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hey guys it's me Kezia from PUA training again thank you very much for all the questions that you've sent me today I'm going to be doing my best to answer the second question of the freer I've chosen the second question is when do I make the first phone or to the girl how soon is too soon and how late is too late okay general rule it should be the third day unless you have obtained the number through direct daygame let me explain if you've gone up to a girl in the street and you've got her number within a couple of minutes using direct game what you should do is you should actually ring her that very evening because the whole situation has been very spontaneous you need to carry that on if you wait for a couple of days to improv that initial feeling of spontaneity and excitement you managed to successfully install into her would have by now died down so apart from this scenario you should call the girl from birthday one third day why not the fifth day one second day regardless of whether you slept with her whether you've kissed with her me and my girlfriend's all agreements birthday was always the best time to call let me explain although we feel happy that guys have caught us on the next day the initial delights of science very quickly and we start to think that the guy's really into us and that we don't have to make much effort after that to keep him the second day was starting to give a little bit worried a little bit curious whether he's gonna call again but not enough that is become a major issue by the third day we actually start to think that is a possibility this guy is not gonna call we start actually talking to maybe one of our female friends about it by now we're in a kind of state of limbo we're not sure what's gonna happen now if it's delayed any more than that that uncertainty can actually turn them to anger we don't want to call the girls at that point it usually happens between the fourth and fifth day if you call her by the point that she's already felt anger you're just going to be met with an icy response on the phone if you call her by the third or maximum fourth day you'll find that you just got there in time before she actually become annoyed or angry with you it should also appreciate the phone call a lot more than if you call her the next day ever heard that old saying the longer you wait for it the more you appreciate it what time to call her is another question I get asked quite a lot me and my friends talked about this and we found that actually the best time to call us would be live on a Monday Tuesday Wednesday night do between about half past 10:00 to half 11 okay so why Monday Tuesday Wednesday simple Thursdays party night Fridays party night Saturdays party night and Sunday is having dinner with friends so Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the three nights that girls are probably covering from their weekends they're back at work and they probably haven't made many arrangements on those three days why between half-past 10:00 and 11:00 okay the girl would have had dinner by then she won't be interrupting that if she has gone out for a drink when I Monday Tuesday Wednesday night if she's got work next day which most likely she has she's going to come back probably about 10 o'clock at night should have watched if she hadn't gone out she'll have watched all her soap operas by now they usually finish about 10 of 10 and around half 10 she's just going to be either reading a magazine waiting for one of her friends to call or she's just going to be surfing the net she's ready to wind down go to bed so if you call her at that time you're gonna find very little excuses for her dismayed that she's too busy to speak of course every girl's schedule is different so if you've been talking to a girl who's a stripper works as a waitress or in a bar you're not gonna call her at 11 o'clock at night equally if she works in an office you're not going to call her at 4:00 5:00 in the afternoon so like I said all this is general rule and something that me and my girlfriend's are discussed and this is the best answers that we can come up with he generally I like guys coming between 10:00 and 11:00 obviously not on a Thursday or Saturday night guys you can find a lot more about me what I do the advice I give through my blogs videos you can find this on my myspace page Facebook you can follow me on Twitter of course you can find a wwp uhm calm website and also my book is coming up very shortly and I'm very happy to say that all my thing my friends actually begged me not to put this on the market it is literally the book that women do not want men to read so enjoy it take care you