interpretation okay you see my screen sir yes okay so do you throw shut up the universal star we all know that so here I have taken some of the traits the also the direction which I find it very interesting when I was going through my personal notes see we all know the ruling planet for this match a thrice son individual readership so the ashada seasons whenever the ashada seasons come the Sun marks is journey towards the South node and which is exactly the direction of this nakshatras well so I find it a very good correlation in terms of that so we all know the Dai T okay here are maybe edits of the daityas sociated but this is rich with a was the universal gods and the symbol is elephant tusks and also there is another symbol the plants of the bed animal we all know it's male mongoose so which has in the unit which has no female counterpart which I'm pretty sure doctor boy and the other panel team going to do the variable justice on the same topic so the Shakti behind that is the power to grant the unchangeable victory which is why it is also known as the invincible or we can also say they get the as it is the later part after the poor Bashara so they get the big tree in the later part of their life that also I have seen in many charts so 90 as I was mentioning the wish today was the universal God they desired victory can never be lost that that is one of their desire as well with this lecture so this was a very interesting while I was accumulating all the points from my personal notes so great achievements but through the Association and the Alliance's are done just like the in other words what we can say is the Alliance of the all Universal gods all the ten we should they was who work for the welfare of this world so which I fronted very interesting and that's what I have seen and that's what I'm gonna discuss in few of the examples in the latest lights mm-hm and also I was going through when I was going through in the bhagavad-gita it says rich food aim of us are at rest as it is at rest for group of divine gods including the vassals and Bhishma we all know is one of the vassals and the qualities of Bhishma the natives might some possessed including the self-control the restraint warrior nature as we all know Bhishma Bhishma he was one of the greatest warrior and we heard and the rigidness in the nature and also the marriage part is always here because of the counter what we have discussed in the animal symbology so they are very workaholics I have seen in my observation very persistent and just like the symbol of the bed if they lose their interest they get very lazy that also I have seen in a thrush alternatives so the Ghana associated with this nakshatras in when you ship the bill thrush order so ghana delta which are also known as Vishwanatha are the caretakers and the well doers of the human society that totally matches with the monition of this nut chakra so that also have seen they are not biased they are equal to the all the classes and the see everyone in equality I have few examples later on in the later slide so the good example we can take we all know Abraham Lincoln was the one of the most famous president of United States of America so the Grenada if the who led America through the American Civil War again the war which is associated with the food was shot and view through shutter so and he is also known for the abolishment of the slavery so all the leadership qualities because we have to see what is the ruling planet because the ruling planet will also have the qualities or the traits in the particular natives who are having the Parishad energy in them so again a couple G what I have seen in consistently in charts specially because one of the wish whoa Davis is also Sofia the truth that's what I have learned from the PI team so if a second Lord sitting in the second house with the thrush order they are the people who will say that tell me everything but it has to be truth that consistently I have seen if the second Lord is in the second house in dr. Raja de mercury sitting in in this in etcetera great consultant great advisors and I would say they are the best advisors because we all know what mercury is and especially the energy of Sun coming into this lecture a great uncertainty so good preachers leaders big rank officers they are very noble sharp intellect kind nature honest these are the some subtle points invincible just like the universal not real light charming and when when we talk about the charming part the the very good example comes to my mind is George Clooney and we also know the the issues which he had in the relationship and all Brad Pitt which is a very key and prime example of ultra Sharda so they are this is very interesting couple here they have of the Mongoose so now we can study how the quality of the animal comes in one natives like they have a very good stamina consistency just like the Mongoose and they are the greatest out fighter which I when I was doing the research for the bomb was like what are the qualities of Mongoose they're the very good of fertile they know how to dodge the competition and and the patience they have the patience as well but they they do not settle the fight like they fight until the fight is not settled that is the quality of the thrush I donated so they will fight until the last moment you said well like Charlie's success later like usually after 35 can you alive how what I was doing the research and some of the chart most of the chart I have seen the success more coming after the 30 or 35 years of age few examples I can think of there's Oprah Winfrey which is a really good example in there are Gandhi which which I have mentioned I think here in this length so in Vera timely the first length only the female Prime Minister of India married once who who has two kids and little got separated so the leadership qualities of the which would give us or of the son we can see in this next chakra George Washington again he needs no introduction the father of the George Bush Lincoln also correct yes the Lincoln yes a lot of saints priests Pope's are also seen in this next shot Reza and this is very fascinating couple G the last president of operat South Africa the federate clerk again the fighting cause for the Equality you this is the very big example for this nut sugar we can take off so they are the fighter for the costs so Sunil Gavaskar again he's a very famous ex Indian cricketer and the amount of centuries the amount of runs he had scored in the the Indian cricket academy it is like invincible but even though the way rightfully of the today's Indian cricket captain is that to another level so so these were some of the examples I have seen and also what I have seen as compared to the poor would shudder with rush other people have less dental problems where I have seen very sharply food which alternatives have more dental problems yes and again there is a because the poor vishuddhi is the good part of the trunk of the Lord Ganesha which is the second IT but one of the 90s is associated with this next era but or the another trunk which is associated with your asada is the complete one so what I have seen is the pure Shara they have they are more prone to the dental problem as compared to the other natives even though they might also have but this what I have seen close he have you also studied and observed this or in the divisional Charles were just the birth chart no big time in divisional charts the one of the biggest examples I can give on this is Floyd Mayweather okay because he's known for he's invincible yeah if you see his vulgar charts here I have not taken his chart for example in all the vulgar charts he is very prominent with Raja da but not in okay okay in the d1 his Purushotham but it all the Virgo charts he's consistent with Russia alternative so yes and that's where we have to I was planning to do another session with dr. PI to know the importance of next chakras in the world us where we lack the time good point good point couple tea and and also what I have seen one of my friend here in Canada he has a big drunk off off an elephant even though it's I don't know if it's legal or not but I was curious to see he must be having some planet in thrush Adam so when I did his chart ascendant and moon both no thrush outta here Wow so so yes this this what I made on a very last moment and also one of the remedies I think one can do you know thrush data in my opinion or in my interpretation is as Jupiter gets debilitated in this matchup in the Catholic on sign but in this Matata yeah even a small mistake again this I have learned from dr. fine even a small mistake if they do it got me it gonna be like a key pointer because it will have the expansion of masses onto them like something small can go viral online absolutely so they have to be very sure that if they follow any gurus or any mentors or the father figures be very respectful to them so this is one of the remedies I recommend especially if I say Jupiter you know thrush Aden etc and also if you see which is a little bit off the topic if you see the opposite nakshatra big really - thrush Ida again both the neck chakras are Jupiter inboard one is for sure the data associated with pusher is brhaspati and another one is uh nervous in the cancer side so rider's fatigue is looking at you directly and miss Nakata Wow very great observation so there are many but on the very last moment I I was only able to draft a few slits on this okay great so how about who wants to go next dr. pi everybody's me you no no that's okay mute so yeah thanks - oh man I think he's covered all the basics of Ashura and what I wanted to really look at I was just you know one of the aspects of ashada whenever you look at this is one point where if you look at the natural zodiac this is the place where the Sun gets Direction strength you know from Aries you go to the tenth house get the ocean strength so this is very powerful naturally Sun is powerful in the first house of Aries because it's exaltation point and next point is this is where it gets really powerful and that is one of the reasons that you see and I'm quoting from Wikipedia here of just bringing up Wikipedia and Wikipedia is what President of the United States of America okay and I'm quoting from Wikipedia swearing-in ceremony it says a newly elected president of the United States begins has for her former term of office on the 20th day of January following the elections and by region takes the oath of office during an inauguration on that day so what it says is prior to 1930 he's seven the president's term of office began on 4th of March but ever since 1937 every president is taking you know the oath and swear him in said many happens on 20 visits a GPS says if January 20th falls on a Sunday the president will be sworn in privately that day and their ceremony the next day on Monday which is very surprising you know why would they want to swear in the president if it is a Sunday in private and why am I looking at the swearing-in ceremony I know Raj knows the answer for this but this is very VDT because it's this is the day when sun is transiting the 20th I think it's the third father but 25 definitely the fourth father now do this because of this or is it acquired I don't know why did he choose the 20th of January yeah it's ever since 1937 it's always 20th of January and now the key is why if it is a Sunday he is sworn in privately Mendon on Monday they bring him in public and the swearing happens in public what is it about the Sun what is about Putrajaya when sun is transiting a powerful much like with Rosh Hashanah and that - every year it has to transit through the shadow 4th 3rd or 4th mother that is a day when it's translating football now why the first power and the food are very important others of Putra Shara because the key there is the first father is key because it is both a word Gautama in the mump ssin as well ok so there are only three nakshatras which become both our good thump sure which bar Gautama means if a planet is falling in that father it falls in the same Russia in the navamsha as well I'm talking about what Gautama with respect to the function see where Gautama concept can also be used with any I'm sure any word ago so you can have bottom up with the d-10 yeah I never go through mobility okay but whenever you are talking about Gautama actually we stop in terms of d9 in general but it can be with what you know the same concept can be extended to any other work that shots any of the different channels so these you know there is there are three nakshatras which are very key because those others become both work for tomorrow as well push for an abortion so one is Rohini next to the second father okay then you have who nervous ooh fourth brother and wash heart of his father these are the only three notches our fathers where they become very powerful and rohi not sure that becomes even more truffle Guney the either yeah Paul's in Capricorn yeah it's the first father is what Gautama of Porou Phalguni but there is no other father which can be both I'm talking about the pattern which can be both well Gautama as well as oh I see I see okay okay okay what okay so which has been you know it's double power so that's why I'm saying first father