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[Music] [Music] hi everyone following on from the first Freiburg undercover interview which now has a well over 100,000 views including the mirrors and is translated into two or three other languages it's time we published the second one in Freiburg the Friday's for futures climate change gang that love government scriptures are super big organizing large regular marches in one of the richest first world utopias because they think the world will end soon due to man-made co2 scaring the hell out of children and good honest working families [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they love some climate change mind control in Freiburg even if it's raining even the gays have created queers for future taking the government scriptures up the you know what I wanted to find out who was arranging these marches and I did a bit of digging around and got some correspondence moving and guess what and you really won't believe it the leaders and organizers were late teens school children this dude Moritz is the main dude who came to the interview again I used the alias of David from Oxford my girl came along for support and David brought a girl along too who is also from frøydis for futures the whole interview was over 90 minutes so I cut it down to just share the interesting points so the first 20 minutes they said they believed co2 causes climate change due to the IPCC document which they didn't know was a UN document funded by the World Bank they thought it was a government scripture from independent scientists they couldn't actually name one scientist they knew or any specific scientific method tests or experiments they simply kept referring to this document they had no explanation for how the world's average temperature was achieved they couldn't debunk independent scientists like dr. Motoko naah Kamala and dr. Marquis merci des who have good data presenting the co2 can't really create climate change they didn't know you could buy co2 generators on Amazon and that they are used all over the farming industry they had no answer for the non increase in any sea levels anywhere they didn't know that each country's main stream told the people of their nation that their temperatures were heating up more than others Australia Russia Arctic Tibet Alaska Korea Britain Spain Finland Canada Sweden all getting hotter than anywhere else so let's pick it up from here as I said oh that the hockey stick chart is kind of hard to hang our hat on because of the way they measured temperatures before 1988 just looking at ice core so there's a lot of scientists questioning this this data but they're not getting into these these magazines and these journals I think it's just about the publishers of the of the magazines stuffing like publishers they decide what they run so they published what they think I don't tell me a lot of publishers do that I don't think they publish what they think but that's another subject which will probably come to later we've you know the IMF International Monetary Fund they've came out recently and said energy bills should rise 43 percent what do you do agree with that what's your view on that well co2 is causing distraction but this is traction a surprise but wouldn't it be easier instead of paying money easy to go and smash up although the co2 generators yes greenhouses yes probably I think there probably we're talking about normal energy production code energy and this all that bad stuff but I don't think green energy prices should rise okay and do you know much about the IMF what they've done okay they we've sort of destroyed a few countries like Greece by taking over infrastructure giving countries loans they can't pay back the I met from my research is a very very toxic entity but you'd have to do your own research on that they sort of sit behind the central banks from their printing of money okay the World Bank another entity that I'm not too fond of said we should be pricing in co2 emissions for like 82 billion it's a bit like the pay put more on the bills but they're saying put it on your cars and everything else and get eighty two billion dollars do you think this is a good thing their money raised should not go to the World Bank or to any banks or governments it should go directly into and by mental protection sure but if the money of the money will be tax or go to the government do you trust them to pull it back into renewable energy no because I can tell you now this is factual the government's tax when they get taxed actually paid the central bank's on interest they've had on loans so a lot of the tanks doesn't come back okay the the EPA the Environmental Protection Agency the chief scott pruett he was on CNBC in March he said he doesn't believe co2 is a main driver of climate change he said just a quick sentence I think measuring with precision activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there's tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact so no I would not agree it's a primary contribution to the global warming what would you say to this head of the Environmental Protection Agency you would say science exists that proves him wrong yes okay another article honestly it's not an article these are things that happened in the last hundred years there's been a lot of 1902 discipline glaciers there's been a lot of scares in the world these are the more listed and in the past hundred years there's been four major US freaked out and it's been four major there's an ice age coming it's getting colder for each hour so this has happened many many times in history in 1972 was the big one new ice age coming