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Today is a festive day for Bollywood. For movie lovers like us. Because now our eon long complaint of not having a different concept like Hollywood does. Will now be dismissed forever. So let's start with the Candid Review of the movie... Cargo. Hello friends, I am Prachi and you are watching What's Up Bollywood. So let us talk about this movie Cargo. Which is indeed very special. Well, t he story is about It is about a peace treaty which has been signed between human and demons It has been 50 years since this treaty has been signed. It is a futuristic story about demons who look and dress like humans they even eat and behave like human beings. They run a spaceship where after death, humans are provided a transition service in clear words, if human beings pass away and they go up they are given a new life with a new birth are sent down back to earth and this responsibility has been taken by the demons. One of the astronaut working on this space ship is who this story is all about, portrayed by Vikrant Massey. Now that's the story of this film. So let's talk about the post death transition prophecy. This is an important process because it is important to know and understand this because the whole story revolves around this prophecy. So after death, humans go up they go into this space ship their death could be due to anything; accident, shock they were attacked by someone or a heart attack so they reach up. Above there is a spaceship where first of all, pooja thali, mobile, wallet etc. is taken from them and discarded for good. The lines on their palms are erased all old memories are erased all wounds are healed a brand new human is made and sent back below. In a new form of life. The concept of rebirth has been shown in this manner in this film and the whole process has been shown through computers, technology and machines. there is no dramatic miracle. Not one bit. Now, about the life of demons. Now, this new age, futuristic demon are not only astronauts on this space ship running post death transition but they look, dress and eat like humans. They use social network like humans they are also fans and they have pop songs too. They work in offices and have schools. There are just a couple of differences in them. Unlike human beings, they have super powers. In the film all the super power, incidents, background stories any relatives, anyone who has been mentioned then those are some telephonic interaction or on the screen some colleague is seen only through that it can be known. There is no back story, or proof, or miracle seen throughout the movie. Writer- director Arati Kadav in this futuristic movie and story has shown human will be so lonely in the future that he will need loneliness detective. Who will stay with you, eat with you, drink with you the only benefit by being with you will be he will get rid of your loneliness. In the movie, heaven and hell man's mission on this earth karma, rebirth and all such things have been barely touched without going into depth or clearing the concept. In the movie, Vikram Massey and Shweta their work is very sweet, very stable. They both are masters in acting. Both look very cute together and it is a very fresh pairing but there is one thing the charachter Prahasta, that Vikrant Massey has played or Shweta Singh who has played a brilliant part as his assistant. Their back story, their past about their home life, there is just been merely mentioned. If their back stories were a little more elaborated then to connect with them would have been much more easier. Arati Kadav's writing is extra special in this Yuvishta and Prahasta which is played by Vikrant Massey and Shweta Singh's role as Yamraj and his assistant concept in itself on its own is very refreshing. This movie from start to end moves in a slow pace. If only there was one high point which could make the film more interesting. Overall, this is my Candid Review, the movie is slow paced moves in one rhythm. There is a slight variation and the concept is very fresh in Bollywood but it lacks the high points. Alright then guys, that was my Candid Review of the film Cargo and if you like or dislike this movie and if you have seen it or not seen it and yes! I have a question for you today. Which you can answer in the comments below The pair Shweta and Vikrant, where had these two in which movie, series or project were they seen? Send us your answers in the comment section below. Like this video, share it and subscribe to What's Up Bollywood So give me the permission to leave and return next time with another Candid Review until then, Muuaah! Kisses!