and put pada pada is also a good option okay so very key this thing okay so one of the other things which I think Amon is also touched upon which I've seen very prominently is something to do with the teeth because you know the neisha Lord Ganesha broke his tusk okay to write the Mahabharat so right so I have seen with Raja de can make you a very prolific writer people in writing or it can be an experience type they can also be you know in note-taking you know shorthand in everything they are very good at it but also because of the connections with the with the tusks as one must have mentioned I have seen very you know life-changing things can happen if something is happening to people so one of the things that I've seen is somebody who has a broken teeth and it is not fixed and if it is associated with your eleventh house or the lemon Lord or the second house and second Lord definitely they will have money related issues you know money doesn't stay with them or there is a lot of expenses that can happen so immediately fix your teeth related problems your dental procedures has to be done is strange because my wife has with RO chaga and as soon as she fixed her teeth three weeks ago out of nowhere we had no plans out of nowhere suddenly we're not planning to move out of state and suddenly he's worked out where were you know able to get a new home and then put this property on sale before that we were trying it just wouldn't work out and then I had given up on now by whatever happens happens she pricked her teeth within three days or four days suddenly everything just came about because new types of loans and stability or proof came into play through some bills and so now we can easily be approved and get a new house and put this on sale Wow yeah they were so there is a live example in your own house when you talk within 3-4 days I'm just like cuz I knew I spoke to some deep to him like and he's like yeah if she gets this fixed this and this can happen I'm like okay so she wanted to get that fixed and then literally it happened mmm literally just magic like just I'm like I had to give it up on the fact that I'll probably move it in a year to whenever we have enough funds and everything with no some of them can have a gap between their teeth sometimes naturally because when they young didn't put their clips on or whatever there is also loss of money usually money doesn't stay with them but if you Almon still they say the gap in the teeth brings about hurdles and finances I don't know if this is connected to a pressure on or not if it is 2008 rosada you can be even more more rich - okay not certain about that whole thing okay you know so and oh one more nut octopi and when you guys both when you see autre ashada in someone's chart prominent do they have to run through the Russia of those planets or will they find victory regardless if that catches even four years down the line for me what I've seen is during the activation based on transcripts as well I have seen okay if the hunter but that all the models won't come for sure yeah okay yeah but what do you have know is I use the three buggy and it was like a chance for me I use only three money yeah yeah but when I use three buggy I also use three buggy whether looking fat at the natal chart and never forget the caliper oh shut which means the cosmic man which is starting from Aries so from Ares but following the following yeah exactly and in your chart where it was falling and on top of that I also put three body hello cliff very clear indications of what it is oh very clear so you these has three layers I use them as freely as so it's given me brilliant results now muchacha de also what I've seen is because muchacha de kind of encapsulate a lot of his predecessors qualities as well which means all the brain you know the previous nakshatras all those qualities are kind of wish which way that's was that was the name given which what they was which means universe cigars the ten universal codes and all these ten universal gods the qualities are coming from so this is one master which it encapsulate the energy of probably all the other much it was behind it which means this is the twenty first one shuttle so almost twenty nakshatras it in capsules s why it is a very powerful much it gives you you know invincible victory unchallengeable victory right and let us not forget this is one part of the zodiac where between you know who - Hara and Shah Mohammad cetera that's where a widget you know yes and that's one thing that is it waiver other Jim what you say job but I do send this life yeah this aid waiver because earlier Vega is the start Lyra is the cross and digital translation and what they say is it was not Shri Krishna during Mahabharat there's a mythology behind it or it's a folk or whatever you can say the folklore goes that you know the cow was actually approached Sahadeva ahima was one of the best-known astrologers of that time and he knew everything about the outcome of the Mahabharat so the reason actually goes to Sahadeva and he says when should I start this war so that we become victorious and here comes the true nature of astrologer and the duty of an astrologer okay he said begin the war in a widget nakshatra and is operating during that day you will definitely be successful and fortunately Lord Sri Krishna overhears this conversation which means are ever okay and duodenum and you know Sahadev us on this side okay he's with the Pandavas is one of the brothers but then krishna runs to him and says what have you done you know why would you want to tell him you know what is the secret of winning the war but so they ever say is he has approached me for consultation as an astrologer not as you know somebody who so I don't see him as an enemy I see him somebody who's come to me genuinely asking for you know for a consultation reading and I've always have to give a truthful answer and I think this is one classical example where you know you could be the next Raja but you always have to speak the truth well now somebody's improve you so that is why the story was the folklore goes that you know Krishna actually you know blew up the whole star widget so that there was no constellation there and he could never start a war and then some of them say he also created up an eclipse during the widget murder so that you know they lose the object mode by that day so that they could never be victorious okay so this is the thing with a beach it's coming there as well as an intern carried on ships run we never use them we use it and more hurt the system but definitely when the Sun is there it can be very powerful that's why I give you the example of the swearing-in ceremony why sweating in a store so that's the fourth brother of the first cut off yeah it would be exactly it would be almost a third in the fourth but I think just crossing over between the third and the fourth brother Oh the fourth father Teixeira is a widget I see all of and some portion I think it's 115 yeah 120 I will talk about it I have some slides on there so you know also what I've seen is this I've always said people that I this is my one of my favorite not for choosing anything to start something new because there is a very strong it's all been aged and I always starts any of my courses in the past I used to start on my sister because it's a very good thing because Ganesha is considered to be the order of beginnings and the third is to all kinds of new beginnings I apologize dr. Eve is trying to join so I'm just telling her okay so another thing with ishara which I'll quickly wrap up because there is other panelists as well one of the other key things it's a ruiner remember it's ironic you know Roni and all the cumin etc our tarantulas would trap oh sorry sorry yeah you know become Cheverus peers but all the matras and Roli nakshatra become ceramic shatters Stila means drew a means fixed so anything that you begin on the Butera and royal in a dress usually give you you know prominence and success for a long period of time so just like oceanic chandra otra Shara is another luxury which can bring you permanence in Indonesia oh hi welcome your mute she's mute and I think she is she knows me and accordingly Mao Zedong Luke can you guys hear me can you see me I don't know what you're seeing huh this coming right here yeah okay okay great okay please continue sorry to show up late no worries and one more thing what I've seen is this is a upward looking - it's called the right man it gives you long-lasting fear in activities that you do choose any activity you start during the mode of Chora you know against except for I think my marriages I don't think is a good match it will begin because of symbolism of war again gently the other thing exactly so you don't want to [Laughter] [Laughter] ultimately us house I mean your wife will have the invincible have the final yeah I have you in a single board you will know it you know whenever you win the word have you happy that's real with true Amy so let's go back to a shudder now with Raja da is also another secret i degree will brush shut up if you thrash harder nakshatra the moon transiting with Raja de ever falls on a full moon because one is associated with if it falls that is a very powerful day and especially if you want to begin anything when it is a full moon and it's a shut up definitely it's a great day to begin so 15 TT or full moon is you know it's usually associated with rush era and one more thing what I wanted to add this is anything that you do here can give you great permanence and it can also give you a lot of willpower and firmness you know because of his predecessor which is poor washe had a various the first week this is the second victory and what I have what I have noticed is whenever the planning was being done the planning by the keys were done whenever it is mood and etc you know very secretive very hidden I know like activities moolah and to the lethal strike put er put in to watch Radha okay because they would think that the enemy by surprise and by whenever the moon comes into a Shara they would have you know actually won the battle or they would have you know so it was more of a victory for celebrations as well of the victory okay and I we'll just add a victory that's where Alan was seeing more success coming after 35 the later exactly becoming victorious true and if there is a connection it doesn't mean only outer third of your file sometimes if there is a connection with the seventh Lord for the seventh house then after marriage sometimes with 10th house 10th Lord then when your first job you get that off that you can also get 15 house to be the birth of the first child successful start over here we have to just look at 35 and above but that's the liquor you know you can just say 35 in above but I'm saying generally it is after the activation happens will treasure like you said first now Jupiter is there or the fifth floor is there after the first rains but you see I mean I think these were some of the points I might have more points but I will definitely but yeah I want to say one more thing the problem area what is the dump I mean the shadow side of this or the pros and the cons the the shadow side of this lecture is they have a feeling that I am The King and I don't care what other people think about me okay it is huge because one for a fact Putin Chara people are very multi-talented and multi-skilled so they know that they matter so when an organization we think the rest of them are donkeys in he is the horse now the best way to really massage the ego of Rada is to go and tell him yes you are a horse and the rest of them are donkeys I put him in the donkeys with you let them behave like horses now with you so what do you do he's thick he takes a leadership and he will pretend in front of the client that I have got you know six more horses with me and on a seventh horse smart but if you tell them if you really don't pay attention to him he will go to the clients a look all of them are donkeys behind me and I am the only horse here okay so what happens in organizations you actually give them six donkeys and one horse and you tell them even use seven horses now you pay us for the seven horses now chill you know these hearts will be proud of it here we multi-talent him but if you give him a pat on the back and say I know your hearts in the restaurant keys but please take care of other donkeys with you and he will really small the other donkeys to behave like horses in kind of attractive I I think it's a very crude analogy I'm using but that is how it is just murdered a king's horse and he thinks that he knows it all okay Eve I know you have a very busy schedule happening so how about you fares your insights come and listen for a little while longer by the way huh man listen for longer please sure and I just wanna thank you for getting getting me beautiful real Cuban cigars so there is one thing I would like to interrupt while dr. pol was explaining this I just heard the noise my son was saying that I'm having tooth pains - mama Wow look at the omen Wow so I just mention them if there's any if there is any connection with your within your charter your son shot with the 9th of the fifth oh then I think you better get a mediately no I