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you you you laughs are you hello you you laughing hello oh how you doing so I can hear you last time hi Chris I think how you know I can't hear you and you don't hear me at all can you hear me no probably visit wash machine the back without any banner acting any better no hello I can hear you no can you hear me hello can you hear anything hello washing ganking tall night [Music] mmm-hmm I don't know what's wrong with my audio so I'll cut off your sorry I did it oh what's wrong my audio here hello Terrence Terrence three minutes where is the volume on that's like sorry where's the volume on your computer like I know where does normally on the normal screen excess food screen oh I don't think yeah yeah there we go I'm sorry but problem thanks man how you getting on not too bad at all no no sorry for knowing in the hall I shouldn't take too long just just double-check with you you don't mind me just recording the audio just so I can just transfer all I'm looking for is just chatting about just your time doing there Asmus plus and just kind of fun anything at all it got there so thanks ray in yourself Appling did thanks man yourself now you're brilliant for getting back to me um first thing Wednesday is we're just gonna run through just a couple short questions first thing did you have any knowledge of the caller concrete's that were taking part in the program before you started up your roll no I doesn't Chris because you cannot you can be the coordinator of a project you can be the coordinator in your school but it can be the coordinator of the overall project and that's what I was yeah and if you're the coordinator of the overall project you're the person who decides what countries around on what countries around right so you can you what you do is like well there's different ways that you can decide what countries to take you can have a lot of the schools are involved in each running yeah so they would make a lot of connections do that yeah no we did set that up ass because our broadband wasn't really good Norfolk's good to be do not it so there's another way that you can join up with conferees to you can set up and register for the school education gateway yeah and that's that's primary secondary ETV and you know like the couple the farce apprenticeships a lot so what to do as you write up a pool fail about your school yeah and you basically put it up on that site right and then people express an interest and you know yeah yeah yeah yeah I said the teachers at school you know spot like tender we see how popular you are like some people that you want yeah you are not with you yeah yeah some people that you're not bothered about maybe Express and unpressed that's what happens and then there's a closing date for the time yeah and then I think when they're closed it's getting nearer yeah a lot more countries come on yeah that haven't got sorted themselves yet yeah and they all want to join on what a concrete that's leading the program cause yeah they piggyback on your basic plate crest because you're doing all the work yeah cuz I did the most work cuz woman do my that's in charge my thesis she's big into the eat women and she was late why you should look up maybe do like a job shadowing or something I got there I was if you put up a profile it'd be all or will you lead a project because they did you say they could jump in there now you have the work that's right that's right and as well as I am no I was gonna say as well as that and like Ireland would be really popular already cause is hardly any english-speaking countries yet and they all want go somewhere where there's an english-speaking country because they're all trying to practice their English and know what Greg said Eva yeah did you hear it her ass must know yeah and so were even more popular but Palin and what was your account of me and job you just can't Oregon Asian and wasn't me leave well first of all like I had to do that I have to first I had to write a profile about the school and above Donny gall to try and sell it then when I got about an interest I had to say what countries mm-hmm would that we would work with the project and a lot of the crust was really to say it upon their geographical location because we're very limited to where we can find it they can plant everywhere we all right so just what air lanes and everything so like I don't want to kinda have to fly to clean them travel five more hours or whatever and all days are not a part of it oh okay you know two days for travel but you don't get money for those two days Oh Nate's your spam than the place yeah so um so I have to do that first and then I have to I have to get all information from them yeah like they have give me all the permission but their skills but as the coordinator I had workers like the Hermes snow there's a travel calculator over the site yeah I had a fill out an application form yeah which is long and tedious oh geez only six pages well she yes a lot of work and lately camp fell down unless everybody's cooperating with Jeff from all the countries yeah that was that easy enough donor was some of them can have a most of them were okay we had four other countries public to an eye and hand side yeah but and they're involved and multiple projects all realizable projects that's a huge thing like they know the system and said it basically Nick we were only learn and I to say to coordinate the project Chris de Larroque aswhat said to me after she cause Jesus you were believed to take a little coordinate the project yeah I don't know what I was doing that's the reason like I really doesn't know what if I Kevin you if somebody laid out for me everything