early 70s they were really pushing another ice age I think the front of Time magazine in the 80s also did another Ice Age so it seems in the last hundred years the mainstream media have been flipping between it's gonna warm up it's gonna cool down this kind of warm up is gonna cool down so there's like a pattern it's kind of strange what would you say to this information which is easily verifiable in these mainstream publications is it maybe it's verifiable and publications but it's verifiable in science I would say none of it is possible but none of it's verifiable by science because none of it happened yes but climate change is happening right now climate change is happening every moment is called the weather we could say I mean the weather is correct it's a big difference between the weather and the climate okay what changes using what Chinese trees dying because they don't get enough water so I've seen it's raining all day it's raining all day but we have the rings all summer in Germany it was it was one of the try summers in the last few or a NASA career I was in Germany all summer I mean I have a German here three weeks of summer I had three weeks of rain and more weight but then when I see climate changing my grandparents lived on a small island southern was named yeah and they have been hit by hurricanes heavily since 2013 like on a yearly basis no they immediately been hit by Matthew and 2015 nothing and by the earlier before thank you for like many times and that's proven too because I could just see when the hurricanes hit special things of how many hurricanes have been dear it's like it's coming more and more hurricanes sure and you're you're a hundred percent this is to do with man-made co2 not only man-made I would say it's only man may suit you but there's something changing in our atmosphere and on our world that's causing this classrooms I don't it has been there every day every time since since we know there have been planned changes but I think the man-made climate change is just it's pushing the natural climate changed even more okay do you know anything about sunspot cycles known as solar minimum and solar maximum okay every 12 years or so or 22 years can't remember from where there's a lot of sunspots then there's not a lot of sunspots I I can bare apply this but you'd have to bear up like myself this is a real phenomenon that's very measurable there were a lot of people out there in the world who I've interviewed as well who believe climate change is to do with sun cycles to do with solar minimum and solar maximum there are people now who believe we're actually coming into another cooler period and that the climate is extra hurricanes and things you see this or climate change we're all seeing is actually to do the Sun and that there's a and we could call it a conspiracy that the government's and other bodies don't want us to know this what would you say to that sort of theory that the Sun is causing climate change I don't think that some small spots on the Sun I've actually seen I seen them years ago you've seen them and I don't think those small spots can cause any big differences in how much energy by the Sun from the Sun is getting together okay in the earth atmosphere okay the spin of the Sun quickly you you obviously believe the sun's 93 million miles away yes just to clarify that for the record okay what evidence - just being pure journalist whatever evidence did you base that on that Suns 93 million miles away what instruments have measured that or do you have you ever looked into it satellites the distance how would they do that one because they never liked her triangulation no sir so certainly the translation you've got two or three things like the diameter it's hard to do triangulation without without inhale notice eyes I think it's NASA sent sunlights everywhere and they're sending so much better on a very regular basis to some mental like the data from them like how long do they need to travel you're talking about the SDO and the soho satellites they're the main sun how they are of course but I know that matters something so much like a regular basis just to be pure journalists again you say you know satellites are descending and that's we're sending satellites to the Sun do you really know them I mean I have been at NASA base and Cape Canaveral another place I mean it's proven there they have all that first of the Sun and how would you get off footage of Sun and all that stuff if you don't send satellites there if you study the it's called solar ham website which is NASA's main Suns satellite website if you look at the images of the Sun and their quote unquote solar flares you know it's through a lot of filters it looks it's not enough for me to hang my hat on and say there are satellites in space do it measuring the Sun I mean I have several rocket launches sure you don't know that they've gone into space you've seen something go in the sky that's what you've seen with your eyes yeah what I do is generate my style of journalism my time like how where's we believe and where's knowledge so we work good working on belief there yeah yeah you sure anticipate it's like if you can say that we can also say like all of that's to you by using this argument there is no knowledge no Ares don't know but if you're using that argument there is no knowledge knowledge is knowledge si certainty everywhere but peu non was another experience the Sun technology sure so my knowledge would be I talk to you right now and I can engine the Apple without I'm sure that's not much that's wrong yeah and if you stop breathing you're gonna struggle in two minutes like that's normal how