think his tooth is coming out so because you know I understand but I'm saying if there is a connection in your son okay when you said this was another open the open was he said look I've got what I've got look here what I've got is Cuban cigars again instantly I got the idea of Fidel Castro very strong pressure Oh Irene's ok multiple partners ok if you really read about Fidel Castro you can try second thing longest-serving dictator one of the longest-serving dictators of the world ok lived a very long life he always had a cigar in his hand cigar is ultra Shara very strong with swathi of course if there is some connection with swathi and because you wanna know something yeah I'm right now in the better of a planet who is in there you go and that's why you so much that planet started I started loving cigars for no exactly that's what I'm saying cigars is but of course you need to have another connection as well with a ragout not retro or anything but I'm just saying cigars is very varied so just take the example of Fidel Castro you will know who treasure are completely the Cuban dictator one of the longest serving yes you'll never see a picture of him without a cigar in his area and multiple partners in this life so this summarizes all transferred of you ok who would like to go next there's no choice Ethan because son depend togi remaini San Diego's last who is the next logic logic mathematical logic and togi is going going for sure so know what man how are you we're a great professor ok good did you do that homework yes sir ok good okay hooked Raja that is my presentation as usual I'm a presentation style guide it's a Sunday the day of son discussing about Raja the nakshatra officer and my I'm living in a temporary home where Internet is very unstable sometimes it goes sometimes it comes I don't know but if it goes just let me know I can repeat it again it's very unstable unless until I get my new place which will be in few few days okay so let me know about it because it's just fine right now okay yeah sometimes it's fine and then suddenly it will for up thirty seconds and all it will be having an issue okay great I think dr. fire ramen has already mentioned about some key concepts of Raja Dahir some brainstorming session but I will be having some quizzes and all for you and you have to answer those if you don't answer that's all you have to pay me $100 five ready so trash addict shot relies in from Sagittarius 26 degree 40 minutes to Capricorn 10 degrees remember it's a half one full pot goes in Sagittarius the 3/4 part comes in Capricorn and Sun transits the washer on a chakra every year from 11th of January to 24th of January now I am I don't know why I have written 24th of January and 24th here 2 times 24th of January every year so that's the time when the Sun goes a doctor PI did mention about procedure USA presidential elections warning in ceremony which happens on 28 January so exactly when the Sun is going in dr. Shara nakshatra and more ever more details I will talk about it at the end when I will talk about some festivals and other things I will talk of detail much more on this topic so with Raja Raja Star constellation the Euro guitar of Russia is called the monkey or the Sigma Sagittarii and it exactly comes at Sagittarius 18 degree 32 that's where the yoga Torah of the Sutra and action paralyzed so remember Russia nakshatra goes from Sagittarius 26 degree to capricorn 10 degree but the yogacara is basically at Sagittarius 18 degree which falls in the curvature on etcetera all this poor version of raja share amana you will see that there are some yoga thought of faults my different zone and that's the concept of unequal division of nakshatras which set of people sometimes later but remember that thing okay so this is the more detailed view don't worry all the images are layer label for you so much to not be a problem so this is the asaji dearest constellation what does this look like you see what it does some of the teapot on the spout of the teapot here it's the handle here is the the the mouth of the teapot and this is the milky way that exactly it's looking like the steam coming from the teapot its length of Milky Way I was giving planetarium talks to my students on the other day and I was showing them because right now we have the Saturn transiting Sagittarius and also Jupiter essence for pure and on moola stars and EH dah stars upon J star star basically h10 move apart region of the sky so ever stand talking them how to identify the Sagittarius and its nice teapot looking here okay but anyway so lucky star I had no picture where this is if you see the diagram you can clearly say what's the pressure ah people will be like this is actually a percent or of today's Sagittarius as a Centaurus half horse a few men and then human is basically holding the arrow and and finally trying to lose it this is the base this is the end of the arrow this is one hand out the person and this is the other hand this dagger monkey so it basically is shooting the arrow and then this behind back hand is basically where the Sagittarius Raja star nakshatra yogacara lies Oh any what can you think what can be the so with this image what are the different attributes you can connect with Raja nakshatra hunter Warren hunter war goal-oriented I think all the plants are chopped out following the wisdom maybe absolutely like he knows the plan it's just like the last step the last step is to release the hand and then the arrow goes hit that target mm-hmm so that's also of course also it's it's very the final part of the execution so final control and rate ready to shoot all the gold is fixed the plans are chopped out and only the final step is to be executed that is something you can take out from that on the desk from the figure etcetera so these are the attributes of of pressure on a chakra and the lecture itself were final victory and also you know all them so beautiful plants are chopped out goal is fix and all that comes included wada and it's last step of execution I feel that whenever a rocket is sent out the last step then you really launched on the final button maybe that is dr. Asthana chakra anyway I mentioned about this this fascist inline portion of Sagittarius translation and expense till Capricorn but the effect and but the star is in the Sagittarius constellation though thrush and Asha Parekh goes from end of Sagittarius to beginning of Capricorn now they saw something very interesting that I was looking the movie star they say in ara it is all tani all sir Satya I don't know I'm not saying it correct or not but but the name which is like second returning of ostrich ostrich example is coming a lot in this with Raja when I know what are the attributes of ostrich if you understand it has got powerful long legs Cape able to kill human or even a potential predator like lion with forward kick so powerful long legs so I was thinking about an ostrich a jewel animal and I don't know whether it's in my next slide or so when I get up a powerful long next I thought about a sport and I was thinking what is that in some personality which is Cristiano Ronaldo and I was thinking about whether he has got something because powerful kick and all those ostrich powerful kick and I was thinking whether he has got a neutral nakshatra immediately it came out that Jupiter was enchilada nakshatra of course his son and Mercury was in Shaba nakshatra so entire Capricorn a chakra has got really three planets what is Capricorn a chakra so you represents in the body which part means nice leg part and you know how important legs and knees will be for Cristiano Ronaldo so spend some connection with ostrich I don't know whether he is here because I was also something African countries ride on their back and I know that was it we were discussing some some time back about Russia nakshatra and Africa I remember ah she is here but when she sees maybe I will ask her to talk about connection of Africa with Raja maybe Sundeep can talk about it son do you remember that we had that conversation few months back about pressure and except Ryan Africa how they are connected yeah I think we use your sushi refined if you remember you said some connection of of Treasury with African country it was Africa I guess can you hear me okay yes yes with the exploration actually I hate to say Luther azshara is very heavily involved in colonization okay yes dad's actually more of what I was referring to um there's another thing you know 22-inch okay I just wanted what eve actually told us once she must have forgotten but I remember it very clearly she said and this I also confirmed in my own research there is as I said the Sun you know is very very very directional strength is very powerful dead she said yes [Music] so yes yes dr. that is correct as far as locations are concerned and if someone's asking you about relocation and thrush charter happens to appear you will see arid hot dry climates also archeology is heavily excavation archeology colonialization some of these kind of very organized attitudes towards conquering how do you colonize the people how you collect their artifacts I mean I know this all sounds quite negative but a lot of this is very you throw a shadow driven activity museums specifically the Capricorn side you could say that would be linked with Shravana as well but but you will see these these kinds of things and to further add I mean political side our US elections used to be held under part of a blood drop otter soap or above the body used to be when the inaugurations would happen and I believe it was after Lincoln that this stopped and ever since then it shifted to it shifted to Luther ashada and the very strong reason behind that in muhurta this nakshatra has said of course to be fixed invincible but I the work that happens under is a very extremely material nature not that who through shotta can't be what we term is spiritual I know absolutely there's a link with Ganapathy there's a link with extensive extensive literature writing poetry those kinds of things languages higher knowledge higher learning institutes and there's even something with medicine where you're choosing this for my heart though where the medicine will be successfully delivered okay so so it is a it is a very powerful nakshatra it's not bad or good just because I'm speaking about colonization which I could say a lot on but but when you do choose this nakshatra to do an activity under do recognize that it has the power of materialization and and this is one of the reasons why you have to be very careful when you put an activity in motion through this it can be it can have a very powerful result it can even borderline on domination it's a very singular nutshot throw - it has a lot of I'm not talking about the people please please do understand that when I'm speaking about this I'm not analyzing anyone's personality the the old Vedic culture didn't really dwell that much on our personalities they could care less they didn't find us that interesting it wasn't very psychological it was much more it was much more factual it was much more about the timing to perform a certain action it was more utilitarian to be honest any ritual that was performed was quite utilitarian and speaking of utilitarianism this nakshatras extremely it's about tools how to make something effective but it also this is this very singular focus now someone with it in their horoscope you've got to remember the horoscope is a painting so every nakshatra is gonna come into play you may have some prominent planet into a shara and not have a personality of a conqueror at all because it's there's so me there's division there's Vargo's there's there's there's the time period you're running where the agraja that is in charge of your Dasha boopie those two grahas are going to dominate your nature so never listen to one of these videos and just think oh you know this doesn't fit me or it does fit me and this must be Who I am you know such things can never define a human being changes what our one constant companion will will never just stay stagnant you'll always be changing with butI periods right so just ether ashada itself as an extra the abode that it is the power that it holds is of a very singular heroic nature and it gives the ability of a person to singularly organize a space conquer an area achieve something in work dominate another individual which is more of the negative use of this this power but think about the animal-related it's a mongoose does everyone know about a mongoose is so a mongoose will seek out a cobra just to kill it the cobra didn't do anything I've seen numerous videos the Cobra won't be doing anything I'd be minding its own business it's not threatening anyone it's just kind of cruising through the the land and and you'll see this Mongoose it just wages war you know it did and they're very quick they're very effective they go for the juggler they go for the kill so this is this is that effective side of this I mean the snake has no chance usually it's a very among this very very efficient killer murderer so when you do think about dictators when you do think about organized organized colonization of an area of a land the domination of politics the the will to be successful you can also