why we arent friends anymore

hey guys me Maria da so today I'm here with glozell every time you need to stop choking okay help is okay is you good cuz I was to Doha was out we have something very serious to talk about today okay trying to find my life I've been seeing lots of people tweet me what happened to close down what I'm into Frank and gloom why aren't you friends anymore Oh falls out why aren't you guys friends what's happening I mean she just stopped talking to me that's why she was like haters back off glozell back up no guys not true and glozell is my best friend i sat on myself I'm my number one best friend then my uncle and then probably a lot of other people and then you okay out other people nope okay what else seriously I can put that on anyways I wanted to address why we're not friends anymore and the answer is we aren't friends and you guys are a bunch of freakin hate arms and so to prove that we're still best friends we're gonna do a game that proves that we know everything about each other are you ready mm-hmm this game is who is more likely to oh boy goodnight no get nasty no that's you dogs get nasty I'm a Christian I'm not gonna be nice look we're gonna say who's more likely to pick their nose and then which one you think don't wait copyright copyright a what a monetized a whole is more likely to kill someone on accident yeah yeah yeah I'm thinking that might happen I feel like it might be an accident I'm probably more likely to do it on purpose who's more likely to drop food on the floor and then pick it up and eat it goodness gracious I've seen you joy yeah what's wrong with that I mean like something like soup get off the ground when we smell sitting waste it's nasty who's more likely to be lanes Oh Oh 100% cuz this chick is not gonna be late never ever I known you for years winning up I've been like you never been late never trust she comes like the day early I'm an aunt Keaney trust me and I am late because I'm really famous so I have things you do and so I'm got about a good Stewie it isn't noticed you need to be old time likely to cry in public I don't never Brian I have two doves don't even work down I'm proud of likely to forget poor things no I don't forget when you got social media everywhere that's telling you and everybody's birthday because quite honestly it's just I don't care I don't care about other people's birthdays only mine I care that people care that I care cuz I don't care but people want me to care well I don't care who is Miranda sings birthday December 24th I thought you were my friend I was asking you reason we're not free I know it my birthday is the day before Jesus's for things of all proves that it's amber 24th is my birthday about 25th is Jesus's birthday so I'm holding my house if I come first oh then who's on this can't stop those out don't be in the name of the most Oh Oh bless her bless the bless a real or even future anyway blank I mean I'm better than Jesus I got better than the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior what are you still stuck on me I'm not lying I'm not the famous no I'm just saying that I was born before so why would God make me be born before unless he was when I came this one you are special but not go to your head you're not above well she take it like he's above cuz he's up there okay let's stand it with that he's well okay okay good woman I'm better oh okay next one you need some milk Conn's milk I am lactose intolerant close oh do you want to give me the ring is it because you have a baby now so that I got brush build breast milk just jamming up next who's more likely to get drunk [Music] [Applause] you just burnt in my own fart in public I mean when else do you do it you actually did it like one time when we were at a restaurant and it almost blew us our there they actually evaluate the evacuate evaluated it something smell inside you so I hope you got that you know you need roto-rooter you know what what's rotor rotor I got leeches hsm I got home that is an exit only hole it is an exit on only my gosh closed out no guy doesn't exit only long in my line so religious you can see you cuz they kind of throw up just what we could put up your rear to help you out what the heck are you talking about I already pooped today I don't need more things in there that's not leach yeah what are you doing did you eat it put it on different person your body in but helps look you know and get stuff moving it was more likely to be insane and have that leaches know don't you want to see that no they don't write that in the comments we wanted to see you leech on Miranda sings you you're asking my fans if they want to see leech on my vine oh well you know we can't show that part but they can show you know your face as I do it so you're not gonna you want to see my back no I'm saying I'm gonna help you out you can let just lead them you put on each in your butthole okay see that's the reason why we're not friends anymore who was more likely to be the first one to die in a zombie a couple links and tell me because I stand around if this is something around I'm just life is gonna be over huh you know breakfast the first one to go who's more likely to be a drama queen mister gets pretty good drama you are you don't you just call me crazy but you're not leeches for bout homes what you had issue I'm trying to help you girl don't be trying to turn this around on me I'm trying to help you most people when they know that someone's stinky they just go oh you need to go to the Pawnee but you go oh let me put a leech in your pond you need to be done with this but leave a comment you don't want to clear that a restaurant with one and it was in the key of F sharp which is very interesting because most people don't do that in the key of F so you are you are a musically talented well there's enough guys leave a comment do you want us to try breast milk or try leeches the next one and by us I mean close out cuz I'm not doing it if I were just gonna play a simple game of proof that more cell friends but now we're talking about lots of weird things so I have to know I've lots of things to do but I have one more question for you I'm having a huge New Year's Eve going to prove I'm the biggest celebrity no oh world no can you come yeah no what is it it's New Years Eve so are you coming don't you open that oh yes we're close I do not okay we gotta go we gotta go we're not doing this right now close now stomp eat donate they get upset I love you guys see you next time bye [Music]