do you say that have you ever tried that yeah I'm the water another question which is going to seem a little bit radical might seem bit strange to you believe in the ozone layer exists I think it does but it's not like they're okay with it I believe but we can't prove it that's it you also believe in the ozone layer you don't know how do we know I mean there we could just come with your agarose we don't know do we know anything through experience I'm sorry no no man had been out there like walking on those own layer and feeling it just simply impossible I think I just want a certain for the interview that the ozone layers of belief and that the Sun being 19 million miles away I believe - well damn this but yeah we can fall into nihilism yes yeah - what we're doing we do some faith-based believes yeah like with the co2 will be saying these scientists proved it but we weren't there with them doing the experiments sure as I talked to some of them we talked to someone we weren't there doing the experiments so I just want agree we're doing faith based beliefs that's all it normal humans do it is what most humans do it's like what everybody does it scientist I actually know a lot of people who don't but did a lot of people do yeah okay do you another quick question do you know the Smithsonian Institute okay they're saying there's a very bad group of people behind climate denial climate change denial the Smithsonian Institute I've covered in one of my documentaries online it's too long to go into now but they are pretty much proven to lie and cover things up many times okay okay what would your views be on there were lot of articles 2017 and more recently about scientists and we want to spray the sky to block the Sun to help climate change I could show you 10 20 of these articles this is recent those two years old US scientists laws biggest solar geoengineering study this is last year first year engineering experiments at dim the Sun on track for 2019 what would you say to the powers would be spraying the sky it's called climate change but that was something you would be happy for them to do not especially some geoengineering methods are actually pretty pretty good I think we balance for example filtering out co2 out of the atmosphere and we just do that with trees very common yeah we can kids on there whatever the natural methods are still better than technical matter okay in one hand we can filter artists ain't you buddy but plants and we can find more trees you know but on the other hand we're just like taking down trees rain forest like just as we want but I will say that would you be happy for this to happen spray the skies to block the Sun no no have you had ever ever heard of the word chemtrails I've ever heard of this term yes yes okay and what does this spring to mind when you hear this time like conspiracy or something I don't believe in it and I don't think that it has to do anything with a decline tropical climate sure sure I uh I totally understand opinion well if I told you that chemtrails are real and they spray Freiburg almost every day for the past four months well if I told you I could prove it to you in two days in about four hours of your time you say that that feels good to be skeptical but I could prove it to you and I'm happy to spend the time to prove it to you that they've been doing this for a long time what would you say if I showed you I could show you 10 of these patents on US patents where they've actually did the patents for spraying the sky I could send you the patents for the US military has said they have the actual technology for spraying the sky yeah I don't believe something there's patents for you were believing in stuff earlier there's no real evidence but now you're not believing in stuff that's there's patents it's Google real evidence this painting can be found on another and another way but it's family reason we haven't read the IPCC report the policy it's like the remains it's the main words about climate scientists it's government patents are linked to government's to you said US military just government guys but you can be sure that everything we can read is is sure everybody by the government check check check so China doesn't have the same access to information that we have but why should we have every information we really believe that do you think we have no I don't know information right that's and that's really really good and questioning us is super super important I need a death at least one year to get here beside him I need at least one year yeah you should not go out and not questioning us just do it and it's really important yeah and I really appreciate you do all the stuff in your age that's super great but please don't get on the train of everything which is in Google and everything that was just there it's super right only because it's there then you're saying everything from the government right and everything on Google's not see you know I don't so then when God gets where I am when we don't believe anything unless we really know they say oh it's getting warmer at Fischer coming to location the birds are going crazy yeah but this lens theory to what I was saying earlier about the Sun so the minimum so the maximum because this helps effect electromagnetics the weather heat and cold doesn't really affect electromagnetic solar maximum so the minimum has a lot of weight behind it and I think if you're walking down the street with 5,000 people behind you waving black art I think you need to cover every single bit of information I wouldn't say that I would I'd say we can when we walk down there it's our choice how much information we get so we