you had to do it would have scared maybe do no heart once I once I would be able to do it again ya know the European Commission have at thanks set up called the mobility - yeah Abaddon lot and their ass was plus project and that just means that it's like a site that you go on - yeah for every visit did you do or every flow you have to go on yeah the corner host one and write all about what you did every single day every go wow I thought you had like maybe an overall but anyways you do something every day that's a lot of details oh you've no you're right the overall but once a few away five days you right what did that Devon day to did straight off the project and you're right doing that about teaching and learning of what you learned from them to be honest our project was really keen a curriculum based was also with and all that yeah yeah so that was like hard I was not hard but it was you know um that was awesome is easy to talk about it because it was much too we've applied for another one night and that's all to do with teaching and learning so know be you're a traitor are you leading as well are your knowing no I'm not you see when you're leading it as well press you get a lot of money for the school yeah you get five what's at night you get 500 euro yeah a month for every month if you're involved in the project don't get that til the end so we met we met as a two-year project yeah no let me get twelve thousand for the school Wow to be spent and something relates to the project cousin Anton was to do with sports and culture and heritage project brilliant plus the leg twenty-something Paris and copper the call yes what's great where is the skills the don't coordinate even though you know so they get sex they can have for what I get yeah over the two years today still get something even though you're kind of you they're still getting something just be yes they get they get sex crammed for two years to cover the administration okay like some students what some skills can do I know some third apples Patricia told me doesn't really know that one and they just paid somebody to come in and do all the paperwork yeah but like it's my post responsibility so yeah but it must been a lot of work though I'd say keeping on top of all our paperwork and it's a good sort of work but you know everybody else people to help get the well I'll help ya yeah but some of it in on something you can't you just have to do in your own you just have to like after yeah yeah but you know everybody was very good no I everybody was very good if you have somebody's do something to cam the well you know perfect did you have to have many meetings with people before like all their groups before you enter was kind of more just an informal kind of form oh really just about you know nah forget the airport stuff at that was all a guy broke all the flights and hotels and tax or tax but insurance and all I guess yeah not really no in other pants and people say from the you know was the first trip where they've to help people then and off following trips you know say the people who went in the first cold-hearted they can help the other people that were going say to at layer we're going on your or is it Kenny Moore not really not really because save one save on we went what was the first club we went on to Croatia yeah like the Croatians we might be dealing with all new people we may not be the same I'm telling people yeah as different people so you couldn't even be seeing or did you meet such one know some of them would cross over I love it but maybe not maybe and maybe not like you know it was like not to UM curriculum-based yes yeah I was like everybody's gone Jesus is like you know what like am I think Chris like I don't say to Patricia and like all the benefits of their Asmus plus and you know that if you write them down and how it benefits you and all out like you can't really write that's what you can if you want like but like I really felt that apart from all the teaching and learning from their you know different ways to do in thanks their Brendan for staff bomb you think so it's a getting on better with other people in your segment we're in that just get to know people in a different way when you're gonna way with people and like everybody was so enthusiastic even when they came late yeah like I thank him really kind of like I think it really benefit yeah that's good for that like that was well that was a great sense of excitement even when we applied and probably Gotham yeah you know Chinese even chatting to Charlotte she said like she felt like she got chatting to other people that she wouldn't normally have got shot God speaking tonight start from like you know she thought that was brilliant like you know to be that's right that are your tables right yeah I know that's right because you know Arts Council Bank Chris you don't there you're like a week go by and you wouldn't see a person and as well as that we decided at the beginning that we would have one S&E entre yeah I'm done really that was really good to know there's almost people who can't please all peoples in our Christ warned that's real good you need to but you don't want the ones put on their names and the ones who went had a burn of time they really can a pretty see it has been involved in the project yeah so you're including the whole staff is not just teachers by doing that was a good idea you guys everybody can defend definitely did what was was there any definitely say working with lots of different cultures about you know no say Dean was Italian they're dangerous you know the Croatians writing was not really know because the coordinators they've they have a coordinator and there's because they