apply these things in a more I guess I don't like words like elevated because I really don't want to encourage and you want to try to transcend their human condition I think we need to hold on to our humanity so that we can help others I don't think we need to become divine or this or that I I'm not like but I need to use the word elevation in the sense that you don't want to bind yourself to these kind of actions these kind of actions that get you more entangled in your own misery give misery to others just it's a very practical thing I'm speaking up so the more detached honouring of this nakshatra would be excuse me I'm recovering from a call would be to to focus on things that you would like to accomplish for yourself that have nothing to do with anyone else this is why this chakra is not necessarily good for marriage it's not necessarily good for compromise those things in our life that we can't compromise right there's things there's there's value systems there's things that we want to achieve there's things that we want to implement that we don't really need to consult other words for we our own autonomous leader in those areas of our life this is where the timing of the throw show that can really help us because we can choose to commence an activity let us say a Sadhna excuse me Asad now under this activity commencing studies that are that are for our own individual own individual world that we are in charge of choose this nakshatra it should commence your activity on this nakshatra those things which involve compromise diplomacy and it's funny that our government doesn't inaugurate I mean the inaugurates under this next shutter because it's much more of a dominant energy than it is a compromising energy or diplomatic energy is highly intelligent so anyone highly intelligent has the knowledge of diplomacy but this next shutter is is not where that energy lives this is where Jupiter debilitates right you guys know how I feel about debilitation I I think the whole terminology is messed up and all of that so I don't want to further the belief that Jupiter's gonna perform badly here but what I will say is that Jupiter's nature his diplomacy his ability to compromise his ability to consider others where it would push a cancer the heart of cancer you get emotional intelligence there you get a deeper patience you get the the love of a mother there which a real politician should perhaps adopt of loving the people as their children when you get into it the ricotta it's definitely much more singular so this is where you get the tricky side doesn't mean Jupiter's going to perform badly there at all he can be even quite political but he'll be a little more ambitious and once again I'm not talking about the personality of the individual yet to consider everything in the chart but Jupiter himself may operate just a little bit more out of ambition than he will out of concern for the welfare of others so this is it's it's just that little subtle difference but we all have a need for autonomous existence for individualism even if we're married that area that we don't have to explain ourselves to anyone that we don't have to compromise and in this instance invoking the the the energy is available in this nakshatra calling them into your commencing an activity that you would like to be successful that is self oriented you could not pick a better nakshatra now here's another thing definitely look at Terra Bala when you're considering your Horta when you're considering commencing any kind of activity whatever it is some nakshatras that are auspicious for certain activities may be inauspicious for you as an individual so you want to check that and you you want to choose the next best best fixed singular nakshatra for that activity most of the time if you throw shotta is bad for you in karbala all of the sun nakshatras are gonna be negative so this is you want if you want to pick a different graha you want to I'm speaking of Dasha Lord the vimshottari dasha Lord so if with the ricotta is not your best graha and Terra Bala like if it falls in night now or vada position which is the seventh position you may not want to pick this sharra now in Terra Bella as well just quickly then I'll let someone else take over be very careful with that too because there are rules it's not always from the moon if the lug no Lord is more powerful than the moon you need to be counting your your Terra Bella from the lagna Lord if the Laguna itself is more powerful than the than the lord of the lord of the first or the moon then you also want to choose the lug nut so you would count the star from there you can even count the tar Bala from the Sun it's a little or the optimum article so that's the way you can that's all guys great I just like what Yugi has said that when it will be think of to prepare interpretation we think that the life we're gonna get do so the example which I was using earlier the Floyd Mayweather which is one of the best example I can use for this nakshatra you will be surprised to know I was just checking over the phone in the d9 and the d-10 chart of his Jupiter is in Akasha I mean gee let me mention this actually look at the road Shara for Jupiter is a very successful material placement so the old version of exaltation for Jupiter the reason why is Jupiter the highest benefit do you think it's the Vedic culture really thought that being a material person was the highest value system no they had they had what we call spiritual values right so what you're saying you're gonna see you're gonna come across many charts where Jupiter is so-called debilitated to new throw shot and the person's worldly power is immense and their effectiveness in the world is immense any what you said about the date d-10 I I would encourage all students to check the d-10 it's a lot of times when you get Vargo them in the d-10 like you're saying that's an excellent observation Daniel you'll see something very specific about that d-10 is a very important Varga but yeah this is this whole thing about Luther ashada and Jupiter or Virgo and Venus or Sun and Libra you name it those but those positions can actually grant you the worldly side the the material side of that graha very well I mean sometimes much better than its exaltation point so beautiful thank you yes wanted to add that the function reading that I've done on YouTube and not even using the birth chart my teacher Eve about how the SAMSHA is the obligation to society and how we truly behave outside versus competing in our Burchard even the bombshell so she's the person oh I didn't know you did that you feel I'll have to watch it yeah I know the d-10 is incredibly he's funny we're speaking of detail you throw a shot of right we're speaking of a kind of similar because it's Russia and naturally would fought the cap which were inside of course that tent house moving towards the zenith but ether ashada is an extremely strategic nor chakra and it has a lot to do with the world it has a lot to do with things that we need to be successful in the world tools that we need to be successful is extremely as well this line makes very good writers things you know people who are very good storytellers in some instances but the d-10 of a back on that point just briefly it's very important to look for the lord of the first lord of the tenth and then anything in a Kendra and but it's interesting cuz once again you'll see debilitation they're just like almond G said which was such a great point sometimes those planets do much better I think if you guys check Steve Jobs I believe his Venus is debilitated in the detail in the with can do or say I might be wrong I haven't looked for a minute and I've seen so many charts recently um but there's someone who when they ran the cycle that was one of their best worldly cycles it was debilitated planet so this is this is all it all it all needs to be understood properly but there shotta for Jupiter is quite powerful actually I'm actually I'm thinking of someone right now who have I know who has Jupiter knew that our shotta in the fourth house and they're a great counselor a great adviser there were there would success very very successful in the world as an advisor yeah so it didn't hurt that quality in Jupiter at all hey you know and the maximum debilitation of Jupiter yeah oh it's exact this person has it at the fifth degree yeah yeah and they're very powerful as an adviser they're a writer and a cop yes yeah so so yeah we just have to be careful with our analysis on that because the debilitation Luthor ashada also deals with doubt it wants hard facts it wants oh you know uh Swami Vivekanand excellent example of Rashad uh you know how he went to Ramakrishna and he goes I I don't experience this so I can't believe it this is Jupiter is a graha of faith so cancer is a more faith-based priestly sign Capricornus couldn't be more opposite Sonny any of Sonny's signs he wants the fact he wants the real experience he's not content with the just the feeling he wants to know it he wants to own it he wants to make it his and an ether ashada could not be more of a more of that kind of force so Swami Vivekanand one of the most celebrated Saints that we know today is a heavy throw shotta individual so he's an excellent sample he was quite autonomous meaning that he had his own way of doing things very powerful speaker very influential and and very honest I would say about his doubt very honest he wasn't shy about it he wasn't trying to be spiritual in a fake way you know he wasn't putting on the clothes to be fit he he asked ramakrishna he said what is this you know you're crying like a baby he says mr. Ramakrishna at one point say how can you how can you be spiritual you're crying like a baby you know he he had this relationship with Ramakrishna that you would almost think was irreverent but it wasn't it was the highest kind of love because it was so honest and the bond didn't get challenged by Swami Vivekanand by his abrasiveness because Ramakrishna knew how genuine genuine it was um so this is a this is an excellent example of Rashad and it's an excellent example why we as Joe Pesci's need to be very careful before passing judgment before we you know think something spiritual and something is not something is egoistic and something is not you could say that Swami Vivekanand was is so-called egoistic by challenging his guru that way but was he is that really is it really you know it's it is of course everything's a hum car everything's ego everything's identity so the nakshatras definitely color us with a with it without their personality we're so insignificant in a way where we really are just drops of a notion a bit larger ocean and you can see it so perfectly expressed by how the code of these nakshatras they stamp us with their with their personal brand even someone as great as Swami Vivekanand was under the stamp and the signature and the brand of Rashaad ah I mean when Yogananda was born around the yogacara of prasada which is really yeah even my issue machine my dolly portavoz shadowed Rashad are very common and for Saints right yes Baba was he pour votre sure whatever yeah yeah both portable and ultra they both have this discernment as well you notice that um you notice that OSHA's whole thing is he wanted to he he couldn't stand the false piety and the oppression of saying that spirituality was only goodness was only virtue so he attacked it and this is what Porter bachata new throw shot are very good at at attacking so there's there's a place for you know real scientist is gonna lose all their modesty they're gonna lose all their care for what other people think and they're just gonna see step it's the truth that they're after right so I love the example of Swami Vivekanand because I think he's a baroque treasure our ninth house the yoga Terre Haute Rashad is in Sagittarius 1990 I'll phone the night house philosopher society all should come in this nakshatra was also called as Ishwara did anybody new in the it was called as Ishwara and let me tell you another thing about this very special nutshell and the connection with mongoose mongoose in sanskrit is called as Nakula hula and she was another name is not cool and Anna cool and is also a reference to the son of the espheni kumaras and he was not cool in Sunday and is supposed to be the most and dynasty proud about it and you know that the connection again see not cool means Mongoose and let me tell you Mongoose is also associated with kobera that says you know the golden Mongoose so that's why you see this can bring you even spirituality but it can also bring you that's what you know we start with spirituality and also to show power did you know hundred Rolls Royces why do you need hundred Rolls Royces and he act we had agents would give them instructions that this month I need to have this much of collection so it was very clear when trees look at it he had very clear instructions to his agents say he's one of the most I think in modern times I've never seen such an intellectual extremely photographic memory and he could really memorize about I think you know five thousand books he had it here extremely well-read he was a professor and he was very good subject Oh his translations that some didn't he do that a Sri Vidhya