take behind us it's our choice actually whipped information which information also we believe it I think marching down the road with 5,000 people behind you and a lot of scare kids on beliefs is really dangerous come here to the point you might believe told me about the demonstration and they go in their classrooms and tell the kids you only have ten ten run away ten more years to live the kids go crazy like you know they shit in the circuit yeah come up with Oh guys we have to space the pennies because we only have ten fifteen years to live what do you think what kind of trauma that creates in their mind and the other of Grandma remedy that it's me it's definitely one to I I wouldn't fix myself on a date just like no we can't say but this is what the climate crisis maybe I will try this with right 10 15 years more it's everywhere you can read it anywhere you can people talk about that actually I don't believe in that and again it's about the demon seed so for some some months ago BBC said something you say we have 12 more years made that 18 months I think what shall I do with that numbers so like don't scared and you'll fly to my favorite destinations what so let's elites you I don't see that the Klingons ayat is very real sure yes do you find us a healthy thing to give people motivation kinda yet but I also think it's not only I should not pass on to them my fear I should not tell them only what my fears I should tell them I'm scared but don't look you for yourself what whether you gonna be scared for it or not and you're scared because you believe co2 warms the atmosphere yes blue yes I believe what I what I'm reading in what I'm finding the government okay so this just get this yeah you read a government scientist document and he got scared and you believe it I personally didn't read the IPCC IPCC whatever I myself but I've been in Chicago quite a lot and I followed like all different kind of scientists that's my point like I don't guess until II can't believe that like US scientists German scientists change scientists said they are all funded by the same government because there's scientists sure I know little scientists okay we won't go more to 5 GB because that I've got proof that loads of birds fall out the sky and diet this is 10 gigabits a second this is a things like 7080 gigahertz there's there's military weapons that work on 90 gigahertz this for me is a very thing you should really look at 5 g and the chemtrails at the moment it won't seem like they're linked to climate change from my research they're very linked how do you come across ok a lot of trees are being chopped down to 5 G as well because 5 g works on 200 meter 300 meter cycles yeah what they're doing you know this is that Gayle woman extinction rebellion which isn't all this they're chopping down the trees because 5g doesn't both retreat Trevor this is and why see the official mainstream climate change movement the greater and everyone no one mentions 5 T and I find that really strange that's wrong actually for my toe under tangible is one thing that's tangible we can see it happen in the one of the earlier like Jude came up like massive 5g debating groups out of that I actually laugh that gripped it was like not not helpful information for me and I said I'll go into that topic when I have enough time to like really really spend the time on it because this is really climate this is around us as what's the climate around me when I walked down the road or just through us and in US and around us in the buffers have you come across capitols bison this UN document called transforming our world 2030 agenda for sustainable development and this is something you support and you're happy with you quite like you like this I personally don't have enough information on us to have a strong opinion on it and the UN at the moment you see them as good people wouldn't care about the people and want the best for the world now you know if there are the Model United Nations conference in there half several years ago I feel like they could do a lot of good stuff but they are not doing it right now they want me to change okay this is a interesting document and if you read between the lines and you do a bit more digging from my research and journalism the the powers-that-be should we say one in smart cities by 2030 have you heard of smart cities so with the 5 g net worth no one needs 10 gigabits a second no one needs to download a film in 3 seconds so what they're doing is do your own research I mean what they do is they want these cities smart so everything's online so you open the fridge and get a microplane then you tell you public Catalan you get a micro payment because your your money things not going to be around in a few years they're gonna be a digital token sure so this whole thing this this UN document about sustainable development isn't really about co2 or climate it's about getting a 1 in 2 smart service technology technology this is also linked to the climate change well but to build that bridge we'd be here all day just saying this is a part of the jigsaw it's worth doing a bit of research on know something that would chat about this little girl Greta and you you like what she does she's a figurehead for your thing I personally I like her ideas I like to watch what she stands for but I personally think she's too much and she's like the videos she did with the scientists for future and stuff and also her last speech I think it's yeah it's just done too much and it's not only good for the movement I think that's way too love way too much focus on yeah do you think she's in Germany we call that Pez woman called yes and I think that's