were really the only people I was dealing what and as I said they they're involved and multiple projects some of them would leave us and the people somewhere else the next week this is normal for them really well there they just know the system and said I'd basically yeah and so they have a few people like see some say one of those girls Prince buckles on your every single trip maybe five sex a year oh wow thought the Croatians good like it they're they're involved in loads they were just they were just back from somewhere before they came to us and then the week following week they were going somewhere else yeah but and he was very experienced right so he was a great help to me so I X the way at him how do you do the squats that's about he would he would be explained in a way to me now some of them you know it was not all straightforward some of them were involved multiple projects and really and I had to keep on them to do the we but a paperwork that they were doing and I really can't move forward till I hop at all and it was one of the countries like I just was ready to follow them yeah I come yeah you don't make pastoring people a there you know you know you just kind of hope uh suppose that they would do it instead I happen to be in late oh you don't you don't but at the same time Chris the work that they had to do was literally would take a half an hour but I couldn't move on told they felt and there but I can't fell into your part but you know what was like one of them I tried on for weeks it's just it's just probably experience and you know um generally though they were not pregnant yeah that's great and this was just takes about a practice and time patience just when you're dealing with so many different countries and nationalities yeah yeah and they're sort of a more laid-back than us and some of them are less laid-back than us yes I suppose you know all lapped has to be taken into consideration yeah no it's perfect um did you have a favorite trip when you know you're wrong Wilson was there any job that you particularly enjoyed yourself yeah we're still we've still two more to go and oh definitely actually really because like I'm so I'm very interested in food a lot about Italian food yeah you know that Acosta Masseria texture pastor making class and you know I just was so interested that is that and I find the time the Italians and the Croatians are very Latos really humor and all last you know the loss the crack and you know so yeah that's pretty that's perfect um just two more questions your question i relent more about your own culture like about your own idea favorite culture after you know coordinating so many so many yeah I suppose that um the main thing I learned was that we've a lot or even here in Donnie gold you know like we had no problem Fallon the days that they came into the sauce like in a wiener we're very lucky we like sleeve leaked and and they found Latos and all that on there and I suppose like I haven't been found laters before ya know so just can I back in away in there was no I was yeah there was a yeah I would say learned more about the culture and the history and the heritage but I suppose it made me think more about it oh yeah yeah we wasn't you're thinking of trying to be a plan to plan activities for people coming and going I'm sorry just the last question I just hear of nine there's all perfect thanks very nicely the last question but here's what do you think was the mean benefits for the school maybe index students and as a whole you when you had when you hosted them in woodlands yeah well I definitely I think it brought the teachers together mm-hmm definitely when we were host and I suppose you know it was nice for the children to meet to meet people from other countries and like even the fact you know that there's a lot of Polish even Levin and Letterkenny know yeah yeah when the Polish teachers like come and like I work in speech alone was class meron and three the reporters yeah well like it was lovely the Polish teachers came and they were talking for them and polish em yeah you know it was nice for them to see you know even that was lovely yeah I know of this makes me sad again suppose it show off their cultural and on their language do you think you think your other up so go ahead or do you think they'll be counseled now because of covered and relay I you see the project was supposed to finish no in August two years the end August yeah and then I have to do the paperwork the valuation Allah I don't even know what that entails I love the way you say yeah yeah yeah and so I extend that the project what's called happened I attended for six months yeah and I got accepted for that extension and then because I thought thanks would can I be yeah or it's gone you know they I mean how to go back and extend it again Sykes dance just for the extender for three months first and then my extension till the end fair puri 2021 as long as you can extend it for ya hopefully things will be settled on bit on stage yeah I don't know what's gonna happen because we've applied for another one to be you know to protest Nitin another day yeah I would say because we put a good butt we put a good butt up effort under the application I would say that we probably will get it at first I'll go on yes then we love to do on the go but I'm hoping that the other one well that done for Spooner for years um because I I don't think I'd be able to juggle that many plates worse no definitely not that that's all perfect I Suz anything else you want to add or anything because that's all that's more I'm not really sure if you want to the web anything you could don't leave me alone thanks more thanks man for your time and thanks man