Haider of Tantra and the translation is immaculate it's immaculate yeah that's the that's the thing Udrih shadow does by the prolific writer aspect of it and and what you were saying about the memory as well I actually had a dear friend in India who was heavy with the ricotta and this person could recite any book in his library whether it was Farsi Marathi or Urdu Hindi any poem he could just recite it he used to just hand me books because he knew I was also a nerd he was amazing his body and his ID and intellect himself good so that's why you see the connection and that's why did you know that any elephant who has been hurt then I think even after 20 years somebody comes he remembers they also get revenge doctor piety I don't know if you know this but they will actually like if another animal is bothering their child they will go make an example and kill the baby of that other end in front of it oh is very yes they will go like squash it you know like no elephants have tempers they have yeah it's so you can see the connection there too with a throw shot of the knot that if they're ashada has a temper temper I would actually say it's quite moist it usually has a strong posture right quarterbacks got a - there's a strong posture - posturing to it but yeah so yeah this facet not the whole part of the elephant exact you look at the whole chart of the person that's exactly it I know it to be so careful with that I know everyone would like this quick answer though I have Mars and Leo what does it do Mars and Mars inform you just can't do it you just it's like taking one part of your car and in saying you know I'm this you know like this one like part of the engine right um doesn't work that way you know I've also seen the same treatment Bernie's they never forget what they were yes gravity Barney both elephants and so even after many years they remembered what happened and they will never forgive it's very difficult for a Bernie and everybody anybody's are still forgiving because the last much yeah smoke show elephant statue right there or the yeah whenever I had that painting on I felt so lethargic and heavy and as soon as I remove the painting mother arctic mess just went away I felt heavy like in the middle of the day I would just feel like to sleeping all day and you know what it must not be the right energy for you could tell what they could feel the does it was just like a breath I took a breather yes like some people do very well with having like images of serpents in their homes other people will not some people will do well with owls owls there's a lot of superstition around some people will do very well having owls and their homes other people will know boosts [Laughter] that's the best answer to everything that often I am very depressed here I don't get proper Indian storia did anyone speak did I miss it did you speak on the Vishwa Devas did anyone speak my next slide what we should say was so maybe I recall you for that oh no I was just curious I actually wanted to learn I wanted to listen because um there's not an I mean you can say it's all of the Vedic duties sometimes they'll say it's all of the 33 I've just seen so many different interpretations of it that I was just curious if anyone had spoken on it yet the ideas and the yeah the vices yeah so I will never hear some link with paravasu as well because it's also across from Pune Basu a deep deep mother of yeah so anyway I just oh there we go because it was 33 parking pawl which consists of 8 was 211 rubriz to allow the tea as Prajapati and guess what so from the books of Rajasthan 8 plus 11 1941 does participants particularly that when they were kept over because it was explaining how they used to save God so my adult ambassador so that tells us that how they were fighting with these are Suez so the context of fight comes on they are also good in keeping secrets because they were not allowed to say about how soma was protect water and they work together so that means something like team environment work is good policy of Russia are niches for jesh now it may be an issue because in dry and all but Rasheeda team environment can be a good team to take upper berth continues over so these are the things which the scenario one can understand about the politics of what did you hear about what did you hear about day one are you asking me well I very similar things I would have listed the same characters sometimes you'll hear once again is the 33 vedic deities I've also heard references to it being a manifestation of Vishnu himself you know that connected to the Virat Swarup right that was shown to our June so I was just curious what you know people were gonna come forward with with that because that's very interesting too because it was so intimidating to Arjuna that he had to ask of course for him to to stop we begged him to stop so it's that it's that place of power right once again it's like this like chakra has something to do just like dr. PG was saying with ready acidity there's some there's all the cities right there's there's not the gun and the power in this nakshatra and this is also how orga was created right out of the shut these of all of the cars invincibility is machine something so nice that he pointed out but but I really feel that this mr. oompah was been seeking of treasure our team and that it was done on a battlefield again victory of our treasure our team again came back yes also when she was first authorized coming food she was given all that the points by different gods and she's an assembly of all the makings of different was yeah you think about Durga and one thing about her is she's autonomous she's she's a singular mmm-hmm no she you know she they don't I mean some will say that she's nothing but part of it they you know you hear all these different things but she she's very um saying you'll see she has no counterpart like this she's as she was created for a reason once again that utilitarian side of the throw Shara that autonomous side elemental God in making booba okay black but FEMA environmental but being basically there in environment yes to make one thing that for one purpose and the same in so the cosmic form of Lord Vishnu as well so I've heard that reference I've heard the reference of Bhishma being linked to Ganesha and ether ashada as well to both nakshatras bheeshma pitamaha so um there's once again another very singular energy and he was one of the vices and he was the incarnation of the guru bustle which was one of the wish Fatima's yes one of the vish would behave is exactly there we go there's some link there if interesting that maca or Capricorn starts with ether ashada and closes with Benicia there's a lot of that yeah that's a very fascinating thing to contemplate because it's it's groups of deities that you know and then you've got Vishnu in the middle with anything you want to start doing chanting always do okay know what we just laughing at you look mischievous mischief happening yeah downland continuant yes loads here full attention I need your full attention who is this mystery or then put him in the last bench okay I think I'm gonna also mention about this Raja King theme about the stars in must a foundation about strength again we see all the things beginning and just and then someone one of the APIs bull shark is moksha then I shall be again fighting through multi Shiva and you - Mongoose nope and it's only natural has brought an animal with no pair so we were talking about marriage which I think we discussed this in the initial part when a man was talking about marriage issues and all those Mongols and other things three jackfruit now when I said jackfruit have you ever seen a jackfruit with its outer peel removed yes big time yeah yes it looks like team basically again formulas I also always but that is a book group of the kernel we are local and you know symbols elephants Tasso Jack because Jack put the three for the next shuttle the planetary rulers as I said I always do this in every nakshatra Joshi not natural or navamsa lord the first father comes in Sagittarius so hence the washalot is Jupiter the national Lord is also an inspiration to me the navamsa lord is again the Sagittarius so it becomes Jupiter if you do this first father a second power third power on both pada you will see that and then take a collective decision absolve all planets of Jupiter Saturn and Sun coming again energy and all the three major planets son Saturn Jupiter Sun can be what political administration relationship management Jupiter is political knowledge Bolivia Saturn is discipline long term goal oriented patience so if you take the essence of Jupiter and Saturn you may get some amenities so always analyzing these Russian Lord master Prolog navamsa lord you can talk a lot about the nakshatra itself and I think dr. PI mentioned this is when I had business like there these people I have seen there was one close friend of mine was living in Russia and all this is dialogue we live life like a king size was one of my so you always talk about this leave life like a king size and after pie was saying about that instinct our king and although exactly before his words I just remember him when I was making a presentation of course this presentation was made two days back dr. pol so just mentioned it because it's correct about the kingdom cells as a king positives negatives both which doctor if I didn't mention about how donkeys and thinking that leader I think also point was mentioned for the first father is pushed on a bomb chamber good Tama this poor father's wish for a dementia the second path is bergamot Samui you will see that will track it out all the brothers are first second and fourth or some special for us and thence this nutshell cannot become is very important to I'm just basically going through in a very speed I want to come to this festival part so we all know about Ganesha Chaturthi and disinhibited the month of August and September in Maharashtra and Goa vanished two one one more one more time the Ganesha tooth is celebrated in that case in the month of jungle it is called mother than a change and it is expose now connect the FEMA was treasure elephant start with an apathy and when apathy they manage shine today in our discussion to and for the don't celebrate it for like ten days as normally people do but they celebrate from one or two days they they bring the gun put the idol and then do the puja and on it's in the mother month it's in the January month and you can see there is a theme of Ganesha to treasure nakshatra gain I think many people may not know this because I don't know in other parts we do celebrate or not but in Maharashtra it's two times August which is the grand 10-day but other time it's also in January time and they bring confetti Makar Sankranti is another festival we all know Sun enters Maharaja on 14 January that I need not say this was talk was given us a presidential inauguration date again I had this point on the Makkah so cranky I would like to mention one thing before I forget I remember Sanjay Oxley I was watching his video a few years back I don't remember the full thing but what I can see from my note says as you have mentioned the Sun whenever the Sun transistor mcourser Kranthi it says the chicken not connection in the Jaganath mahaprabhu here's the mokra tuna on his forehead so connected with the obg thing as well because later on we're gonna G giving the upon his forehead he enters an anthemic Arash yes yes miss what suji has mentioned with more subtle points in one of his presentation interesting thank you thanks a mom okay again I think we had a huge discussion on this us the presidential new term when I squeeze stem students we prepare for the coup stem now other $100 fine if G you were not there I said if you are not going to answer any hundred dollar fine mix them this I'm having a hard time reading here on my thing so what can you can you read the question ara can you figure which then moon is in understand a team of Rasheeda and come come up with the famous into festival I'll say we cherish me probably any other answers think about it and I will come because my battery's dying if you stop sharing your screen you to preserve your battery a little longer you know what if I just yeah some deep you are correct you get the pack of ladoos new things I won't give up I finally trees initial astronaut to try the exact handsome DJ edition you can see that team how the strap comes in every it's celebrated by the moon is Hindu Parishad ah and the Sun is in the hospital so the theme of fight again the facility that's what the ancient anything but I had a slight later that I was talking the word dude and which we mentioned about how she was in a symbol of all the energies of all gods yes other thing which is about Guru Poornima because guru Purnima comes into estrada month every time and moon is in Dasha and acceptor on a guru Poornima this light I just made when doctor pi was talking about pressure die and other things and you can see this is another festival when moon is in crushed or nakshatra you celebrate because Y dou suru is what again 9000 see the theme of mine calls coming on the picture Sagittarius mind house which we are talking on the Russian and natural 9th house what nine