wrong she got to where she is organically what do you mean by organic oh yeah often in the minor to us and vegan what is the way she made to be there uh she's I think it's just like actually I think every one of us could be in her position because she was she was simply the first one starting it with her Friday strikes I'm not going to school so it says everybody took me there so it's kind of natural way blues natural she she's often seen with the German woman called marine uber you might have heard of her she's often seen with her a lot and she's quite the German face of activism kleiner I believe could be yeah there is no leader she's hot she's always around it what would I say that's again the thing about the president quote thing yeah tired about person and we try to organize everything from from a group of people so there's no there's not a single person selling this I know how do we try to to have no hair it like it's tension rebellion I don't actually know their system of doing their tabs okay with Greta she was seen with Trump the other day it was made to look like an accident they were in the same room together did you see that video no a case looks very staged to me from my my years of research he looked very staged how they were in the same room together I have this scowl on and with her recent speech do you think that was pure from the heart or she was acting I'd say both respected yeah I think it's kind of from I think she did not write the speech completely on their own because actually I know her English is not I think her English will not be enough to write that stuff I mean sure Sweden is pretty well in English and all that stuff but I say she's not only on on her own so she's people behind herself yeah that's this Marine uber she is also a front person for an organization called the one foundation have you heard of these people well when you dig about who who funds the one foundation is George Soros and Bill Gates and I don't know if you know those guys George Soros interests to check this guy out George Soros and follow the trail from my level of research because this tamizha this is like an agent this is like put in this great things has become an archetype I mean she's on the front of GQ magazine this is how how crazy this is gone but this is your own research Putin said the other day it's very sad that there were groups controlling her and using her is there something Putin sake you can watch him say this and trust a dictator there's just as many dictators in Europe they just hide it a bit better with the marches you do a lot of people turning up what's the action save it five ten twenty thousand people is there an action for all these people when they go home at the end of the day they get a kinda fun and alert or something yes yeah they get they get brochures but I think it's in their responsibility so I personally I try to do my very best and changing my life and my attitude but we can't change them that's something the theater of Fribourg sort of changes in the leaflet all articles you trying to trigger in them like we show them that it's not good like to get to McDonald's like right after demonstrations and stuff like that so we try to show them that's especially cows but most meat in general was not helpful for climate stuff that trusted name do you think the Marches for some people just appease is a bit of guilt inside them and they go home and they feel they've done goods because they were part of the March you meant something self-conscious like just a guilt things because you in this Friday's like you know it's one of the richest ease in the world let's say now everybody's living quite well oh it is yeah and the world I mean it is sturdy others I think has a few years ago second richest spot in the whole Europe so Europe is quite well yeah Europe Europe it's rich yeah I see this first world you take their people pound six seven hundred bucks a month rent and they walk down the road I care about the world it's like a few things sometimes still I totally get your point of going on the streets they have to support that I mean it's there are some people just senses sitting yeah at home doing nothing just don't care I see you guys totally care I think it's the way how would i clear what would I believe and how would I be responsible for other people like for thousands of other people following or what kind of ideas that's what I say it's that wonderful yeah he's interesting to get so many people marching on the street based on faith-based beliefs so if we look at what faith-based believe is its religious as well that's what fate awaits believe is I have I find it strange how so many people can believe in something without anything tangible well like satellites the Sun being so far away so the co2 is warming up the planet I have mentioned when we go out with them to see anything tangible like co2 is warming up the planet will reduce e5 G and we do see spraying in the sky there they're real things that are happening we can also argue up like down we can go to school for especially math biology and all that stuff it's also only based on believes believes they say name is proven but not maybe in hundred years math fizzle sorry you can do scientific method you can do some maths algebra if you have yeah that's well it's a system it's a system somebody just invent it that says this is - this is going to be tall - but it's tangible because it's repeatable dammit a class or some some other chemistry biology some but it's tough the theory of relativity yeah it's been debunked but step in certain respects we just can't prove for ourselves sure so then things like let's say this big gravity it's a it's a faith thing if you go to any university around the world you ask prove gravity no one can do it Thank You chef I would like to come back to this what you just mentioned is you say climate change is tangible - but you couldn't explain for how I can't measure the actual average of the temperature on the earth I'm going in my to my 30s now ia I'm teacher and I could say I don't know how and I don't know if I'm I could rather say that then saying yes it is but I couldn't describe how that's I think that's an important point maybe well I have to say one thing I'm just a team I'm not a scientist yeah I have not collected decades of experience and there are people who did that and I think it would be better if you asked them and I have a lot of these people that's good I know them today no one really knows it's a long smoking errands so when you did like I this my faltering world I'm an independent owner so I do when I dig and dig and dig into these subjects and I I think I'm getting to the tangible things there's nothing there but that's with everything then no it's not with everything if I say Porsche making cars I go to the Porsche carriage and I see them make the cars go yeah Porsche making cars like you're seeing the truth bang yeah these things autumn now you see trees you're dying yeah chemtrails will explain that also the new LED lights we put everywhere to help the climate the new LED lights are hiding 5g antennas inside them is highly possible on the trees near 5g are dying like I said you know my goodness it can't say anything about 5g because I'm not into that thing if you're such a big you have such a big interesting the climber five genes very climate II isn't it tastes like climate because it's just a question for you are you trying to ask us something and get our opinion or are you trying to tell us your opinion I'm doing that I'm just I'm a discussion about these very important subjects so I believe 5g does affect the climates it right for me and strange that you don't look up five to I just have the time I'm just basically I'm short of time but if you're marching down the street with ten thousand people behind you and you're helping arrange this you should find the time mate because I had no time and I have time signature is what to do with your time it's not no one has no time you have lots of time I have to go to school - I can't shown a physical we have to go to school it's we have to follow the crowd it's done how to pull of the law if we don't the police is coming to us and yeah taking us to school that's impossible right that's another topic but ok one question do you think the okay I will read you maybe a small text believe it Chuck this is something I someone said believe in climate change it's almost like in your religion you believe exactly the kind of indoctrination they used to believe under the Catholic Church here you were born into a sin and I do don't pretend if you don't pretend you burn forever in the eternal fire yeah the climate change religion says that you were born sinful because you or God are actually made out of carbon your breath of carbon dioxyde you are such a sinful via being this is quite extreme I just have to say but do you think that leaders up there they want us to be a free healthy it's good for their interest for us to be free healthy free speaking open minded free to travel free to express do you think that's healthy for the interests we talked about like governmental interest elemental interests maybe even higher okay maybe it is maybe not I'm not I'm not sitting in government so I can't so they would definitely aren't their interests maybe there's no answer but what do you believe what do you think what do you internally feel do you think our interest our personal freedom is in their interest at some point yes that's a lot there is no clear answer I teach yet because it's apparently on the politician go chocolate okay and so you just heard the text I I read what do you think about what that what is coming in your mind about that I am attrition and destroy strongly really interesting and I can totally understand the person who just quoted right agree to that but again we're talking about believing here so we just can't fix ourselves he might well I would say getting towards the end now is like if you believe believe quote-unquote co2 is warming in the atmosphere I mean it's really important you've got a list of scientists and experiments and instrumentation you can speak about at any time and just rattle off all those facts and you know this scientist we've spoken to him and maybe even met him and you've got close to these experiments other ways of working on belief which is which is religious and while a religious person so it's likely to gain a faith based beliefs anthem it's a little dangerous when there's a lot of scared kids and scared families sure so just get the knowledge yeah yeah because there's a lot of kids really scare down that I know that that for me personally that's not my intention to scare the kids they're gonna go you say the world's gonna change in this because I didn't buy it I personally never said that and I you believe if co2 emissions doesn't reduce that people will die I believe that but I also police these kids I also believe that God said Jesus will come back and our earth will come to an end revelation never relation 1 yes you believe revelation is literal you replace the literal thing what exactly do you mean by literal you believe words per word it explains a future reality they said okay we've like a five headed dragon and all the other things the whole scarlet or okay and I do because