plus all super glue and I start maybe by talking about pressure and action prowl I have to talk about a BG because last part of the Prussian except I shall be deeds or some new slides I made for additive nakshatra which did not surprise another very powerful nutshot brandon they say the last pada pada and 115 top shrubbery nakshatra they form Abhijeet nakshatra for Capricorn six degree forty minutes - Capricorn 10 degree 53 minutes is a bit ofnot cetera so that part is very powerful and it is called a nakshatra and remember people always continue with a nakshatra and a bit more we did move this little dune and most is nothing but a duration of 48 minutes in fast it is called as mode so a bit more is something but low fell down plus minus 48 minutes of plus minus 24 minute I have another this is 40 I need to I think this is 24 because so this is 24 minutes before local down to 24 minutes after local noon that part of more is all original so maybe I should change here so that there's no confusion 24 and what is local known no fellow differs from different times it's halfway between sunrise and sunset so if it is a nabhi chakra and if you want to so and then another point mashallah mashallah is one Marchetta which can be effectively for administering medicines for diabetes oh okay and anyway also the plant which is associated with Radha is a jackfruit very effectively lowers your blood sugar levels okay so you can use this and again association with Ganesha remember even in some Ganesha mantras when you see is a jumbo Paula but shittim which means he likes eating jamun truth jawan and the stem of Clopas this is very effective for you know bringing down the you know for the insulin level and also for bringing down the blood sugar levels wow it's a lot of sweets but in his mantras usually there is a secret for but you are of eating lot of sweets so this association is there even in here why you have a given jackfruit and you are connecting it with Lord Ganesh a lot of news in Modoc not the same will add to that valid jackfruit now now if you have jackfruit it will lower your blood sugar that's why people who are on medication insulin they have to be very careful when they are eating a lot of junk food because it can alter your blood sugar limits jackfruit is the Pepita for us as far as finances Oh capito papaya papaya so Arjun sir I would like to know while you're saying this so do do you think the youth rush of the natives either following in the Secretary's I think or in the Caprican sign one has to take care of what they are eating because if we may not discuss the ascendant the natural culprits chart goes in the sixth us also remember the second house from the you know the three fathers fall in Capricorn the second father houses where the Morricone of Saturn is second house is about so there is some restriction you need to always remember always ever there is a mantra for Lord Ganesh you see somehow they are encoding something see do you remember the famous I think it's a Marathi thing you know John an ahmadi say with them I think so capita kolobok shittim jumbo fill of oxygen capito removal capito and jumbo Fela is connected to you know like Kerala you have you know bitter gourd they all help you reduce your sugar levels he has a lot of sweets [Music] so finally another please stay in India national leader whom you think what an actual trot team will fit well not give a saying someone mention Indira Gandhi Gandhi but I'm thinking more ology they said some other during during freedom struggle time historical leader probably boss why you know probably Watership Warrick 3 he was involved by pilot 3 oh yeah trusting all the answers founder of ima will definitely tell 23rd January 1897 at contact which was at that have been well presidency now Marissa study was very end of son was very end of Abhijeet nutshell 23rd annually again Sundays in the very end of a bit macabre mercury is in Oprah Shara and both I have taken this time as 2015 before master databank or entering a and with that timing both come in the tenth households so that means both bond almost at Abhijeet north of the table and I did check for cutting when he was born at that place what was the local noon at that time and it's exactly during this time so he was born on a head a BG samatha as well as with all the son is garbage it nakshatra mercury will crush her all in the tenth house and you see Bo's he was like you should see the film DuBose done forgotten hero or something there's an hindi movie and how did he go he used to sometimes disguise himself go run away from how did go to Afghanistan then he met Hitler and then he like they were not a happy with his the like his plan then he did go to Japan he took help from Japan he might the army then Japan ditched him then by that time they already cross the Indian beautiful movie like how the Pearl he was planning and making all the plans for that taking the help of British enemies for India's independence so that's the power of this Abhijit nakshatra Raja and the final victory basically and what I think it was there in some interview which I saw where people asked baton or someone why did the teachers have to leave because at that time they were even victorious 1945 but they won the World War two why they have to leave India is it because of Gandhi Gandhi is non-cooperation movement or other things were already failed by the ten putting the effect and they mentioned because after independence in 50s or something when he came to Calcutta by to visit and he said it was because of his boss because he had already started this Indian National Army and the teachers had learnt a lesson in 1853 that if there is an eating problem in our army that's all they cannot handle this country so before any mishap happened let's let's give them freedom and get out from here please notice how both made the plan how how did he learn from the history of a politically and how did he made do all these efforts estimating the national army and to basically make course to get freedom for India's independence so that's the power of the pressure our only political start like this with other thinker and USA which also I want to term when but another because I'm talking about now which is not surprised you as a new presidential term starts at 28 January and Sundays until prahara is that just beginning of a bit it much chakra because Capricorn six degree for ten minutes it goes straight from RBG if you see on that day 28 January or in USA will be just beginning a bit macabre it's not only youth Bashara it's basically the start of a beaded vegetable so remember when Eve was saying that while they change that inauguration to throw Shaolin so I was thinking if they actually do do that in a throw around November just being the election winning yeah when you do I [Music] think it's let's not forget Swati nakshatra is where the Sun actually debilitates okay and as if she mentioned prior to 1937 all the swearing-in ceremony used to happen on 4th of March when Sun was correct yeah that's been 4th of March after 19 37 they actually married to 20th of January which is actually what it is saying that is when it is moving into a business from the third part I did okay said the board first strangely there is a caveat I told you it's very strange if it if falls on a Sunday I think if you didn't join when I was mentioning its 20th of January falls on a Sunday then he will be secretly sworn Sunday and publicly on the money they are so specific about it dr. PG that they will swear the person in even on a Sunday privately yeah what is so significant why they have to privately do it on a Sunday and then publicly on something with the date yes absolutely no a lot of our politics are driven by accurate timing there's no way to deny it so I think all right deep what do you got for us guys just quickly there I I might get interrupted with on home renovators coming I'm just letting you know I'm sorry we've already come and gone they've already come and gone and but they'll be back any moment so sir what about your making you guys see the background that is some structure there Oh My yes if he is not I'm not making anything it's it they're just working on the ceiling you wanted you know before I began some time no just talkin maybe I'll think of something I just I wanted to make sure I could hear your presentation I get one of the interrupted him so sorry so please start at the Sears at your background it's it's more like like going up which is Oakland matches with the nakshatras yes is the state climbing down exactly yeah good observation actually before I began could you like you and Hari and about the both of our upin you can stop a concept isn't finished I know but I thought it was so that's the connection that you see in this it's it's interesting right that is for right I thought so isn't the mony mony I thought is connect to it Haryana right if I'm not mistaken know that I think you talk more at the knowledge for Mohini artery organs outside okay yes the offspring of Mohini out are and Shiva is hara hara suta hurry Harris Ryland is nothing mapa right iris for me is an offspring of Mohini which is nothing but Vishnu okay and Shiva right it's interesting yeah it's very interesting because Machado and Makar Sankranti is happening and in Ramallah temple which is connect with Ayyappa you know it's a big thing you know you find that market Jyothi put that marker some crack in the pen / it's yeah so the light comes out on over yeah hunger will because it's cold and you know everyone a temple is a you know a lot of debate around that temple recently in this a certain one son seems to push others tougher that was very interesting you know I just want to highlight that it was very interesting so me was born when Mohini and Shiva was United so it's really interesting you know I just want to share that because it's very interesting I think we should he was it's like a group of gods might be kind of clear on that front but what is interesting is that if you begin to read all the Nama mantras right all the thousand names of gods like you find Osama you find there is sauce Lama all that sasayama mantra you know that some kind of United are the naughty short form which is being described so for instance in I think probably a missional sauce number two versity well not in which new system approach probably somewhat rosy and this description of like you know she was shocked she was shocked a clear opening so it's like she when Chuck reunited together you know that's one thing and then in which no sauce from what do we find so dope Rehana that means like you know every he who you think as a friend you know we were talking it's very interesting because a lot of interesting points which came up before so like in vijay - we celebrations right we have 10 days of the goddesses right the nine is now or are three Fisto and the tenth day the final day of victory and in the around the seventh day it said that the goddess defeats the enemy defeats the Asura so story and then on the eighth and ninth date of weapon is arrested so in the eighth and ninth day what happens is that you take your books and you don't your weapon others so you or many workers will be a single tools or they'll be all resting their weapons you know the concept that the goddess is actually resting how the French have also resting your tools on those eighth and ninth day on the tenth day you are actually getting it back so you know usually when you're a child and stuff the school is off you get receipt PV you don't need to study it's very good day you know because the books are closed on that day but it's very interesting the concept of resting the weapon because shadows also carrying this energy oh no it's very interesting what word discussions we had but Cornell use some I do you know Africa and stuff you know those lore of weapons happening in Africa Lord what oh there's a war there are weapons there so it kind of makes sense in the goddesses and like that the days it is connected with the war no Charles which would be the eighth and ninth it is actually the weapons are being resisted you know so it's very interesting to think about that that's one thing I wanted to highlight you know this concept of how the weapons are rested you know the Finnegan Isha is a having big in fact it's really knitting you know one of the things with shall I ask have you ever encountered elephants like have gone to lands with other elephants like have you been to Thailand are you into Bali I went to Kerala elephants things like that you know and for Sharon it is one of the things I actually recommend is to get some kind of elephant the decor in your home so get this in Kerala you get this elephant decorations by that hang it in the wall is great you know good for activating those planets you can actually make money but the thing is that you know people who actually have those decorations they till say he was saying if you keep an elephant in your home you have to maintain and feed that elephant will be that will offend this lot of expenses involved you have to handle that energy it's a different energy is still you're maintaining you know in fact it's very important it will be until the infant kind of statues that you keep in