I saw horribly myself okay I'd only get into metaphysics because we could be there for hours and hours okay next thing I think I have to go one minute I'm sorry now just one more minute if for me just out of respect one if someone I interviewed recently sent me this I mean to be broad range of people he's saying it's a man-made climate change hoax and I hear all the pieces and is heading towards 5g smart grids what would you say to this something like this would this be something I would be entertaining to research or you would just roll it out as conspiracy I would discuss Pyrrhus because we are the activists I don't get any money from any yes I actually stuff I don't support it I until now don't have a big opinion on it but I do not support it the person there are small meters in the house you know the smart meters I don't support to more technology is never a good sustainable option what if there do you believe there's a link between the climate change movement in the media and smart grid to believe they're all they're completely separate subjects between the media and this I don't think yes lasts between obviously the five keys Madrid a lot of things stuff is bad for the climate but I don't believe there's a direct link between climate activism and they notice behind okay but I spoke to you about Gale Bradbrook and I've got fine dimension information on that apparently that people who want to go in this room the Gale Bradbrook has lived in extinction of many initially has links to the telecoms companies hey I don't have information on today I do I can share with you wait which one - that information if that if you know this information is somewhere accessible or would you hide from it oh I just say I don't know I may be yeah okay so they're waiting for us actually yeah so you should it's a shame how you don't want to talk about this more I understand is you're gonna meet someone like me yeah and that's not ego hey how do you say that you don't know how many people are there nobody can question and are brave enough to question things which are from mainstream media left by mainstreaming it's a shame today to question things that are meant by everyone yeah that's a shame I'd like people mention it as a shame it's also people mentioned Christianity as a shame shame to be honest my goal to be here is not that you go out with another opinion it's for me to shake your opinion as well as my opinion has been shaken that doesn't mean I agree with everything I jump on every new idea it's not about that but you can be shaken and that's okay yeah just be open for it I totally am as I said I think you said only I questioned things yeah I think you guys got beautiful hearts you want the well done Bella like we all do but I just feel I just don't think you have have enough knowledge to be marching down the streaming attitudes yes then we shouldn't be marching down the street arranging big marches because you don't have the knowledge it's dangerous we have thermometry have you can't have a not 26,000 scientists behind yes and actually - I have to go now yeah we have to go thanks there's thousands like you yeah it's like copy and paste yeah in every city in Europe and off they went to cry into a Frappuccino latte in some hipster cafe with their green hair friends one thing to know is all around European cities they are cutting down trees for what they say is for new bicycle lanes but if the climate narrative was real there is no way they would cut down trees they are cutting them down for 5g as five G protects and digests EMF another thing I want to share is about a great man called David Bellamy who died last week when I was a child he was a personality on TV sharing his love and knowledge of plants in the earth I never really thought as to why he just disappeared off TV a decade or so ago I thought maybe just retired but then last week I found this from 2010 [Music] that's your theory that it is that the Sun the activity of sunspots that causes the rising temperature absolutely not my so you could protect the the cycles of sunspots and therefore you can predict when it's going to get warmer - maybe cholera yeah because there are follicles and when we don't have any sunspots that means we don't have their bathing and plumes of energy climate change and it's tough because you are one funny thing is if you threaten the climate change narrative people think you don't care about pollution pollution and plastic are big problems and both nothing to do with climate change but people lump it all together pollution and plastic problems are caused by big corporations and very little to do with what sort of straw you use to suck your Apple art a mocker hipster five euros coffee with the world should simply ban plastic tomorrow climate change is only really aimed at left-wing white Europeans to create even more self-hatred and guilt we just go to Asia or Africa nobody really mentions climate change no marches plastic heaps plastic oceans so marching around freiburg with your thousand euros rent your dad in Hamburg pays for taking selfies with your thousand euros Chinese slave camp iPhone doesn't really mean anything or do anything you just looked like a bunch of lemons now ask yourself why you don't see any of this leftist climate change govern scripture worshipers why you don't see them preaching to the migrant Islamic families about having five or six children you see it's all an echo chamber by design our final note if you're a bunch of elites pumping out deep mind control in a big city be on guard because you might get a visit from wakey-wakey peace [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you you