your home even if it's Ganesha and stuff for that you know say say you have three three statues of elephants in which one elephant is carrying a load or something you know just be cold guess what you will be carrying a load yourself you know that ring so that's one thing the elephant so you can like Tyler and you know Polly you know it's a great point aditya brought this brilliant point wood ostrich and how its having long legs and stuff for that you know so definitely aji mentioned this that how africa is good also we can't with russia it's still having load of open land and stuff for that that's very interesting again you find lot of African elephants you know soul and where you find elephants can be compared with each other as well that is one aspect I want to know it's very interesting silly you know I think I'm when she had mentioned that any planet and Capricorn remedy used to chant the mantra called a scourge in the moksha you know and I think the secret of that monitor is actually coming from Russia itself in Capricorn you have the Gajendra you have the elephant energy Oh coming through the threshold on etcetera and gauging the motion a elephant is free being freed from the clutches of a crocodile in that mantra in the shrimad bhagwat them so you know if you Chan Gojira moksha you know you have supposed to be freed from the clutches of the collection so coral which is my garage do you want an interesting point there and I think that's actually not stress and other thing one thing with shell is definitely connected war so the greatest war which being depicts is denoting is the harbor so one actual remedy which I recommended for many other clients is actually watch the TV series like on YouTube or Netflix or something like that yes what you know you need and play out the actual war in your marriage or in your home or family you can just watch many things will be resolved because you'll find love fighting the war which that's an actual remedy for other native earth so that is one thing I say yeah the Vishnu is awesome it's very interesting because I think dr. Park once mention I think you are not small he had mentioned this you know the first you begin the wish no sauce no more the first father is actually falling in it's beginning from showing up the Vishnu system was first father and then towards the end you are actually going towards the shadow much chakra is very interesting because now it is that because sorrow problem right so he who uses everything as a weapon now with Russian natives will everything as a weapon you know that's a that's a talent I'll have but at the same time they'll also the ability to use see everything as be wine as well that is also going to be very powerful for them you know you have a deep end of the day your Channing thousand names of God for what to see every manifestation of God in different kind of ways right so that's exactly what happens so and we shall need to the highest in fact if there is any nakshatra which I strongly associate with enlightenment it is this with Rush tornado you know because they'll be able to see everything as divine and that's like the step one - really you know that's one thing I would say everything in your life is you know your own karma coming back to you when you simply accept anything is just dissolve you know that's one thing it's very interesting with a baby animal I was actually looking at that so one thing with the Mongoose is that there are many species among who you actually find if you actually look at Mongoose world I it came from the Marathi word its root word is actually Mongoose which is actually Marathi would you know now I think from connection Mara the Mara and itself other to be frank because of that you know and I do think that any few right there are certain species of Mongoose that do live in a combined community kind of setup for there're also certain species still you slowly realize so Hmong single throughout the life you know that kind of thing and with ourselves natives will definitely have that kind of solitary life kind of envy they live life king size as are determined should they're completely like kings and stuff for that you know they say don't care they're kings of their own that kind of thing is very strong but it's very interesting because mongooses as usual some mention snakes right Monty pounces on snakes so it's very interesting you think about because many many times these natives will be capable of handling snakes themselves these are natives who can just pull a sneak out of the ground and just handle it and put it out of the ground very easily sometimes I've seen that you know many times this specific characteristic they will be attracting snake-like people into their own lives can be snake-like people literally like you know you you describe their partner you'll be saying I had some encounters with snake like men like women exactly that can be very strong for them you know because of this G and this Mongoose energy happening there you know one again Ganesha broke his tusk Toro right on book it so definitely many times I've seen a lot of great writers they these who'll write long messages very super long sms's you know it's tough weather and you eventually end up you should be writing a book you should be writing a blog that'll be great for you it's something that's very natural they are also and one thing with each other we have to remember it's not shutting you know so many times the natives who are more inclined to think religion as the means to political with 3 you know these are the fake Baba's who find you find who are actually using religion you know actually to some political kind of achieve political gains actually and this very strong very strong with that it's not just an Indian kind of thing but can actually be like in for instance if you look at the Shaolin Monastery right in China China you look at this actual history you find that they actually have a great history in which the plain monks were extremely mode you go through Japanese history you find that you know the monks were actually more than that you know so warrior monks were an actual group of army who fight for samurai kings and you know so many times I've seen that they have also fascination with Shaolin the monasteries you know things like that that kind of things also really strong and free they have a strong link with Ganesha for sure beneficial for them things like that and it's very fast finally when you begin to look in look at with rush hour through the ice off the plan is that are linked with that so for instance it is ruled by Sun you can see that Sun is having its Moltar corn in Kanpur those of so many times these natives identify strongly with the land the calls with your vehicles with your house you know they try to make the best of the house and stuff further that kind of thing there's one thing is really interesting son is having it smooth through Khan eight houses away and if you pay attention to the ohm when you're discussing a lot of it out Steve's you know today like a couple he was mentioning about using the pendulum he found exactly a thousand kind of thing exactly using that you know as and also like you know for 13 we showed the woman in which you know the fourth he was able to move and stuff Walker is why is the operation happened right so again for those things is happening there now it's really interesting it's the actual Capricorn pada that is acting you know so that is one thing it's very fascinating again how he was also talking about the words load of question is guru in a very strong fashion because you design it smooth rock on earth house in Sagittarius so this is this fundamental questioning I want to understand the basics but it's happening in every detach kind of manner you know it's very strong there this also great you know yeah and I think this is this other differently finally Sonakshi throw a final victory right so it's like but to attain a victory you have to fight a battle that's kind of that's kind of required so you know many times these are the neutrals who have to fight about who how to say is nil I who have to like go through the thing and then finally they'll one thing I always tell these in it you that you you are sure you know that's something I say and I think actually she also wants mentioned that you you know so many if you have many times you firmly fix they're so many most of times they have like autoimmune kind of disorders something with you know immunity kind of affecting disorders that kind of things can also be strong with but the one last thing I'll say is that I usually use end it with this point like whatever we discuss right you can actually connect it with the nakshatras so like Aditi was telling me he was telling specifically 100 dollars right so you look at Saturn being the ruler of Kara and SATA beitia is actually the mool-trikona not shut off shut and going second house away from you know Makara literally say you're saying 100 all because yeah and then and after that he said the dues I will be happy number hundred came out to supper Bishop you know I think you know really fascinating again if you begin to look at the planets that are influencing one particular Sheila the knock and look at the actual nakshatras where the plant is getting exalted debilitated muzhik on that is going to give you much more finer results you know like what we are actually observing so I think that's really interesting to think about you know but yeah I think that's what I have for thrush are the only thing that is ruthless rather people always like to be on time when they're let's say they're gone on a date business meeting they want to be on time and if they're late those particular meetings those particular organized event do not go in their favor because this kind of corresponds to the timing where war was supposed to start during a BG through Krishna to get away so that means if it's not started that particular right time they would lose so they all this feel like they have to be on time or even a little bit early before their duties commence with whatever they are doing the other thing I also see you like with the war they love watching for sagas like Lord of the Rings Star Wars you know anything of Mahabharata even they're very much into it and or the other thing I also see is they have the love collecting gold investing in the gold I don't know why because I even run this thing with my students on my Academy and most of them who emailed agreed like will be goodbye son you know yeah son is in the 8th the moon record from yeah which is the hidden storage that go if they love to like collect those things and one of the things that you obviously said that they all this will attract snake-like people in their life but they find out who they are and they would crush them yeah like you said they bring them out of the hole and they okay here's the snake I'm getting rid of fish but other than that everything else you guys already said so and what they did in your one interest rate always when I the time periodic comes in they always tend to injure their knee somehow somehow some way they'll injure their me and I know sir obelisk connected to the limp but would Thresh I doubt it all visit hard for some reason and whenever they have a knee injury they get a break in their career meaning not a bad break like some break like somebody wanted to be an actor in some somebody's movies they'll get selected because of that me I don't know what the connection is but that has also gee I should read I'm sorry in are still agreed Asha RBG that I shadowed what about shadows Shravan Arthur our world by Shani so that's an interesting point that the person these people could have reapplying to go me got a course can alter the oh the expression of an extra in someone's life it can be more malefic less malefic it can manifest oh yeah it's a pretty powerful Dasha I would say that it's a pretty I would not overlook it I would not overlook it I would highly encourage students to include it in their consideration for time periods like there's some of the the more difficult ones like I spoke about on court of I shot a video which would like the college shocked or everyone tries to get that working and those are a little bit more difficult because you have to really understand what up Sevilla and Sevilla next shot like you have to actually understand what that how to use that and make it functional with our show three you don't have to do that as much it's more straightforward it's a different pattern though because of course it starts with Sun planets are in different order and malefic planets all get for nakshatras each benefits get three so it sits in there all together it's not dispersed like rim show three so you know here you have Kauravas sharra with Rashad ah ah BG and Shravana all in a row yeah Luverne by Shani oh okay simultaneously yeah so the changes some of the you know it's not a pattern in the same way is show three Dasha we have Sun it's all in a row and it starts from a Rudra and I think I had mentioned that in the quarter by shot as well so Rudra becomes the first person that shot through here and it's ruled by the Sun and you count for nakshatras forward like that so so it is an interesting consideration to think about open eye shadow being shun ease nakshatra and if Ashdod really is strong for a person if the rules apply then the the no chakra is gonna take on a little bit different of a personality than if it's if them show three stronger than our story can be applied see the value in the rules because even that I've heard here are there are definitely joke dishes in North India specifically that I have heard do this okay yes I've tried I've noticed and I'm once again I've for me it's I I'm a student I really emphasized that I wouldn't want to take on any authority with this um what I've seen through experience is that you do want the rule to apply okay it is just be stronger to be more definite it will just like when you you know if show to show three you want all of these I mean can feel we should maybe do a video on this you know there's these little bitty rules in any anyone who really wants to know can just read brioche a straw the problem with it is that he does not delineate a clear order to the grahas in every dasha case just a simplistic sanskrit he does not give you the full instructions so that makes it we can just go over the Sanskrit what he does say and from there you're gonna get people who are convinced they know how to use these dashes but I would really be discerning is there any classical book that actually goes into details of these I mean all of them will touch you'll notice that most of them will touch these different areas so kind of like touch a poke at it they won't go into detail but they may make the odd comment here or there already for the majority of the classics they are referring to them show three I've noticed yeah they're referring but then you you have different kinds of em show three two there's not only if they also say if your love nest stronger than the mood then you start potentially from love not exactly exactly or lug know Lord yeah yeah hora lagna Lord there's other exceptions there's some times where you take an extra throat ara from the eighth house where you taking a chocolate are from the 11th house and the fifth house it's it's it's not as prescriptive as people are making it and because of that we have a kind of mediocre version of the flow of maja call of Lord Shiva let's say we have a kind of less detailed version because we're not really caring to know every pore of his body that we need if we're in love with him we should know every little crook to his face every little strand you know how his hair curls in a certain area or how you know just a looking at it more romantically they get to know him intimately and and I think the dasha the systems are maja called himself in expression there his dance and and then there's all these little bitty details it's it's not as intellectual as one may think either you definitely need an intellect you need a strong intellect that's cultivated in one way but and it's not an entirely intuitive it's more observational you have to be willing to to breathe to take time with it to just observe it you don't to be in a rush to collect infinite information what will infinite information do for you make your head explode you'll be is nothing is no it deserves no one you know so and then intuition is often to colored by a person's emotions to be trustworthy you need to be very careful I feel this I feel that it gets thrown around too easily in spiritual communities and it's not refined by the hard questioning of the intellect speaking of it through shotta we don't have a Vivekanand going hey you know did you really experience that you know can you give can you give that experience to me so so we need it we need little tools to refine ourselves and one of those tools is to actually love Joe dish as if you'd love a lover like one of those does the tool just worked for me it's not gonna work for everyone but to actually want to see the face of mahakaal like it really is to actually love him and and want to see every detail or pore every you know this is just my technique because that's that's the way I feel everything's union everything's well call it chakra yeah I mean call it is difficult is difficult I often wonder if it's difficult or if just all the details weren't given like there's so many things in Germany very limited unless ya observation in Germany yeah exactly so we're kind of working with think about it okay I was speaking about this recently to some dear friends we have these resources which are these classic books is so funny we're having this conversation you know shadow but it's fitting so I was speaking to some close people that you know we're just speaking freely so forgive me if anyone gets offended by this it's not meant to offend it's meant to stimulate thought and in question it's meant to further your devotion to your offending I'm just saying these classics yes we should we should rely on them we should read them we should be familiar with them we should also understand that there's been a lot of invaders in India we have the Yavana Jataka that's clearly foreign Yavin Yemen is a Greek or Persian or you know we have we have all of this integrated information that's infiltrated the class the classics like the word of poke Lima is Greek that is a form of yoga's listed in Briatore Shastra and elsewhere relationship between the Sun and the moon it is Greek so out let me just say this one thing though real quick dr. PG just real quick so a lot of this was collected around the time of Chanakya just try not yet in Chandragupta okay so you know they were fiercely guarding fiercely guarding their strategy I mean specifically Chinaglia there is no way with this oral tradition that it was recorded in a book to give to the layperson we really need to be discerning because even in Briatore Shastra it says a person needs to be Adhikari they need to be deserving of the knowledge before it's taught do you really think par char himself wrote this down or you really think it was just given out like this we're given just enough we're given just enough these guys did not think everyone was worthy to learn it now people can get upset with me for it but this is the way they thought I'm I'm just I've just read it I'm just being a parent I'm not the originator of this kind of discernment even the logical system that people use is not as Persian yeah that's Persian for sure that's Persian so India was such a place that they would take in other people's knowledge and the Greeks came trying to collect a knowledge from India and Chanakya was not cool with that and so there's no way it was just shared in this way I just don't believe it was shared in this way that was just oh everyone the whole universe should know it it could potentially be a weapon you could use it against your enemies it's a very powerful life tool and when you really know how it works you have an advantage over others because you you know mahakaal intimately you know Lord Shiva's the movement of his hair you know when there's gonna be a disaster you know when there's going to be if you really know this it is a weapon you are equipped and you can't be careless for instance there's a story and in dr. PI D I'm remembering okay I actually really want to hear what you say have to say so hold this thought there's a story just quickly someone gifted me this lovely book recently and I was freed in it and there's a story in it of a guru who has a disciple who has attained a Sydney and and his in and he's wanting to use it this woman wants a child this woman wants a child and this woman has taken the student in and served demonologist and she says please bless me with a child nagura wasn't there to look over the student and the student being really excited about exercising this city using this power using his city blesses her with a child and he takes some food back to his guru and his guru asked them you know what did you do did you use it did you use your attainment which I've told you to be very discerning and not to even show to anyone um did you did you use it and I'm making this story much shorter and so in short the disciple says says yes she was a lovely woman she was so beautiful she was young she really deserved a child she was she was so gracious he was a wonderful host and the Guru looks at him and says good he's so you'll die and be the child because there's no suitable child for this woman besides you so you'll die and be the child so he sealed his own but by his carelessness his carelessness but playing with these things you know even if you don't believe in these cities that story is still useful because whenever you've got privée whenever you've got this insight whenever you've got this power this responsibility comes along with it Wow this is all coming out on a--throw shotta is so fascinating so responsibility comes along with it and I really think one good thing to do is with these classics is to definitely learn them definitely honor the sources but to have blind faith tab blind faith that it is actually the words of par Shar there's actually the words of we we should be more cautious I'm sorry when the word what we say trust cone comes from the cannot recognize a Greek word that's one thing the second thing what I wanted to just point out because we had to rush order what came to my mind is can anybody here tell me for how long was the maha or for how many days with the mob are at work 21 days 13 rapini it ended it was 18 days now it's very interesting if I start my count from critical on exedra Rosh Hashanah through become the 18th amongst our it was the 18 today okay and did you know how did the whole war end what was the last battle between between Beema Beema cut off and with Raja de what is the body part it is associated with me exactly compete was saying something to do with the thighs and the knees exactly where you know Bhima strike Duryodhana and that was the end of the war killing him by striking him on the thighs because he had covered her not covered that part when he went so that what was vulnerable and Krishna you know intelligently he starts striking his eyes saying instructing you know striking that on the knees so the knees is one part will come very weak in I can thing right can anybody tell me what is the associated with the Capricorn Rashi Mahakaleshwar is because Saturn getting there right right okay it is a shelter interesting can you repeat dr. pricey what is it yes with the exaltation of the planets you saying exactly okay so Aries is associated with the Miche forum because ROM is associated with Rome not because moon so disconnected okay and me9 is called Nagas we're not connected so likewise Maha Khan is associated with Libra because Saturn gets exalted and Saturn is called as calm so rich in joy Shani stotram others yes absolutely so this you can actually see and that's what is the frenzied ation you will not make when you start giving information like this we do not know Sanskrit has different words for a teacher we mistake everybody we say Oh couple you are my guru yeah but you cannot take I tell you I've usually know the literal meaning I've got a four word which says what is the meaning of a dia have you heard of this word yes idiotic means a teacher who gives you information on a gapper which means there is no knowledge he's just giving you information is at the upper part gay have you heard of this one compadre now who's all party Sanskar means one who him right dr. pol count he broke out with that last one one one who imparts why imparts knowledge with information is called Padre think dronacharya he's an Italian he's not over there is not a yeah but he's acharya what does acharya ajay is somebody who gives you a particular skill who impacts your skill archery or you know horsemanship or informal thing is acharya then we have somebody called as a pundit for one who gives you an insight into a subject is offended somebody who's got the master of futuristic view was a console visitor he was a hot area but he was also their stuff and finally you get guru is a supreme form because he's a master which is inside for anyway many of us may be just you know like we are just sharing an information yeah yes so yeah that's a very uncomfortable word yeah I might be I'm just sharing information I'm not even an incredibly superficial time in that way where words are thrown around where the way you know things look are more important than the way things really are you know works thank you doctor pie on this because on my channel lot of people get offended with me because whenever they hear that I am not calling my teachers a guru and they get offended and they they write me on on my post why you are not calling your teachers as your guru so it is that you have mentioned that they can go through this medium yeah because in real life guru especially if they're coming from the community of sake here is only Guru Granth said yes they don't have a guru who can be in physical form say gurugram sab is the so that's why you don't find any gurus there otherwise you have Swami's gurus arch areas and pundits everywhere in India self-proclaimed nobody has given them the title great thank you so much course right I tell you nobody is going to call you a guru or Acharya thank you for this valuable information I wish I could stay thank you